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That's what she called it.

Amy thought herself to be homeless, for she traveled through time and space. She had not been in her empty, two-story cottage in what seemed like ages, either.

However, she realized that the TARDIS was her home now. She felt more herself and less alone than ever before.

Walking around the console room, Amy began to reminisce about all the adventures and memories her and The Doctor shared. One specifically stuck out in her mind, and not in a good way. Every time she looked back on it, a feeling of dread grew in her stomach.

The Dreamlord.

Sure, they had made it out alive in the end, but the mysterious, cryptic words the Dreamlord spoke could not get out of her head.

"Oh Amy. You have to sort your men out. Choose, even."

"You can't fool me. I've seen your dreams. Some of them twice, Amy. Blimey. I'd blush if I had a blood supply. Or a real face."

"But I know where your heart lies, don't I, Amy Pond?"

With Rory by her side, she tried not to reveal her reactions too much. But now that it was just she and The Doctor –

"Amy!" The Doctor yelled, popping out of nowhere.

She jumped, like she was being caught thinking about her feelings.

"Amy, Amy, Amy…Where to next?" he asked excitedly.

She sighed. "Wherever needs saving, I suppose."

"You really shouldn't have said that," he said mischievously.

He began to pull levers, spin dials, and turn cranks when the TARDIS buckled out of the blue.

"What did you do?" Amy questioned, slightly annoyed from falling down.

"That wasn't me, it must have been a bump in the Cassandra Conundrum…"

The TARDIS shook one last time before the inside turned pitch black.

"Great," Amy complained, "no power."

"No need to worry, Pond! I'll fix it up in a jiffy!" exclaimed The Doctor as he ran under the glass floor of the TARDIS, taking two steps at a time.

The Doctor's eccentric personality still made Amy laugh.

"Do you need any help?"

"No, I've got it – " he said as a large thunk sounded.

She rolled her eyes and joined The Doctor.

"How long 'til she's up and running?"

"About ten minutes or so. Hand me the spinamajig."

Amy picked up a random tool strewn on the floor and handed it to him.

"How is this thing still functioning, anyway?" Amy asked half-jokingly, half-seriously as she took a seat on the lowest step.

"Full of questions tonight, are we?" The Doctor smirked. He took a meaningful pause before responding.

"She's strong. Never admits defeat – especially when she's home to people."

"This is my home," she admitted to him.

He looked up from his work to meet Amy's eyes.

"I know," he smiled.

"About five more minutes until she's ready!"

"Doctor," Amy said nervously, "I wanted to talk to you about the other day."

Not waiting for his response, she continued so she would not change her mind.

"The Dreamlord…I know he was a psychic manifestation, but the things he was telling me – I'm confused if he was right or not."

"Well, Amy, only you know what is true in your heart, not the 'Dreamlord'," The Doctor explained as he make a ruckus with the tools.

"But what if he made me realize –" she trailed off, her heart beating furiously.

The Doctor paused his tinkering for a split-second before continuing.

"Realize what?" he asked, sounding almost hopeful.

"Never mind."

She started to rise up when The Doctor grabbed her arm and said, "Amelia Pond. You can tell me anything."

"I guess…he made me wonder if I've made the right decisions in my life."

"Oh? What decisions?"

Amy moved from her seat on the step to next to The Doctor. Their eyes met.

"Doctor…" Amy whispered softly as her face inched closer to his. The Doctor realized she had been talking about him.

He tilted his head slightly, subconsciously.

"Amy, I know. I can feel it too…but what about Ror–" he was cut off by Amy pressing her lips to his.

He had no will power with Amy; he had been waiting so long for this moment, just as she had. Instead of protesting, he succumbed and leaned into her further.

"Forget the TARDIS," The Doctor breathed in between their passionate kissing.

Taking Amy's hand in his own, he got up and took her to the nearest bedroom, leaving the TARDIS dark and floating in space – for the time being.