Knife-girl and Spear-boy, chapter 10: Happy Birthday?

District 9 had large, rather beautiful grain fields that spread out for miles; it was the only thing that made facing the fake cheers worth it.

The district addressing lasted for 5 minutes though, as District 10 was far away, and the train could only move so fast.

Clove and Marvel sat in the dining car enjoying the rich-tasting capitol food. "So..." Marvel started as he took a bite him bacon and eggs (It's brunch time!). "What do you want for your birthday?"

"Marvel, you don't have to get me anything," Clove insisted. "I won't be mad at you or anything, I'm not that much of a bitch."

Marvel let out a laugh, "The first lesson I learned about ladies is that you have to get them something for their birthday, no matter how much she tells you not to."

Clove sighed to hide the fact that she was rather excited for her present, "Well, if you insist, but I won't tell you what I want. Don't you know? A girlfriend isn't supposed to tell her boy what she wants."

Marvel thought for a second before smirking, "Hm... I have an idea now, but you'll have to wait 'till the special day."

"Challenge accepted," Clove stated calmly.

The stop at district 10 sucked, mainly because it literally smelt like cow shit. The visit lasted for less than 5 minutes before Clove grabbed Marvel's hand and brought him back on the train.

Considering how boring the District's visits had gotten, the only thing Clove looked forward to would be spending her nights resting in Marvel's arms.

She was in his room that night. She lay comfortably on his chest while her lips were interlocked with his.

Marvel ran his fingers through Clove's soft hair as he enjoyed her harsh-yet-soft kisses. She gripped his shoulders to kiss him harder as she moaned into his lips.

They pulled away, smiling as usual. "Can we just stay here forever?" Marvel asked. "I don't wanna see anymore Districts."

"Brutus would cut out your tongue if you tried," Clove told. He believed her slightly as Brutus was extremely handy with a knife.

"I guess I could only imagine then," Marvel sighed sadly. Truthfully, he didn't want to step a foot in District 11 considering the fact that he killed both their tributes. He'd probably get fruit thrown at him.

"Don't worry, be happy," Clove stated. "You're alive, you've got a comfy bed, and you're with a girl who really loves you." She flashed him a smile so he could get what she meant.

He kissed her forehead, "I love you too, Clove. I've been wondering something though, what made you find me?"

Clove was confused, "I don't really follow."

Marvel rephrased his words, "When that mutt ripped my leg open and I was lost in the arena, what made you want to find me? I was weak, hurt, and injured; I could've been an easy kill. Why Clove? Out of everyone injured in that arena, why did you choose me?"

Clove sighed, "Well, at first, I used you as a reason to break off the alliance with Cato. A few of us were left, and I didn't want to stay with him for long. If I did, he'd probably kill in a second. I pretty much just walked around and tried to survive on my own. I didn't expect to find you though; I thought you were a goner. I guess the odds were in your favor when I nearly stepped on you."

"And I thank you for not doing so," Marvel remarked.

"But tell me, why were you crying?" Clove asked. "You camouflaged yourself everywhere except for some places on your face that were washed away from what I assumed were your tears. You eyes were pretty red too."

"My leg was ripped open and I had cuts on my chest, what else did you expect?" Marvel said rather quietly.

Clove put her hand on his thigh, "I'm happy I found you though, because if I didn't, then I wouldn't be able to do this."

Marvel didn't hesitate to accept the sweet kiss Clove laid on him.

(The next day...)

Marvel only received some cruel glares at District 11. They came from people who were presumably Thresh and Rue's families.

But nothing compared to what district 12 gave him the following day.

The day started normally, Clove woke up in her room, peacefully sleeping on Marvel's chest.

"Mornin' Spear-boy," Clove greeted when he opened his trance-putting green eyes.

"Happy birthday Knife-girl," Marvel smiled as he planted a kiss on her lips. "How does it feel to be 16?"

"Chronologically, I'm 16 today. Physically, I'm still 15," Clove quoted.

Marvel kissed her again, "Physically, you're still a hot as you were yesterday."

She blushed, "Thanks."

"Want your present now?" he offered.

"Yes!" Clove said almost too loudly.

This garnered a laugh and smile from Marvel, "Coming right up, darling." The boy with spears sat up and walked out of the room, "Your patience would be appreciated."

Clove sat with her legs crossed as she faced the door. He came back in 2 minutes with a fair sized box wrapped in purple paper.

He handed it to her, "Happy Birthday Clove!"

Clove smiled and took the box, "What is it?"

"You'll see," Marvel told as she started to tear off the paper.

Underneath the paper was a box made out of black metal with a glossy finish. Clove opened the box, inside were two butterfly knives with pale green handles. Clove's jaw dropped, "Wow! Are these real?" She took one out.

"Yep, made with real jade and high-carbon steel blades," Marvel explained as if it was nothing.

Clove unlocked the knife and flipped it open, revealing the sharp blade hidden between the handles, "Whoa!" Engraved on the blade was her name in black. "This is awesome! My dad has one, but he never lets me touch it."

Marvel smiled, "Well, now that you've got two, you won't need his."

"He's gonna die of jealousy when I show him," Clove smirked as she closed the balisong. She leaned over to Marvel and hugged him, "Thank you! Thank you!" She sounded like a 6 year old, it was adorable to him.

He laughed, "You're welcome darling."

Clove kissed him on the cheek, "This is one of my best birthdays ever."

15 minutes later, and they were in district 12, Clove's smiles were a bit more genuine than her smiles to the other districts considering the thoughtful present Marvel had given her.

Despite the brighter smile however, the district 12 people clapped like robots. Again, nothing real, just some lies forced by the peacekeepers.

Marvel waved to the crowd weakly, fake-waving was getting old to him. "Nice to see you all," he stated plainly, as if he was reading of a flashcard.

Clove whispered to him, "Are you done yet?"

He whispered back, "Just a few more seconds."

Marvel fake waved for a little bit longer. When he was about to finish however, someone screamed at him.


Marvel groaned, "Does everyone call on the Sparkly kid on these tours?"

His name was Gale Hawthorne, he was tall, had pale skin and dark brown hair. He could easily pass for Katniss Everdeen's cousin. The tall boy walked up to the stage, "YOU KILLED HER!"

Marvel instantly knew who he was talking about, "Look man, it was the Hunger Games, I had to do it."

"YOU SPEARED HER!" Gale screamed. And without thinking twice, the Hawthorne man gave Marvel a rather powerful punch to the face. Clove, who was standing close by, could only stare. She wanted to do something, but Gale was strong and tall, he could take her out in seconds.


"OW!" Marvel fell backwards and hit the concrete stage. Blood started to fall from his nose.

Gale attempted to stomp on Marvel, but the boy with spears remembered his training and rolled out of the way just in time.

Marvel managed to get back onto his feet, "Listen buddy, I'm sorry I killed your friend, but it was all for the games!"

Gale, at the verge of an emotional breakdown, only grabbed the mic stand from the stage and swung it at Marvel's head.

Marvel yelped and ducked down just in time. "Hey man, I don't wanna have to do this..." Marvel started, but Gale swung at him again.

Marvel ducked again, "All right then, you asked for it!" Without another word, Marvel reached into his back pocket and pulled out his stiletto switch blade. He flicked it open, revealing its shiny blade that gleamed in the sunlight. Even though this was the first time Marvel actually used this knife for self-defense, he was actually extremely frightened, Gale was noticeably taller and more bulky than him, and all this fighting was complete bullshit.

As Marvel lunged towards Gale with his knife ready, the surrounding Peacekeepers did nothing. Perhaps they despised Gale, or just wanted to see some action around the district. Either way, they let the rumble continue.

Marvel swung his knife at Gale who leaned back, leaving the Seam boy with a thin slash on his chest. Gale swung the mic stand again, this time, Marvel couldn't dodge it, and was smashed right in his face.


Spear-boy fell to the stage, scraping his face in the process. The stiletto knife scrambled out of his reach. Gale realized the opportunity and seized it. He reached for Marvel's knife and grabbed the District 1 boy by his hair.

"Vengeance!" Gale screamed as he put Marvel's and the stiletto in a cello playing position, Marvel's neck being the strings, and the stiletto being the bow.

Well, this is it! Marvel thought. He had a good life; he won the Hunger Games, fell in love with an amazing girl, and had traveled throughout Panem. He closed his eyes and waited for the pain of having his throat slit to come.

But that pain never came. The only thing that came was a small cracking noise.


Clove had run over and hit a pressure point on Gale's neck, causing the Seam boy to fall backwards, completely passed out.

Marvel fell onto the stage again; his emotions soared like eagles when he realized that he was alive. He groaned and got onto his feet, the first thing he saw was Clove grabbing his dropped knife from the ground.

"Thank you," Marvel told as he wiped blood off his face.

"You're welcome." She walked over and took his hand, "Let's go." She shoved the closed knife back into his pocket, and led him back to the train.

Topaz and Brutus were quietly awaiting the two. When Clove dragged a bleeding Marvel into the train, Topaz was the first to react. "Oh my god, what the hell happened to you two?" the mentor yelped.

"Calm down, Topaz, I got into a fight, nothing scary," Marvel answered as he wiped some more blood off his face.

Clove started to drag Marvel to the train's bathroom, "Get this train going, Topaz, I'll get him cleaned up."

Brutus spoke up, "Actually, Clove, I need a word with you." He showed her an official looking envelope, "It's from Snow, I suggest you read it in private."

Marvel released himself from Clove's grip, "Read it, Clove. I'll clean up myself."

She nodded, "Okay, see you soon." She kissed him on the cheek before grabbing the envelope and running to her room.

After all the blood was washed off, Marvel didn't look half bad. There was only a gash on the bridge of his nose and a few scrapes on the right side of his head. He looked beaten up, but they were battle scars, they looked good on anyone.

Marvel exited the train's bathroom with a clean face, he entered the dining area. The train had already gotten to its 200-mile speed and was heading towards the Capitol for the double Victor's Capitol appearances. "Is Clove in her room?" he asked to Brutus, who was sitting on the table.

The tall, bulky mentor nodded, "Yeah, but she hasn't stepped out for a while."

"Okay." Marvel walked towards her room door and knocked on it, "Clove?"

Her replies from the room were muffled by the door, and sounded rather sad and sniffled, as if she had been crying. It was weird, because Marvel had only seen Clove cry once. "Go away, Marvel," was heard from the door.

Marvel was never the type to give up after one rejection, "Come on Birthday-girl, what's wrong? You know you can tell me."

The sound of paper being shoved under a shut door was heard, and a few papers were lying on the floor, right in front of Marvel's 200 dollar leather shoes. When he picked them up, his eyes widened quite a bit.

In his hands was a picture of a male Capitol Citizen named Ronald Gobblestops, and a cheque for 300 000 dollars.

Marvel's heart almost stopped as the love of his life was forced into prostitution.


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