The sobs slowly died down...

When Shaye finally pulled herself together and away from dam her make-up was dried and smeared down her cheeks. Hands on his hips, Dallas shook his head. She looked up at him with watery eyes, certain of what would come out of his disapproving mouth next.

"What the hell happened to that fiery little Dollface?" Everyone was surprised.

"I couldn't stand seeing another person leave me..." Her voice was small, eyes on the floor, but they all heard. Looking from one another they looked for answers, but no one knew what she was talking about. From the story they got from Mike, Shaye was a runaway and that was the end of it.

"If there's one thing I know, we know, about Mikey it's that he ain't gunna abandon you." Dallas reassured.

"He's right, Mike's never gunna leave you baby doll." Ken pipped up.

"None of us are." Tito added.

"Not even me." Dallas smirked playfully, "you'll always have a family with us."

"But you said-

"Forget what I said and listen to what I'm sayin' now Dollface. I'll quit naggin' you comin' by so long as you promise me there won't be any more of your cryin'."

She hugged Dallas tightly, "promise.~"

The guys cheered, a group hug ensued. Shaye couldn't stop the bright smile that appeared on her face. She had a real family now, had for a long while. A bunch of male strippers, but that was just fine with her. How many people could say that? She;d found her place to belong and suddenly the memories of her past didn't seem quite as scary anymore.

"Let me take you home." The Kid smiled bashfully.

Shaye took his hand, "it's a long walk from here."

"Then we better get started."

As the two said their good byes the guys whistled, poking fun at the two youngsters. Shaye just laughed and pulled him along, disappearing in to the night.

Mike should be that lucky...

When he returned to Xquisite, the only one left there was Dallas. Questioning the whereabouts of Shaye confirmed Dallas' suspicions, making him smile. Mikey deserved a girl as fine as Shaye, but it was going to take quite a bit of fighting to have her. It was clear the Kid was going a much better ob with her than Mike and that worried him a little. Mike had known her for quite a long time and he wasn't able to win her over? It was a cruel, cruel world..

"The Kid's walkin' her home." He told him.

"Walked her home. Her place is like an hour drive!"

"Better get a movie on then, huh?"

Mike was gone before Dallas could even finish his sentence. He jumped in to his truck and sped off, keeping his eyes peeled for the two along the side of the road. He had come to the realization that Shaye wasn't meant to be his and he had to let her go. She saw him like a brother and he was lucky to at the very least have that with her.

Adam laughed, "butt naked?!"

"Oh yeah, hung over with two girls in his bed. I walked in with some orange juice, just as he was getting up. Full frontal! Juice all over the floor" Shaye shook her head laughing, cheeks flushed.

"He sure is a ladies man..."

"Yeah, that big lug can have any girl he wants, really."

"What about you?"

"Me?" Shaye was caught off guard, stopping for a moment.

"You and Mike ever..."

"God no," she cried out. "Mike would never..."

That didn't mean she didn't think about it. She always found Mike to be extra spicy, perfect in every way. But she knew she couldn't even dream about them being together. He told her she was his baby sister and that was the most she could hope for from him. They were in each others lives and that was enough for her. She'd forced herself to move on from that idea.

No matter how much it hurt her.

"Seriously," Adam looked surprised, "cuz from where I was standing it looked like he really cares about you."

"Oh he does," she assured, "but not like that. Mike's like a brother..."

He raised an eyebrow, "I saw some pictures of you two on tage together, it didn't look like brother and sister to me."

"Mike and I like to have fun on stage," she glanced up at the night sky thoughtfully, "but that's as far as it goes."

"Are you sure?"


"So you wouldn't mind if I did this..."

Shaye looked over at him to question what he meant, only to have his soft, warm lips crash against hers. Startled, she was frozen in place for a moment before kissing him back, closing her eyes just to feel. His arms snaked around her waist and she rested hers around his neck. The kiss put them both in to a serene moment but it ended as they parted, staring in to each others eyes.

"I kind of...really like you." Adam confessed.

"Me too.." She shivered lightly.

He took off his red sweater and handed it to her, "must have forgotten yours at Xquisite."

"Uh yeah," she zipped it up, "must have."

Not five minutes later did Mike's truck pull up next to them. He leaned out the window, calling for the two to get in. His heart sank a little seeing her in the Kid's sweater but did his best to brush it off and ignore it. He had to be happy for her, she wasn;t his property. In all the time he'd known her, Mike had never seen Shaye go on a date once, or even look at a guy who wasn't stuffing money in to her panties.

"Mikey!" Shaye exclaimed, rushing over to hug him out his truck window.

"Are you alright?"

"Better now." She nuzzled against his cheek.

"Come on," he kissed the side of her head, "I'm gunna take you home."

The two climbed in to the truck, thanking him for picking them up. It was beginning to get insanely cold and there was still quite a ways to go to get back to her apartment. She touched the warm air as it came out the vents, smiling casually as she relaxed in her seat.

"So where were ya Mike," Adam asked, "Tarzan said he came to get you but you never showed."

"Uh, I had an issue I had to take care of." He lied.

"It's alright, Mike..~" Shaye smiled at him. "I guess I was just tired."

"Well I'm glad you're okay." He smiled a little.

The rest of the car ride was silent and as soon as they pulled up to Shaye's apartment building she turned to him and pulled him in for another hug. She thanked him for the ride, closing her eyes. She took in his scent, wishing to stay there forever but she forced herself to pull away. She had to move on. It seemed, though, the harder she tried the harder it was.

"Love you..." She whispered to him.

"You too." He replied with a short sigh.

Shaye turned back, pecking Adam on the lips and hopped out of the truck, "night guys."

With each step she took away her breathing became more and more shallow. She listened as the truck pulled away before heading inside, mind racing. 'You too'? Mike always said 'I love you' back when they parted. Was she being paranoid, or was something actually... wrong?

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