She didn't mind shaking her goods for others. In fact, she loved it. The power she felt when she was up on stage, having all those men crowding around just to touch her, stick money in her panties as she moved, it was a feeling of complete and utter satisfaction. When she was up on that stage she was The Doll. A beautiful girl who had just about every single man in the joint crawling on their hands and knees for her, and that was just how she liked it.

But off stage; The Doll was just a 19 year old kid, looking for a place she could finally belong. As she packed up her things at the end of her show, she quickly snuck out the back and headed in to Xquisite, arriving just in time to see her favorite guys performing their group routine to 'It's Raining Men'. She just smiled and stood toward the back, watching them in silence. Her eyes focused closely on Mike, whose body moved with such precision and beauty it was almost like his body was a fluid.

-He moves better than I do.- She thought to herself with a friendly grimace, -perhaps I can get him to teach me some of those moves…-

The Doll moved closer to the stage when individual performances began, waiting exclusively for Mike… The single spot light fell upon his fully covered form, the women cheering as his head gently lulled from one side to the other. As he moved forward in an elusive manner the screaming only intensified, his hooded sweater soon on the floor behind him, his pelvis thrusting as he danced for the women cheering him on. He tipped his hat, getting low, pointing and getting the crowd riled up. The Doll just smiled, as she brushed passed a few of the girls right up at the stage, aching for Mike to take them.

His body rolled and twisted in unthinkable ways, no doubt every girl in there was hot and bothered. A gleam reached his eye as he back flipped, almost cartwheeling across the stage, body still pumping to the music. The Pony, by Ginuwine The Doll identified it easily. His eyes locked on hers, sliding across the stage toward her. She grinned and took his hand, jumping up on to the stage with him, their bodies grinding against each other.

Other women cheered and some looked cross. Mike lifted The Doll up, and she bounced against him, wrapping her legs around his waist. The top half of her body fell away from his, looking out to the crowd with a sick smile gracing her pale features. She rolled back up against him, lifting herself up hoisted against his shoulders.

If your horny, Let's do it
Ride it, My Pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it…~

The two road each other like it was their most intimate moment, as if no one else had existed there. It was just the two of them. The Doll could feel his member hard against her barely covered front, the song cut off and the two jumped to their feet, panting gently. The women were all going wild, even if they were jealous. There was no denying the two had a lot of chemistry, whether they liked it or not.

As they headed back stage, The Doll was greeted by the others. All looking quite happy to see her. All but the main man Dallas. She smiled innocently still toward him, a smile that would make most men melt, but he just kept a sour face.

"How many time's am I gunna have to tell you this ain't no place for you?"

The Doll made a face toward him, "not like I'm stealing your business. In fact I think I'm a help…"

"Maybe, but we aren't catering to you…"

"I never asked you to cater for shit!"

"Listen Dollface-

"…I have a name, I ain't on stage, so use it."

"Common Shaye, just ignore him…" Mike's voice calmed her rage, if only slightly.

"Whatever," she turned to leave, "I'm outta here…"