Hi, This is the start to a story that I am working on using the Spectacular Spiderman universe.

Disclaimer: I do not own spiderman or the series the Spectacular Spiderman.

The rain poured down as Peter swung through New York trying desperately to avoid being late to school for the fourth time this week. Aunt May would kill him if the school called home again! But of course, the universe just loved intervening. Just as he was turning the last corner before he reached Midtown, police cars raced by below him, sirens blaring, in hot pursuit of a small green sports car. With a sigh Peter let go of his web and fell into a free fall, feeling the rush of rain-infused air batter his mask and goad his adrenaline to begin pumping in overdrive. It was an exhilarating feeling. "This is why I keep at this!" Peter thought excitedly, entirely forgetting about school. With a huge THUD he made impact on top of the sports car leaving a nice sized dent in the roof. Peering over the top of the car, he took a look into it to find two scraggly men both sporting matching tattoos on their necks. Shocked, the driver swerved in an attempt to knock Spiderman off of the car "Get off you insect!"

"Criminals just keep getting dumber and dumber these days" Peter said to himself. And then a little louder, "So what did you two beanpoles do to deserve this much attention? Oh, right there's glass in between us" he said sarcastically. And with that, Peter smashed the windshield in the already surprised thug's faces. "Well, I'd repeat the question, but it appears like your in a hurry so I'll just wrap this up." Quickly ripping the door off, Peter webbed the two men together and pulled them out of the car sticking them to a street light that was passing above the car. With a quick yelp, the two men jolted backwards swinging to and fro until the fleeting momentum of the speeding car left them motionless. "By the way, I'm an arachnid!" Peter quickly returned his focus to the now unmanned car that was heading straight for a small boutique's front window. Blocking out the police sirens that were still ringing in the background, he flipped through the shattered windshield and slammed on the breaks bringing the runaway car to a skidding halt. Without waiting for the thanks that he probably wouldn't get from the cops, he speed off through the high reaches of New York City towards his school.

Sprinting down the hallway after removing his mask and putting his school clothes on, Peter burst through the door to his first period Biology class with Mr. Warren.
"Ahem, nice of you to join us Mr. Parker, but class started 15 minutes ago. So unless you have a good excuse, you better go to the office to receive what I believe will be your fourth detention issued this week? That has got to be a record..."

"I do have a good excuse Mr. Warren...My bike fell apart on the way to school so I had to walk the rest of the way..." Peter sputtered out.

"Well I'm not going to argue with you, but please try to be on time next time Mr. Parker." Mr. Warren responded.

As Peter took his seat next to one of best friends Gwen Stacy, Gwen shot him a sideways glance and whispered "Peter, you have been late more times this year than you have in the past 10 years of schooling put together. And you don't even have a bike! What's actually going on?"

Trying to divert Gwen's question, Peter replied "Notes...I have to take them..."

"Fine but this conversation isn't over!" She steamed as she returned her attention back to Mr. Warren's lecture on molecular bonding.

Far away from Midtown High, a man sat in front of a laptop playing back the action from the morning. "Those two goons proved most useful" he mused. "Impressive strength and agility..." he said to himself. "But strength and agility don't make you invincible." He laughed to himself. "Enjoy the peace while you have it Spiderman" he angrily said spitting out the hero's name like it was poison. "Because it is going to be short lived." With that, he shut his laptop exposing a small dove carrying a torch emblazoned on the front.

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