Hello readers! I'm sorry to say that this isn't an update! I'm here to tell all of you something.

I can say that some of you are probably irritated because this isn't an update. I always jump when I see one of the stories on my subscription list updated, and then get so mad that I want to unsubscribe when I realize it isn't an update. I always get over it, but I'm always still kinda mad at the author afterwards.

But now I sympathize. I am rewriting Tsuki at the moment, which is why I haven't added a new chapter yet. I rewrote the prologue and chapter one so far. I stated this in both the prologue and chapter one, but I know that some people don't go back and read previous chapters while they are waiting for a new one. While I do, I don't blame those people for it.

So, chapter six of Tsuki won't be out soon. I'll take this down when I'm done updating chapter five. Thanks for reading this guys! And to anyone who has not read the new prologue and new chapter one, I highly suggest you do. I changed a few things, so you might want to keep up a bit.


-Shayden J.