Knife-girl and Spear-boy, chapter 1: Reunion

"Hey, I know you," a random train passenger said to Clove.

The girl with knives looked up from her throwing-knife catalogue, "Um... well, I won the 74th Hunger Games a few months ago."

The passenger snapped his fingers, "Right, that's where I know you from. You're the girl with knives, right?"

"Most people just call me Clove," she corrected.

"Okay, so where are ya headed today?" the passenger asked.

"District 1," Clove answered.

The passenger raised his eyebrows, "With no parents?"

"I'm staying with my boyfriend for a few days," she explained. "Didn't you hear? He won the games with me."

"Oh right, you two were the starcrossed Lovers that the capitol just loved," he told.

"Yeah, that's one of our names," Clove stated quite nonchalantly.

An announcement came on.

Attention passengers, we are now stopping in District 1. I repeat; we are now stopping in District 1.

Clove put her knife-magazine in her purse, "That's me." She grabbed her two bags and stood up, "It was nice talking to you sir."

"See you later knife-girl," the passenger said as his farewell.

The train was slowing down at District 1's station. Clove eagerly waited for it to come to a stop. As she waited, her cell phone got a text.

It was from Marvel.

I'm in the parking lot. Luv u. -Marvy

Once it did, the doors opened up and Clove hopped right out.

After landing on the platform with a semi-light thud, Clove made her way out of the station and to the parking lot. Hopefully Marvel was actually there. If he made her take a bus he would probably experience the rest of his life without his two nuts.

Clove stepped onto the concrete of the parking lot, her eyes scanning the area.

When she saw the derpy-faced, curly haired, 6-foot-3-inch, 17-year-old walking towards her clad in a plaid button up, jeans and converse sneakers, Clove grinned like an idiot, dropped her bags and ran to him. "Derp!" she exclaimed happily.

"I have a name, it's handsome derp," Marvel joked as Clove literally jumped into his arms. Their lips mashed together as Marvel lifted his lover up. It was one of those kisses that happened right in public where the lovers didn't care who watched. The only thing important was the fact that Clove was with Marvel after too much time apart.

A few days after the games Clove and Marvel went back to their respective Districts. Since it was a 5 hour train ride between the two districts of out victors, Marvel recommended trying a long-distance relationship. Surprisingly, it worked. After nearly 6 months of separation their relationship was held together by webcam chats, phone calls, texting sessions and letters. They even did more intimate forms of long distance interaction which are better off not being mentioned.

"I missed you so much Clove," Marvel murmured between kisses. His hands stroked her soft hair as he leaned back to support her weight. People leaving and entering the station couldn't help but notice them. The women simply looked away in disgust while the men smirked and did their best to not look like perverts.

Marvel finally put Clove down. "I missed you too derp," she told him. "How long has it been?"

"Almost 6 months by now," Marvel answered.

"Feels like forever," she thought out loud.

Sighing happily, Marvel placed a light kiss on Clove's forehead. "I love you Clove."

"I love you too Marv."

Marvel walked over to Clove's dropped bags, "Here, I'll take these."

"Thanks," Clove said.

Marvel motioned to a certain direction, "My truck's near the exit." He ran ahead of her, "Hey, I got a robot leg holding me down and I'm still faster than you!"

Clove caught up, "I'm coming Marvy!"

Marvel had a dark blue 2-seat truck. It seemed a bit old with a dent on the bumper, but Clove liked it. Marvel tossed the bags in the back. Once he did, he opened the door for Clove, "Milady."

Clove hopped in, "Thank you."

Marvel flipped over the hood to get to the other side. It was very ninja-like yet very dumb-looking. He opened the door and jumped into the driver's seat. Quickly, he started the car and drove out of the lot.

District 1 was different from District 2. Instead of rocky mountains, this district was way more urban. But surrounding the main city-areas were beautiful, lush grass fields. "Wow..." was all that Clove could say as her eyes took in the beauty around her.

"I take it you like?" Marvel asked in a joking mater.

"This place is amazing," Clove let out. "Does the sun always shine like this?"

"Most of the time," he answered. "Sometimes it rains, but dry-cloudy days are rare here. Is it like this is District 2?"

Clove shook her head, "Barely. Most of the days are cloudy. It doesn't rain a lot, but the clouds don't like to move."

"That explains your lack of color," Marvel started. He made his voice go high and dramatic like stereotypical gay guy, "You gotta get some color while you're here girlfriend."

Clove laughed, "Maybe I should."

Marvel's cell phone rang.


Since it was propped up on the trucks dashboard, all he had to do was click speaker phone. "Go for Marvel," he answered.

It was his mother, Melinda Quaid. "Marvel, it's me. Where are you right now?"

"I just picked up Clove," Marvel started. "She's here right now. You're on speaker phone, say hi ma!"

"Oh, hello Clove," Melinda greeted.

"Hey Ms. Quaid," Clove greeted.

"My son talks about you a lot. A little too much sometimes," Melinda told, making Marvel blush a bit.

"I'm not surprised that he would," the girl with knives stated. She gave Marvel a rather private look as she put her small hands on his thigh. He looked at her oddly. In reality, he was trying his best to not get turned on.

"It's nice to meet you Clove," Melinda finished. "So Marvel, do you think that you can pick up a carton of milk at the market?"

"Sure mom," Marvel replied. He turned to Clove, "Would you mind if I stopped?"

Clove shook her head, "No, go ahead."

"Thank you Marvel," Melinda thanked. "And try to get organic."

Marvel took a turn into the city, "Got it mom. Love you, bye."

Melinda finished the phone call, "Bye son, and Clove, it was nice to meet you."

"It was nice to meet you too," Clove said.

The phone then hung up.

"So," Clove started. "That's the famous mother of Marvel Quaid."

Marvel sighed, "Yep. That was my mom. She nice to guests, but when I was a kid, I thought it was an act so people would like her. When it was just her and me, she'd slap me for making her look bad."

"She loves you, I know she does," Clove stated.

Marvel could only shrug, "She doesn't show it a lot."


"Thanks for finding the organic milk," Marvel thanked as he opened the truck door.

Clove hopped out of the truck, "No problem Marv."

Marvel, being a boy and all, insisted on carrying all of Clove's bags along with the milk. Clove didn't mind though, having a mini-slave was fun.

Clove took notice to Marvel's home. It was a simple townhouse beside a mildly busy street. The place didn't look as modern as the houses in an average district's Victor's village, but the place looked furnished and well taken care off. It was old fashioned, but yet held a modern tone.

"Your home is so cool," she said.

Marvel smirked, "I take it you like?"

Clove nodded, "I do."

"My mom helped designed it," he started. "She likes the old fashioned look."

The door was unlocked, so the two easily entered the household. Since the house was rather tall, the first thing seen was a flight of stairs.

"MOM!" Marvel almost screamed. "I'm back! And I got the milk!"

"MARVEL GET UP HERE!" Melinda Quaid screamed back. "And thank you, for picking up the milk."

Marvel and Clove both ran up the steps. The second floor was the kitchen and living room. When the pair made it to the floor, Marvel noticed something besides his mother's new paintings and sculptures displayed around. There were 3, rather strong-looking Peacekeepers standing around.

Marvel's mother was sitting at the kitchen counter. She was a short, rather fit, blonde woman about the age of 50. She didn't resemble Marvel that much. But he definitely had her eyes. Clove figured that his father resembled him more, whoever he was.

"Ma, what's going on?" the boy with spears asked as he put down the various bags he was carrying.

"Marvel, President Snow's here," Melinda explained.

Marvel was shocked, "What? Why? Did I piss him off or something?"

Melinda shrugged, "I don't know, he just wants to speak to you."

"You should go," said Clove. It was more of a command than a suggestion.

Marvel sighed, "All right. I'll go." Clove had the amazing ability to make Marvel do anything.

A Peacekeeper spoke, "President Snow is in there." The tough-looking man pointed to the closed door of Marvel's bedroom.

"Thank you." Marvel walked towards the door, but the Peacekeeper stopped him.

"Do you have any weapons on you?" he asked emotionlessly.

Marvel sighed annoyingly. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his favourite stiletto-style switchblade. He put it aside, "Happy?"

"Go ahead," the Peacekeeper let him in.

Silently, the boy with spears entered the room.

"May the odds be even in his favor," Clove mumbled under her breath.

To Marvel's surprised, President Snow was there, he seemed to be snooping around in the bedroom. The room smelt of roses and blood as Marvel took a seat on his bed.

"Marvel; it's been a long time my friend."

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