"Ella, Ella Foster." I tell the doctor. I observe my surroundings, white walls, a window and a small television. I hear small whispers exchanged between the doctors and doctor looks up to meet my eyes , "Ms. Foster you were in a awful accident and im afraid your father has passed away."

this was alot to take in but some how i knew this would happen and I would be stuck with my step mother, Salone, who only married my father for his money. And her twin daughters Charlette and was the way to make being a sophmore in High School suck. So the day after the accident I was given the basement as my room and given a ton of chores. High School was a jungle you have the preps, and jocks who always end up. the sluts and the party boys. the geeks and losers who always end up together. And like its the food chain you dont step out of line... Or else the food chain finds a way to just eat you up.