This chapter mainly follows Gary throughout his first day as a trainer. There's a long A/N at the end though.

If you asked Gary what he thought of himself, he'd tell you that he's the best trainer out of the current generation of Pokemon trainers. If you asked him what he wanted to be, he'd tell you that he would be the best trainer ever. Period. If you asked him what he was doing at that very moment, he would've scowled at you and flipped you the pidgey.

You see, Gary had just been turned away from Indigo Plateau…by a pair of security guards. It was all very simple, at least to him. He woke up this morning to the sound of his sister, Daisy, making breakfast downstairs in the kitchen. After putting on his traveling clothes, he rushed down to his grandpa's lab only to see Ash and Leaf already waiting. After his grandpa and Yellow got to the lab, the five of them entered to begin their Pokemon journey, but there was one glaring problem that Ash brought to all of their attention; There were four new trainers, and only three Pokemon.

Adrenaline rushed through his body as he made the snap decision to lung towards the table, alongside Leaf and Yellow who also decided to do the same thing. The next few minutes were spent in a tangle of limbs and sweat as Gary tried to take his precious Squirtle. A pair of limbs removed itself from the battle but Gary was beyond caring at that point; his eyes were fixated upon the water droplet on top of the pokeball held by Yellow's hand. A few seconds of struggling were met by confusion as both boys refused to let go of the balls they both held. Gary gave a giant heave and pulled the Squirtle from Yellow's hand, giving a mighty(shrill) yell of triumph. His eyes roved over to Ash's and he couldn't help but mock him. He had a Pokemon and Ash didn't. Ash's journey didn't even start yet and Gary was already ahead of him!

"So Ashie-boy, I, unlike you, has gotten a pokemon..." Gary smirked, fingering the droplet sticker on his pokeball. He was totally unprepared for Ash's counterstatement though.

"Yes, but I, unlike you, didn't look like an idiot struggling to take a pokeball from a girl. Also, I, unlike you, still have my dignity and pride." Ash retorted with his own smirk. "Cya guys."

Gary stood dumbfounded as he watched his rival walk away. Ash was nearly out of the building but he stopped and turned, before shooting off one last remark.

"And c'ya Gary-Berry."

As the door shut behind Ash, nothing could be heard from within the laboratory until Yellow began to laugh hysterically.

"Ga-Ga-Gary-Berry!" Yellow laughed out, clutching his sides. "It makes you sound like a girl!"

Gary felt his face grow red as he watched the laughing blonde and the giggling brunette.

"Shut up!" Gary whined.

Nearby professors turned to look over at the sight before sniggering themselves. A scowl affixed itself upon Gary's face before he stormed out of his grandpa's lab. He stomped his way back to his house in a stormy mood which disappeared when he saw a bright red convertible outside of his home.

"What the what?" Gary muttered to himself, not knowing whose car it was. As he made his way into the house, he couldn't help but look back at the car from time to time, thinking to himself that once he made it big, that he was going to buy one of those cars for himself. The house was eerily dark and empty when he finally entered and he couldn't help but feel that something was about to happen. He flicked the lights on and gasp of happiness as the interior of his house came into focus. A great big banner hung above a stack of presents in the living room next to his sister, Daisy.

Daisy walked up to him with a smile before bringing him into a hug.

"Congrats little bro! You're a trainer now!" she exclaimed happily before ruffling his hair. "The small box is from Grampa. He would've given it to you himself but he's quite busy today, as you well know. The rest comes from me. Save his for last, you'll love it."

Gary nodded before racing over to the pile of boxes. He received a pokeball belt, a PokeNav, a Town Map, and a small backpack and thanked Daisy profusely for them. He went over to the small box adorned with blue and black before ripping off the packaging and being greeted with a leather box. He delicately opened the top lid and nearly lost his breath.

"Is this…?"

"He bought you a car. I'm guessing you saw it as you came in?" Daisy gave a small grin as Gary's jaw seemed to unhinge.

As Gary continued to silently stare at the car keys in his hand, Daisy couldn't help but laugh.

Five minutes later, Gary was whooping in delight as he zoomed down Route 1 to Viridian City. It had taken Gramps two days to get to Viridian from Pallet his first day as a trainer, Daisy had it easier since the route had been finished for a few years before her journey and it only took her about a day. From his current speed, he would get there in less than half an hour.

When he finally got to Viridian, he parked his car in the underground parking lot at the Pokemon Center and hurried to claim a room. Thanking Nurse Joy his key, Gary left his pack in his room before leaving for Indigo Plateau. He wanted to see the throne that was soon to be his.

Unfortunately for him, his name didn't carry as much prestige as he thought it would. Don't get him wrong, the name "Samuel Oak" held a mountain of power in the entire Pokemon world for trainers and researchers. The name "Gary Oak" held none whatsoever despite the last name similarity. He was laughed out by the guards when he demanded entrance to see the hallowed Hall of Fame. Dejected, Gary decided to hang around Route 2 since he was absolutely sure that Ash would visit Indigo Plateau himself; say what you will, they had the same goal and the same mindset.

'In the meantime,' Gary thought , 'might as well train Squirtle.'

A few hours passed before Gary gave up his "vigil" on Route 2. His Squirtle had mastered the Water Gun technique and he had also caught a Pidgey but still, Ash didn't show up. Slightly dejected but still exuberant over his day of success, he went back to the Pokemon Center to heal up his pokemon. He gave a quick greeting to Nurse Joy and asked her to heal up Squirtle and Pidgey which she readily agreed to. With one last goodbye, he left for his room where he immediately fell asleep.

A few hours later, he was woken up by someone shaking his shoulder. Gary blearily opened his eyes as the bright glare of the flashlight shone upon his face.

"Whaa..?" he mumbled through his sleep-addled mind. As his eye focused upon the young face of Officer Jenny, he could hear the sobbing and screams from the rest of the Pokemon Center.

"Viridian PD. I'm Officer Jenny from the one oh second squad and we need you to come with us to the department." Jenny recited emotionlessly. "There was an attack an hour ago by Team Rocket and your pokemon was taken. Your grandfather requested your presence at the department."

Gary froze as the words registered. Team Rocket…his pokemon…Squirtle…Pidgey…stolen? He didn't resist as Officer Jenny pulled him up and led him through the halls of the Pokemon Center through the throngs of crying and sobbing trainers. He didn't make a sound until they reached the Viridian Police Department where a frantic Professor Oak scooped him up into his arms that he began to cry for his pokemon, his friends, that he had only known for a day. He cried himself to sleep in his grandpa's arms for his journey that ended before it even began, for the trainers that lost their friends, and for the injustice of it all.

Professor Oak sighed as he looked down upon the tear stained face of his grandson. He felt anger bubbling up inside of him as he thought of Team Rocket but knew that he couldn't do anything against them. His ranch was filled with hundreds of Pokemon from the five regions that Team Rocket would love to get; if he were to leave on a crusade against the scums, the pokemon left at his ranch would be in danger. Gary was asleep when he was passed to his sister, Daisy, while Professor Oak picked up Yellow who had been just led in by another officer. Yellow's usual exuberant face was pale in horror as he seemed to be staring off into the distance.

Giving one last sigh, Professor Oak stood up with Yellow in his arms before leaving for one of the local hotels to rest. 'Team Rocket wouldn't dare to attack now,' Professor Oak thought as fire danced in his eyes. 'Or I'll kill them.' Daisy followed behind her grandfather, silently fretting over the scrunched up face of her little bro.

xXOne of a KindXx

End Chapter

xXOne of a KindXx

Quick recap(TL;DR):

Gary reached Viridian City and stayed there over night

Without Ash there to courageously(stupidly) defend the Pokemon Center, Team Rocket (Jesse, James, Meowth) was able to successfully steal all the pokemon that were given to Nurse Joy to care for.

Gary and Yellow lost their pokemon along with the other trainers that were resting in the Viridian Pokemon Center at that time.


One thing I changed from the chapter 1 was the reason why Ash started his journey. Every single fanfic I read said "Oh Ash was becoming 10 tomorrow and he would be starting his journey tomorrow with Gary and two other random people! Yeah, just because of Ash's birthday. Fuck Gary's birthday or the other two. Ash is the only one that counts. (paraphrasing)" I changed the reason why they started the new journey to because the recent Conference just ended. I think that each new batch of trainers only being able to start their journey at the beginning of each annual Conference a much better reason. As you remember, Ash was watching the finalists battle each other the night before so it fits quite well. It's a small change but I feel better with it for some reason.

What I want to happen to this story:

Jesse, James, and Meowth will be out of Ash's hair for now. They will eventually become executives since they will not be burdened by Ash in this timeline. Ash and the trio will meet later near the end of his Kanto journey.

Gary will still become a trainer although I haven't decided on how yet. One way was that he would steal a random pokeball from Oak's lab which would just happen to be a newborn Eevee and run away. Another route would be that he becomes a Rocket member and be reunited with his Squirtle and Pidgey.

Another long A/N: I originally started Chap 3 right after posting Chap 2 but deleted the entire thing because I made it way too sappy between Leaf and Ash. I'm not exactly sure how to do the whole hospital part yet and that's where it caused me to be stuck for so long. Like I said, I ended up scrapping the whole thing and might just end up making that a small side note like "Ash was released the next day fully healthy and all the pokemon in the world cried aloud in happiness." Or something like that in the next chapter…if I can find the time to write another chapter. Who knows.

Another difference this had to my original idea was that with Ash's injury, Oak would come over and rest in the Pokemon Center when Team Rocket attacks. Oak then uses his Dragonite and fucks over Jesse, James, and Meowth so badly that they're permanently paralyzed. But because I couldn't write the hospital scene, I had to change that idea too.

As you might be able to see, I'm a big fan of the butterfly effect. Change one thing however small, change the future. Of course, some things will stay the same like Charmander will still be abandoned because this effect isn't as far reaching as that, Squirtle from the Squirtle Squad will still be there, but the only one I'm not sure about is Bulbasaur since Jesse and James might just take the sanctuary with their new confidence.

Anyone wanna adopt this story? I wanna read stories, not write nowadays. My gameplan is outlined above really; my only request is that Charmander is caught and kept as one of his main throughout all of Kanto and other regions. I love me some Charizard!