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Summary: Something terrible happens to Korra … and Mako blames himself for it. Makorra.

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Say My Name

"Please wake up, Korra," Mako mumbled somberly, his hand on hers, rubbing the back of the young Avatar's hand with his thumb. He had pulled up a chair to her bed, watching her sleep, hoping that she'd finally open her eyes. Korra was laying in a hospital bed, wearing hospital clothes, her brown hair out of her ties, and was quietly sleeping. She had been laying in this same hospital bed for 2 weeks, having been in a coma all this time. All Mako did was stay by her side, which was all he could do, watching the girl's chest and stomach move up and down as she breathed slowly.

Korra had this room specifically for herself, the only other bed in the room completely empty. The nurses had opened the window above her bed several minutes ago to cool down the room a bit and let in some air. There was a nice cool breeze outside that would move the girl's bangs as well as Mako's hair and his scarf.

The news of the Avatar spread quickly throughout Republic City, its citizens shocked and sad at her condition. For days on end, her room would receive new get-well gifts, such as flowers and cards from little children who adored her.

Tenzin and his family would visit whenever they could, as well as Bolin and Asami who were also deeply saddened by the news. Mako had visited Korra every single day since the incident without fail, not only because of worry … but of guilt.

"Please wake up," he repeated in a whisper. He didn't turn and kept his focus on Korra's face when he heard the door slide open and slow footsteps approaching him from behind. Mako felt a kind, warm hand rest on his shoulder, and a friendly, low voice said, "Visiting hours are over, son."

Mako sighed and hesitantly got up from his chair, leaning over the bed to kiss his girlfriend on the forehead, brushing the bangs away from her face. He turned around to face the doctor. The doctor was rather short in stature, wearing a long white coat as well as white pants. He was a middle-aged man, exhibiting a kind face with little facial hair, his hair prematurely grey from stress from having to work at a hospital that demands his full attention and having to work with patients for days on end.

"She's in good hands, son," the doctor reassured. "You don't look so great yourself. Maybe you should rest - skip tomorrow or something. We don't need you in the hospital, do we?" he half-joked.

Mako smiled slightly at this, but his face returned to a frown as he glanced back at Korra.

"She'll be okay. Go home and rest."

Mako silently nodded at the man and walked towards the door, stealing one last glance at Korra as he stopped in the doorway, then closed the door behind him and headed for home.

How could I let it happen? It's all my fault, he thought to himself, guilt eating him alive. His mind had returned to two weeks ago - the day of the incident.


"I'm bored," Korra groaned, plopping on the brothers' couch next to Mako who was trying to read his newspaper in peace. Bolin was nowhere to be found. Mako had explained to her that Bolin had gone to Narook's to eat some lunch.

Mako glanced over his newspaper to look at Korra and responded, "Well, what were you expecting? A party?" and he went back to his paper.

Korra pouted and said, "No, but you're just as boring as Tenzin." Mako grunted, half-listening.

Korra had snuck off Air Temple Island half an hour ago to escape airbending training, laughing to herself, imagining Tenzin's face exploding. She swam to the rebuilt Probending Arena to go to her boyfriend's and his little brother's attic to hang out with them. At first, the firebender was reluctant to let her in, knowing that Tenzin would be furious if he found out that Mako had helped her skip her training. Korra gave her best pouty, puppy-dog face and Mako sighed, letting her in, aware that all of this would somehow come back to bite him on the butt.

"What do you want me to do?" Mako asked, uninterested, his attention still on the paper in his hands. "Should I wear a clown suit and dance in front of you?" he suggested sarcastically.

"Would you?" she jumped up excitedly.

"NO," he immediately replied, and she glared at him, jutting out her lip, slouching back on the couch feeling defeated.

She and Mako sat there in complete silence, Korra sighing deeply from time to time, shifting her position numerous times.

"Korra, I love you, but you're seriously driving me nuts right now."

"But I'm so boooorrred …" she groaned yet again, and Mako sighed, changing the page. Suddenly an idea popped up in her noggin, and she shot up from the sofa, facing Mako with her hands on her hips, a grin decorating her pretty face.

"Let's spar!" she proposed. Mako glanced up at her, a look on his face that read, "You're kidding right?" and he looked back down at the newspaper. She snatched the object out of his hand and tucked it between her pants and the fur tied around her hips.

"Hey! Korra, I was reading that!"

"Well, now you're doing something else," and she grabbed his arm, dragging him to the gym downstairs.

She finally let go of his arm, leaving him gasping for air as they arrived at the gym.

She runs as fast as an airbender, he thought. I could barely keep up behind her.

"Okay, let's do this!" she shouted confidently in front of him, getting in a fighting position.

"Korra, I didn't agree to this," he said. "Just give it back to me," and he held out his hand. "I was looking at the Wanted ads."

"Heh. You'll have to fight me for it," she taunted.

"I'm not fighting you, Korra."

Korra, losing patience with her boyfriend, took out the newspaper and held it out in front of her. He went to take it but she jerked it back, holding a flame underneath the paper.

"What're you doing?" he demanded angrily.

"Provoking you," she replied with a mischievous grin, and he glared at her. "And it looks like it's working. Fight me, fire boy." And he almost blew a gasket as the object in her hand turned to ash. Mako was now completely ticked, and when a blast of fire came out of his fists towards the Avatar, Korra grinned in accomplishment. She dodged every one of his attacks, throwing a fist of fire when possible. She began taunting him, laughing as she did, which made Mako's anger skyrocket.

"C'mon, Mako! I thought you were stronger than that? Can't beat a girl?" she panted.

"Do you ever stop talking?" he shouted angrily.

"Nope," she laughed, an evil glint in her eyes.

"Then hopefully this will shut you up for good!" and he released one of his most powerful fire attacks at Korra. She tried to dodge it but couldn't, and it knocked her off her feet, flying backwards towards the wall. Her back and head slammed against the wall of the gym, and she fell forwards, her head violently meeting the ground, and Mako could've sworn he heard a crack.

His anger completely dissipated as he saw Korra laying there, practically lifeless before him, and his entire world stopped. He ran over to her as fast as he could, picking her up, yet she didn't flinch.

"K-Korra?" his voice strained.

Bolin had rushed in, hearing the loud noise, and saw his brother holding up Korra's head with his hand.

"Mako? Wha -"

"Ambulance," Mako ordered. "Call an ambulance!" Bolin didn't need to be told twice, and was already running to the nearest telephone.

"C'mon, Korra. Stay with me," his voice shakily whispered. "I'm so sorry. It's all my fault," he began crying. "It's all my fault. It's all my fault," he repeated, over and over again, his voice drowning in sobs. And he moved her closer to his chest, examining the red staining his shaky fingers through his misty, amber eyes.

[End of Flashback]

Mako did as the doctor instructed and stayed home the next day. However, he really had to restrain himself from leaving to go to the hospital to see Korra, or to even worry and think about her every second. Every day since the incident he couldn't sleep. It was the same nightmare every time he slept, and he always woke up sweating and with tears in his eyes.

Bolin was glad to hear that his brother had remained at home, resting, because frankly, the young earthbender was starting to get worried about his brother's health. Mako hadn't been eating much lately - in fact, he would skip some meals, or not eat anything for the entire day. Sometimes Mako would neglect to bathe, but his little brother would stop him and force him to take a shower before leaving to go to the hospital.

At the moment, the firebender didn't know what to do with himself. He had cooked Bolin and himself some breakfast, and Bolin had already left to go see Korra, leaving Mako all by himself in the attic. Bolin would always pick up the newspaper and bring it in because he knew Mako liked to read them. But for two weeks Mako couldn't look at any newspaper without remembering what he did to the love of his life, almost killing her over something trivial like burning his paper. She had annoyed him that day and purposefully provoked him, taunting and laughing at him, but what he did was inexcusable. He had almost killed her. He overreacted, all over a stupid newspaper. Would she ever forgive him? Would she hate him? Will he ever hear her voice again?

"Then hopefully this will shut you up for good!" He remembered screaming that before he shot her, and absolutely regretted it.

All of a sudden, he heard footsteps running hurriedly up the stairs. Immediately, he knew who it was.

"Bo? What's wrong?" Mako asked with a raised eyebrow.

Bolin was panting, trying to catch his breath, bending over and resting his palms on his bended knees. "M-Mako. B-bro. Sh-she's - Korra's -" and he gasped for air.

Mako's heart stopped at the mention of her name. "What about Korra?" Mako impatiently inquired. "Is she okay?"

After several seconds, Bolin replied, "Yeah. She's awake, b-but -" And Mako had already flown down the stairs before Bolin could finish.

She's awake! Mako kept screaming in his head as he made his way to the hospital.

Mako ran as fast as his legs could take him, ignoring the nurses who told him to slow down. At the front desk he learned that Tenzin and his family, including Katara and Asami had already visited Korra and had all left about an hour prior to his arrival. He ran to her room, his heart beating hard in his chest. He hesitated to open the door, all kinds of thoughts running through his head, nervous to see his beloved again. When he walked in, the only persons he saw were the doctor and Korra. Bolin was right - she was awake!

At first, he couldn't look her in the eyes. Guilt still consumed him. But when he locked eyes with hers she smiled, and he sighed in relief.

"So, you're here today, are ya?" the doctor smiled, partially laughing. "Your brother sent you the news, huh?" Mako nodded and smiled, trying to keep in his excitement, and walked over to Korra's bed.

"So, Korra. How're you feeling?" Mako asked, sitting down on a chair next to her. She shrugged and then made a so-so sign with her hand.

"Is your head okay?" She felt the back of her head and winced slightly, but nodded and smiled. He then gave her a questioning look, and asked, "What's wrong? Are you still mad at me? I'd understand if you would be, but normally you would've said someth -"

"Did your brother not tell you?" the doctor frowned sadly, cutting him short. Mako stared at the doctor and then slowly stood back up, wondering what the old man was talking about.

"T-tell me what?" he stuttered. From the way the doc sounded, Mako didn't really want to know, more likely, he was scared. He remembered running down the stairs in his apartment not too long ago, cutting off what his brother was trying to tell him, but was so happy to hear that Korra had finally woken up that he didn't care what else Bolin had to say. Now he wished he had stopped to listen.

"Son, I'm afraid that …" The doctor sighed before continuing and looked deep into the firebender's eyes that were so full of fear and anxiety. Mako stared back at the old man's eyes, those eyes now filled with sympathy … and lack of optimism and comfort.

"I'm afraid your young friend here … is mute."

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