Once upon a time, there was a young girl who was very beautiful, but she was tortured by her cruel stepmother. She had tried to explain the cruelty she endured to her father, but he would always dismiss her pain as the complaints of a petty teenager. One night, when her father and his wife were out, she was taking care of the baby. She was very tired from a long day of chores, and had little patience for the child. When it simply would not stop crying, the girl wished the child away to the Goblin King.

After she realized her mistake, she begged the king to give her back her brother, but he would not relent. He told her the only way to win her brother back is to run the course of his labyrinth in just thirteen hours. The girl took up the challenge and went through the labyrinth.

She encountered many hardships and was distracted even by the King himself. When she finally reached the castle beyond the goblin city, the Goblin King offered the girl her dreams. But she refused. The King gave back her brother and they returned home. The girl spent many nights talking with the friends she had made in the labyrinth, and she took very good care of her little brother.

But, as everyone does, the young girl eventually grew up and forgot her childish dreams of the labyrinth. She fell in love with a man and started a family. And she helped to take care of her brother's family as well.

But on dark stormy nights when she would take care of her brother's children, she told stories of a young girl's journey through the Labyrinth.

Of course these were just stories!

But her niece believed every word that her Aunt Sarah would say.