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Harry Potter, Astra Knight
And the
Soul Reaver's Light

By: Ehren Hatten
*Priestess of HP Doujinshi*

Chapter One

Harry Potter wasn't your average boy of almost sixteen. He had grown an inch. He had grown some muscle mass as well. He had emerald green eyes, black, untidy hair and wore circular glasses. His most unusual feature was a lightning bolt scar that was over his right eyebrow just off center.

It wasn't really his looks, though, that made him unusual, it was the fact that he was a wizard. He would be starting his sixth year at his school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, on September first. Harry was right now staying at his godfather's home.

"Harry? Harry…" said a soft voice coming from the door.

Harry yawned and stretched under the covers of his bed. He sat up and put on his glasses. "Good morning, sleepy… where are the rest of the dwarves." Smirked Sirius as he came into the room and sat on Harry's bed.

"They'll be coming tomorrow, Sirius. They all wrote me yesterday. They wanted to all be here for my birthday when it comes." Harry smiled. He was glad that Dumbledore had finally let him come visit Sirius. "I hope you don't mind…"

"No… I don't mind…. You all will be safe here with me." Said Sirius. He stood up and went to the curtains over Harry's window and opened them. "I'm happy you're here, Harry…. I'm happy." He said to the window.

"So am I, Sirius." Harry said smiling. Sirius was the closest thing to a father Harry had. His own parents, Sirius' friends, had been killed by the Evil Lord Voldemort when Harry was a year old.

"SO!" Harry jumped. Sirius whipped around quickly and flashed a grin. "Let's clean this place up so your friends have a place to stay!" He clasped his hands together triumphantly. Then he added an after thought. "Besides… Remus will have my head on a pike if I don't clean up the mess that we've gradually made. I think I'm beginning to get on his nerves."

Harry chuckled and shoved Sirius out of his room so he could get dressed. When he came down, he fixed himself some breakfast and ate peaceably with Sirius in the dining room. It felt so good to eat with someone he could talk to. Harry told Sirius everything that had happened to him during his fifth year that he knew Sirius didn't already know. He told him about Ron and Hermione finally admitting they liked each other and told him about Cho at the dance.

"Rotten luck… I'm sure you two would've made an excellent pair." Sirius said after Harry told him about the kiss she had given to him.

Harry then launched into the stories of Ginny. Sirius grinned broadly at him when he finished. "I take it back…. You and Ginny make a better pair." Harry blushed slightly and took a bite of toast.

They finished breakfast and went directly to work. Harry cleaned the living room, while Sirius cleaned the kitchen. "I don't know why Remus asked me not to use magic to clean." He breathed as he took a break from scrubbing the floor. "I feel like I'm back at Hogwarts doing detention."

"It's probably because of me. I'm not allowed to do magic during the holidays." Sighed Harry. He put down the duster he was using and grabbed a bottle of wood polish.

"He would do that. He enjoys making me do things that I hate doing." Growled Sirius at the sponge he held in his hand. "The 'I'm a nice guy' image he has is all a front. Underneath… he's got an immensely perverse sense of humor." They both laughed.

"I wonder what you were like back in Hogwarts." Said Harry.

"Pretty much like I am today…. Just better looking and without the added Azkaban time." Grinned Sirius. "Remus constantly says that I have an ego the size of Hogwarts herself, but I don't believe it. It has to be bigger to be mine!" Sirius winked at Harry, making them both laugh harder.

"What about… um… actually… I don't know what to call him now… I only know him as Professor Lupin." Harry blushed at his own ignorance.

"Just call him Remus…" Sirius grunted as he hit a rough spot on the floor. He turned to Harry and grinned. "Of course you could probably call him uncle Reemie."

Harry threw what he thought was the dust rag at Sirius' head. Sirius landed flat on the ground in front of him. "Sirius?" Harry saw that he had accidentally thrown his bottle of wood polish at Sirius' head. "Oops…"

After Harry had revived Sirius and they finished cleaning, Remus came home and grinned broadly at the sight before him. "Good as new…" he said approvingly. He clasped a hand on Harry's shoulder and smiled down at him. "I see that being with the Dursley's has given you a good work ethic."

"Actually…. I told him the stories of how you used to treat James, Peter and I when we trashed your room after a bender." Sirius grinned at Remus. Remus looked like he was considering using a blunt object to hit Sirius with, then he looked like he had reconsidered it as a bad thing for Harry to see.

That night, Harry lay awake in his bed. He couldn't wait until the morning. In the morning, Ron, Hermione and Ginny would be coming over as well as Astra, Avalon and Nevaeh. He would have friends over at a place he could very well call his home.

He felt like he had barely laid his head down on the pillow when Remus came into his room and shook him awake. "Wake up, Harry…. Your friends will be here soon."

Harry put on his glasses and sat up. "They are?"

"Yes… you told me that they were going to be coming via floo network by seven, right?" said Remus staring oddly at Harry.

"Oh yeah… I guess I forgot that when I went to sleep." He sighed. He heard Remus chuckle at him.

Harry got dressed and walked down the stairs to the dining room. Remus placed some eggs in front of a snoring Sirius, who had his head planted firmly on his plate, and Harry, who was considering the idea Sirius had. "Eat up" said Remus in an irritatingly cheerful voice.

Harry ate all he could and then went into the living room, where he plopped himself on the sofa and buried his head under a pillow. "You're thinking along the same lines as me, Harry." Sighed Sirius. "Why did you tell them to come at seven anyway."

"It was because I wanted to show them around. I didn't think Remus was going to turn into the wake-up nazi." Harry said through the pillow. He took off the pillow and glanced over to Sirius. Sirius had a grin that spanned his entire face, ear to ear. "What?"

"Nothing… you just reminded me of James for a moment. He hated getting up early as well." Sighed Sirius.

Harry didn't know whether he should feel bad that he made Sirius remember, or he should feel good that he made Sirius remember. He suddenly started getting a headache trying to think through his haze.

There was a sound of someone falling out of the fireplace and Harry shot up from the sofa and grabbed his wand. He saw a small redheaded figure coughing through the soot cloud. "Ginny!" he smiled happily.

She looked up at him and smiled. Her flaming hair was the only thing not blackened by soot, making it look even more as though there were a fire on her head. "Hi Harry… "

Harry grinned dazedly and walked over to help her up. He gave her his hand and she smiled as she put hers in his. She stood up slowly. Suddenly, another figure came through and knocked into Ginny, who was knocked into Harry and they all landed together on the carpet.

Harry found his arms around Ginny's waist and blushed as he looked into her brown eyes. His dream like state was shattered when her heard Ron cough at him. "Do you two think you can find a place where I'm not to do that sort of thing!" Ron glared menacingly at Harry and Harry let his hands slip away from Ginny's waist and tried to get up.

Harry looked up to see Sirius and Remus both gazing at him with an amused smile. "Potter men… Red headed women… it does seem to go with the family…" said Remus lazily.

Harry blushed deeper and glared the two of them. "Get stuffed, you two." He growled and stood up, helping Ginny to her feet.

Ron was knocked into by another figure coming through the fireplace. "OOF!" Harry watched as Ron grabbed the figure instinctively and they rolled a couple of turns. "Hermione!" Ron gasped.

Harry saw the bushy hair and smiled. It was Hermione, all right, and she looked both embarrassed and livid. "Ron.. I thought your mum said for you to get out of the way when you got out of the tunnel."

"Oh, sod off, Hermione! I ran into Ginny and Harry. That's why I'm still on the floor… rolling… with.. uh.." Ron blushed through the soot. "Why don't we stand up and get out of the way of Avalon."

Just then, two trunks came through the fireplace, followed by Avalon. "In coming!" she shouted and ducked out of the way just as another two trunks came through followed by Nevaeh.

"Why do we have to take their trunks. We never volunteered for it!" grimaced Avalon. "Astra did!"

"Same difference…" coughed Nevaeh.

Just then, the last of the trunks came through the fireplace followed by Astra, who looked like a Dalmatian with the black spots on her pale skin and hair. "Good thing I followed you guys here… I would've never found my way!" she coughed.

She took off her glasses and started wiping them with her dirty shirt. She growled as the smudges got worse and she felt embarrassed that she was caught like this. A large hand offering a cleaning cloth to her surprised her. Astra glanced up to see Sirius smiling down at her. She blushed slightly and took the cloth. "Thank you."

"Not a problem… you just looked like you were in need." He smiled at her.

Astra could hear Nevaeh and Avalon sniggering behind her. Astra growled and put on her glasses. She whipped around and glared at them. "If you don't mind…. I'm gonna take my trunk to whatever room WE are gonna get!"

Avalon and Nevaeh seemed to shrink away from Astra, as she now seemed to be towering over them. Harry smiled and walked over to them. Ron clapped him on the back. "How has living here been, mate!" He smiled.

"It's been…. Interesting…" Harry said as he noticed Sirius visibly slouch when he said 'interesting'. "But it's been fun!" Sirius puffed up his chest with pride again.

Harry clasped a hand on Astra's shoulder as she continued to argue with her sister. "I do NOT think so!" She turned around and glared at him. "What do YOU want." She couldn't help smiling. "You weird ass, come here!" She hugged him forcefully and released him in time for him to catch his breath.

Harry coughed as Astra laughed at him. Nevaeh hit her on the head with one of her books. "OW! What was that for!"

"Don't hug him like that! You'll kill him!" glared Nevaeh.

"Would not!"

"Would too!"

"Would not!"

"Would too!"

"Would you two shut it already?"

Astra and Nevaeh turned and grinned widely at Ron. "What did you just say?" They both said sweetly. Too sweetly.

Ron backed away from them and hid behind Hermione, who rolled her eyes at them. "Honestly! You three act like children!"

"Do not."

"Do too"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Now who's acting childish?" smirked Ron at Hermione. She growled at him.

"It think y'all need to get these niiiice, pleeesaaaant people to their rooms." Laughed Astra, picking up her trunk. "And I ain' t taking anyone else's trunk!" she huffed.

"Follow me…" said Harry, picking up Ginny's trunk. He playfully pretended to not be able to stand. "Goodness, Gin… what did you put in here…. The entire Hogwarts Library?"

Harry suddenly dropped to the ground from too much weight being put on his back. "You weigh a ton, Gin!" he laughed as she huffed at him and slapped his shoulder. "I'm just kidding…KIDDING! ACK!" He ducked a blow to his head.

"It seems that he really is James in a way." Harry heard Remus say quietly. "You remember how James would tease Lily, right Sirius?"

"Yeah… it generally earned him a right smack in the head." Smirked Sirius.

"Alright, you two…. Let's just get these trunks to the proper rooms, shall we?" smiled Harry. He felt more alive now than he did a few minutes ago. His friends were here with his father's friends. He was with family and that thought alone sustained him.

Harry opened the door to his room and put down the trunk. "Well… Ron… you be staying in here with me." He let Ron in through the door and walked down the hallway. "Girls… there are two other rooms here that you can split off for. Which one do you want me to put your trunk in, Gin?"

"This one…" She walked through one door and sat down on the bed. "I guess you will be staying with me, Hermione." She smiled.

"Sure thing, Ginny!" she giggled as she walked through. Sirius came up behind her and sat down her trunk. "Thank you, Sirius!"

"No problem… glad I could be of service…" he smiled weakly as he messaged his shoulder. He walked out of the room and leaned against the wall next to Harry. He leaned in close to him and sighed. "I don't believe I'm saying this. I'm going to live to be two hundred, but right now… I'm getting to old for this."

Harry watched as Sirius stood up and straightened his shirt. Harry smirked and knocked Sirius in his ribcage. "Not old enough to get away with not doing chores!"

"That would be because Remus is a slave driver in the guise of a humanitarian." Laughed Sirius quietly. "I swear… it's all a front! He's meaner than Voldemort underneath that kind face."

"I guess I am worse than two Voldemorts then, seeing as how I am a werewolf." Remus smirked at them. His face went from mischievous to kind in under a second. "Have the girls chosen their rooms?"

"Right oh, sir!" Astra said as she poked her head out from the behind the door. "And we promise that we won't do anything that will make your poor heads turn up with perverse ideas."

"Perverse ideas? What on Earth are you talking about?" said Remus inquisitively.

"Oh… nothing really… just you know… stuff like on the smut channels and such…" Grinned Nevaeh as she poked her head from beneath Astra's.

Astra grinned and high-fived Nevaeh. Harry stared cluelessly at Sirius as a his eyes seemed to glaze over. Remus slapped his forehead and sighed as he shook his head slowly. "Eh?" said Harry.

"We'll explain later, guy…" said Astra and she winked at him.

"Would you two stop messing with poor Mister Black's brain!" shouted Avalon from inside the room. "Good God… what would George think if he caught his GIRLFRIEND doing this!" she said snidely at Nevaeh.

Nevaeh's cheeks went red and she growled at Avalon. Astra beat her to the chase. "Leave her alone, Leprechaun! No more gold for YOU!"

"I told you to stop calling me that ridiculous name!" Avalon came out of the room and growled up at her sister, her tanned skin was red from her anger.

"I've been calling you Leprechaun since you were three… I thought you would be over me saying it by now…" smirked Astra.

"I think I'm going to go find Ron…" sighed Harry as he watched another family spat forming in front of him. He walked down the hall and went into his room. This was deffinantly going to be an interesting summer.