Chapter 17 - Welcome To The Final Chapter!
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Gwen sat holding Peter protectively against her shoulder when Aunt May and her father returned.

"Peter! Oh my god!" Aunt May cried out as she began running towards her nephew with Mr. Stacy in tow.

Gwen looked up, revealing her puffy red eyes with new tears threatening to fall. "He-he's breathing, b-but he really took a beating" Gwen stuttered out.

"Did you call 911!?" Captain Stacy quickly asked. "He needs to get help now-"

"No!" Both Aunt May and Gwen said at the same time before Aunt May continued "If he goes to the hospital, his secret goes public, and if it doesn't happen when the ambulance picks him up it will surely happen when they take a blood sample and realize that his blood isn't composed entirely of human DNA..." she rambled out.

"Ok!" Stacy said. "But what are we going to do? He needs help!" then turning to the side he continued, more to himself, "he's running out of time too."

"I believe I can be of assistance once more." The Black Panther said, appearing out of nowhere, again.

"Who are you?" Aunt May said with a bit of an edge.

"No time for explanations," looking at his wrist monitor he continued echoing Mr. Stacy "he doesn't have much time." Then before anyone could argue with him, Black Panther pressed a button next to his wrist monitor and walked over to where Peter lay still in Gwen's arms.

Gwen gave the Panther a hard look before reluctantly loosening her grip on Peter. The black suited man then gingerly picked him up, like he weighed no more than a blade of grass, as a large, silent aircraft materialized above the battle ground and then landed. Astonished, May, Mr. Stacy, and Gwen followed the Wakandan hero onto the ship and through a maze of hallways until they reached the medical ward.

The Black Panther turned around, still carrying Peter, and said "I'm going to have to ask you to wait here while my medical staff attends to the fallen spider." And, upon seeing the crestfallen look shared by Gwen and May, he added, "Please, do not worry, everything is going to be okay. My team is made up of some of the most accomplished physicians in the world."

Falling into a brown armchair, Gwen watched as Peter disappeared through the sliding doors.

"Cut off the excess clothing..." voices faded in and out of Peter's subconscious like waves lazily ebbing in and out on the beach.

" stop the bleeding..." Desperately, he tried to conquer the fatigue that rendered his limbs unmovable.

"...stabilized brain waves and pulse..." Peter felt his fingers twitch as hope threatened to activate his adrenaline.

"Hurry! Where's the anesthesiologist? If he wakes up, he'll just hurt himself, and us. He's still in shock!" He felt an immense amount of weight painlessly immobilize him once again. And, that was when all of the voices turned into white noise and he slipped into a well-deserved, peaceful, but dreamless, sleep.

Gwen's eyes snapped open as she heard the sliding doors activate. The man that walked over to May was not the Black Panther. He must be one of the doctors Gwen thought.

"Peter is just fine." He said, and the moment the words left his lips, May visibly deflated, all of the stress of the past couple of days immediately replaced by relief.

"Thank you," was all she could say before she got up and walked through the doors to see her nephew, but after maybe five minutes, she came back out.

"Gwen sweety, he wants to see you." And smiling, she added, "I barely got two sentences out before he began asking for you."

Gwen returned the smile and then silently, she stood up and walked towards the sliding doors.

The doors to the actual ward were made of a very opaque material, so Peter couldn't actually see Gwen, but he could see her silhouette, and that alone was enough to make him smile. And as the door opened revealing his girlfriend standing there, his smile only grew.

"Hey there." He said.

"Hey" she replied walking through the entrance, letting the doors close behind her.

But then she was hugging him, the emotion from the day finally getting the best of her, causing a few tears to run down her cheeks. Feeling the tears, Peter pushed her back a bit so he could see her face.

"What's wrong Gwen?"

Taking a long pause before saying, "I-I didn't know if you were going to make it. You got beat up pretty bad Peter. And before you can cut in and say how everything turned out fine in the end, let me finish."

Peter nodded.

"While I was sitting there on the pavement holding your battered, bleeding form, all I could think about was how life would be without you." She looked away, "And frankly, it would just flat out suck." Turning back to face him she continued, "It made me realize that love is not a luxury." Then leaning in really close she said, "I've never been very open with my feelings, and I could barely get it out the last time, so that doesn't count an-"

"Gwen" Peter said softly trying to keep her from rambling.

Finally closing the gap, she kissed him, enjoying the way his lips fit perfectly together with hers.

"Peter Parker," she said confidently, "I love you and I just don't care who knows it."

***One Month Later***

So I'm pretty sure I have the best life on this planet Peter thought to himself as he jumped off of a forty story building. I don't have to keep secrets from Aunt May, the NYPD has taken me off the wanted list, I haven't been late to school since I went back two weeks ago, and I have an awesome girlfriend on top of it all, he continued thinking as he caught himself with a well aimed web right before he hit the ground. And as long as I'm Spiderman, criminals better think twice before choosing New York City as their proving ground. He laughed to himself before thinking, they're just setting themselves up for failure and that's not a healthy habit. Then landing on an outcropping of the Empire State Building, Peter looked out at his beautiful panoramic view of the city. Yup, I definitely have the best life on Earth.


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