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Chapter Twenty-Two

It finally came to pass that the school year was over. In the final days, Astra sought out Skywise with a vengeance. He kept avoiding her at all costs. She finally tracked down Skywise and tossed him in an empty classroom. "Return to yer true form, Sky!"

Skywise game a confused meow and looked at her quizzically. "Yer an insufferable, two timing idiot who I should have fixed at the local veterinarian!" she shouted at him.

Skywise seemed a bit agitated at the mention of being fixed. He changed into a snake and blew a raspberry at Astra. She growled and grabbed Skywise around his throat. "Now be a good little Animagus and change back to yer human self before I hurt you!"

The snake changed into Professor Wizworth, with Astra's hand still holding his throat. He shoved her away and she fell onto the floor. She stood up and growled at him. She pushed him up against the wall and kept him there.

"What is the meaning of this!" Professor Wizworth growled at her.

"Don't play professor with ME Skywise.... I'm in no mood... you have been avoiding me like the plague and you know why!" she growled at him.

"I just needed to tie up some loose ends, that's all... I'm not going to be a teacher here next year...." he said, avoiding her eyes.

Astra huffed. "Why did you never tell me abut my father... that you knew him.." She stopped suddenly as an idea hit her. "Why DID you hang around him like you did. You weren't in love with him, were you?"

Wizworth blushed and stared at her incredulously. "You've got to be kidding me! I'm not gay!"

"Coulda fooled me.... that hair... that face.... that body... you could almost serve as a woman if you weren't so damned male..." Astra said through gritted teeth.

"I'm not THAT feminine.... I know I'm pretty but..." He sighed heavily. "I served your father as a friend. My father told me that I needed to protect the Knights with all my being. I did... I protected your father all through Hogwarts...."

"And then you stood there and waited as my dad was cut down by yer school buddy Donovan...."

"Donovan was only a seventh year when Voldemort called him out to help him kill the Potters. Kevin knew the Potters because they were staying the same own he had brought his precious two year old daughter and baby girl out with his wife to visit. He told no one where they were." Wizworth said.

"I saw you there... I remembered you were at Hogwarts in my seventh year... a strangely beautiful girl with whitish hair and incredibly pale skin. You looked like the female version of Kevin. You hung around the Marauders and Harry during that one week. I remember it well... which was why I knew you would be going to England to study here at Hogwarts. I just never anticipated who the boy was with the green eyes until the day that Voldemort disappeared."

He shifted uncomfortably in his spot and Astra moved away so he could sit down. He sat down behind a teacher's desk and she sat on the desk. "Go on..." she pushed.

"I saw you again when Kevin showed you to me when you were born. I saw you a third time when you were at the Potters' cottage. You wrestled the other Voldemort to the ground and dragged him into the brush. Then, I saw Voldemort show up with this awkward, red haired boy of seventeen trailing behind him. He didn't look like Voldemort had dragged him out of school. He looked like he was going to miss a show if he didn't follow. Voldemort didn't seem like he minded any."

"Kevin ran out to protect James Potter from getting killed, but was killed himself. That damned idiot never could do things right." Professor Wizworth finished. His fists were clenched.

Astra placed her hands on his and he relaxed. "What happened to the Marauders when we left." she said.

"Lily knew that she and James were going to be killed. She saw it that night when you and the others went out to find the Soul Reaver's stone. That was why she screamed. After that incident and I found them all together in one place... I put a memory charm on them all so that they would forget the incident. Only I remembered about it. Kevin only recalled a girl running into him that looked oddly familiar. He never let on about what he truely thought, so I have no idea if he figured out it was you."

"So that's the entire story?" Astra inquired.

"Yes... that answers all of your questions, I believe...."

"Not all... did you become an animagus to watch me or were you one before...." Astra asked.

"I became an animagus sometime when Kevin died. I chose three forms that would be useful to you when you would be going to Firestrom in America. I actually prefer being in animal form. I become human and all the girls in my vicinity start staring at me like I'm a freak show..."

Astra pinched his cheek. "That's because yer so damned cute!" she said as she made a kissy face at him. He pushed away from her.

"Please! I'm old enough to be your father, lassie! Keep that face to Draco!" he laughed. He paused briefly before talking again. "I never said anything, but.... I had a bit of a crush on that mysterious girl that bumped into Kevin... that is... until I saw the same girl in the large baby that Kevin had held in his arms. Then, I knew what you would become and that I would be by your side until I died."

"How touching... now... before I start dying from the nausea that yer causing, why don't you turn into Skywise the snake and come up to my shoulders so I can pack up and leave?" she smiled up at him.

He smiled back at her and pulled her into a hug. Black hair fell over her face and shoulders as he held her to him. "You are a graceful warrior... and a loyal friend...." He changed into a snake and slithered around her neck. "Thanksssssss...." he said.

"So are you gonna teach next year, Sky?" she asked.

"No! I can't take all of those kids and animals at the same time! I gives me a massive headache just thinking about it....." He nuzzled his sleek head against her neck. Astra smiled.

At Hogsmeade, Harry watched Professor Snape talking to Miss Snape thoughtfully. "Well Aldonia... I do hope you have a safe trip back to America...."

She looked downtrodden. "I'll be fine... don't worry about me...." She lifted her head and peered up at Snape with those violet eyes of hers. She started laughing that horrible laugh of hers. "I may not house a Soul Reaver anymore, Severus, but I can still wipe the floor with you!"

Harry got an interesting image of Professor Snape being used as floor brush by Miss Snape. He suppressed a snigger as he listened. Miss Snape picked up her bags and threw them onto the Hogwarts Express. "I'll see you at the family reunion!" she laughed as she disappeared onto the train.

"Not bloody likely..." Professor Snape mumbled loudly. He glanced around and grinned. He then let out a loud holler and started skipping off to the awaiting carriages.

Harry met up with Ginny, Ron and Hermione. Ron smiled at Harry as he sat down. "So... another year gone... one more to go before the big finish." he said.

"Yeah... one more year... I wonder what shall do when I leave...." Hermione said. She nuzzled her head into Ron's neck. "I don't think I could work as a dentist like my mum and dad. Maybe I could work for the Ministry."

"Please don't... it'll be like having another Percy hanging around me. Besides... I think we could do something just as nice when we leave Hogwarts." Ron grinned at Hermione.


"We could.... um.... never mind..." He blushed and smiled sheepishly. "Next year. I will tell you next year."

Ginny grinned up at Harry. She seemed to know what her brother had in mind. Harry didn't know, nor could he figure it out. He just settled into the seat and let Ginny's warmth sweep over him.

"What do you think you are going to do, Harry?" Ginny asked him.

Harry had thought about it before, but he could never figure out what he was good for. "Maybe I could play professional Quidditch... that seems to be the only thing I'm good at."

"Maybe you could work with Bill. You're good at solving things." Hermione said.

"Not as good as you though...."

"Maybe you could work at Hogwarts as a teacher...." Ginny said. "Like for the Defense Against the Dark Arts...."

"And stay for only a year... besides... I don't want to be a teacher." Harry said.

"Maybe you could become an Auror like Neville's mum and dad." Ron put in.

"And become a gibbering fool in the process..." Harry muttered. "I don't know... I think I'll wait until I decide what I really want to do."

Ginny hugged him tighter. "You do that... "

Meanwhile, in another compartment, Astra sat with her feet pressed up against the window and propped herself up against Draco, who didn't seem to mind being used as a pillow. "This is still too strange..." said Nevaeh. "I still can't believe you two are boyfriend and girlfriend!"

"Believe it..." Astra said flatly as she continued to draw in the sketch book that she had propped up on her knees.

"I still can't believe that you keep asking like that!" said Draco in his usual sarcastic tone as he mimicked Nevaeh.

Avalon sat quietly next to Kennedy as she looked out the window. Astra sighed at her. "You warned me, didn't you...." she smirked at her.

"Warned you about what?" Avalon said. She continued to gaze out of the window.

"That I was going to end up with Draco... you were referring to his eyes, weren't you." Astra huffed at her sister. Avalon glanced at her and smiled, genuinely smiling.

"What are you drawing, Astra?" Draco said as he glanced over Astra's head.

"I'm drawing a few sketches of Harry and everyone. See? There's Nevaeh and Kennedy... and Avalon... there.... and there's Harry and Ginny... and Hermione and Ron... and there's Pansy..." she said as she pointed out the various characters.

"She looks evil..." Draco noted.

"And there's you..." she smiled as she leaned her head back and grinned up at him. "Pretty as ever....!"

"You draw in that Japanese style, don't you...." he noted.

"And with ball point pen... I can't draw very well with a quill." she said as she showed him the small purple pen.

"Very nice... what are you going to do with these pictures?" Draco asked.

"I'm going to draw a comic book. It will be a compilation of all my years at Firestrom and at Hogwarts." she smiled up at him. She felt his hand trail up her neck.

"You have a very nice neck.... soft and white... and you smell like sunflowers." Draco said as he buried his face into her hair. "It's so soft...."

"Yer stalling for time aren't you." she smirked at him.

"Stalling?" Kennedy asked.

"Huh?" Nevaeh wondered.

"I asked him if he would like to come over for a bit during the summer." Astra said. "And he still hasn't answered yet..."

Draco narrowed his eyes at her. "You're going to make me angry aren't you..."

"It's what I do best, pretty boy...." she smirked. She pinched his cheek. "You still haven't told dear mumsie about me, have you..."

Draco blushed and growled. "I'll tell her... when the time comes..."

"When I show up at yer door naked..."

Draco turned and stared at her. He had a nosebleed started and Astra started laughing hysterically. "Naughty boy!" she said.

He let her fall onto the floor and laughed. "How do you like that!"

Astra growled and threw her book at him. "No more than you would want me to mess up that perty little face of yers!" she growled.

"This is interesting... They look like they're having fun!" Kennedy said gleefully.

"You think that THAT indicates them having fun?" Nevaeh stared at him incredulously.

Astra smirked and reached out and took Draco's face in her hands and brought his face down. She kissed him deeply, letting out a small moan in pleasure. "Yes... I do..." Kennedy said in a satisfied sort of way.

Everything sort of died away as Astra kissed Draco. She only felt his lips work against hers and his hands hold her in his lap. She pulled away and smiled at him. "Now how was that?" she said breathlessly.

"Disgusting! UGH! Would you two get a room before I throw these books at you!" Avalon said.

Astra didn't care that she was in a compartment full of people watching her. She wanted to stay in this time forever. "So... what'll it be, my dragon?"

"I'll come over..." he said in a husky voice. His breath was hot against her skin. She relished his warmth and his closeness. She hugged him and smiled.

"Good... and if I'm invited over to the Weasley's, yer comin' with me." she grinned at him. "And there is no argument." she put a finger to his lips. She jumped off of Draco and smiled. "Now... I and my friends must change out of our robes before we reach Platform Nine and three quarters."

When the train stopped at Platform Nine and Three Quarters, Astra stepped off of the train and glanced around. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a lavender short sleeved shirt.

Draco stared at her. "Why the hell are you wearing that! It's too chilly out here still to wear something like that!" he said in a huff.

"You'll see when you get to my house." she smiled. "See you then!" she waved at him and walked off with Nevaeh.

Harry waved goodbye to Ginny as she set off with Mrs. Weasley and her brother. Harry spotted Sirius standing next a motorcycle. Harry stared at him. "You can't fit a trunk on that thing!"

"Want to bet on that?" he smirked at Harry. "I've got tricks up my sleeve that you wouldn't believe. Come on... give me your trunk and we'll leave for my house."

"YOUR house? You got your house back?" Harry stuttered.

"Yes... and it awaits your arrival, my dear Godson...." Sirius bowed to him. "Remus will visit sometimes since it's not that far from his house."

Sirius took Harry's trunk and somehow made it stay on the very back of the motorcycle. "Is this the one you let Hagrid use to take me to the Dursley's?" Harry asked as he put on a helmet.

"Yes... I got it back, still with the excellent over drive and flying mechanism. Let's be off!"

Harry watched as the train station left him behind. He held onto Sirius tightly as he watched everything disappear as the bike flew up into the air to Harry's new destination.