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Ch. 1 The two lone wolves

It was a normal dawn day as the sun was just about to arise on spring Canada. In a abandon cave a male gray and black wolf was sleeping peacefully inside. The gray wolf's name was Tyson and he is in fact a Omega.

About 3 months ago Tyson's pack was attack and Tyson was at the wrong place at the wrong time and was banished from the pack for pack fight that he didn't mean to start. So now he lives alone, away from his old friend and family.

Tyson slowly starts to wake up as the rays of the sun shined on his eyelids. He open his eyes revealing his brown eyes. Tyson wasn't one of the muscular wolves but he wasn't the weak ones either. He finally stood and began stretching out his arms and legs, looked up in the clear blue sky, and could see the birds flying freely.


"Eh, I guess it's time for breakfast" Tyson chuckled following his stomachs orders.

Tyson made his way into a field that had a few caribou, four in total were all daily eating grass like any other day. More like everyday to put in right words. Tyson duck his head moving in closer to stock his pray. He finally moved in close enough and was about to jump to attack, but out of nowhere another wolf with brown fur that was a female dashed and got on the back of the caribou spine. The others notice her and started running away.

"Ah man, so not cool" Tyson said chasing after the herd. Tyson was getting closer and closer to the group about to pounce but the caribou that was close enough back kick him in the mouth leaving him rolling and staggering backwards.

"Ahh, that really hurt, I hope I didn't chip a tooth" Tyson said upside down. He got back on fours and checked. He was okay and there was no broken teeth thankfully. He then looked at the herd that was gone within the distance.

"There goes breakfast, who the heck was that she-wolf anyway" Tyson said sadden and a little upset as well.

"Turn around and you might see her" someone said from behind. Tyson was greatly surprised not seeing her right away.

"Whoa, where did you come from, then again, why did you steal my hunt!"

"I didn't steal anything, I was watching them for a while now waiting for a right time to strike. *sigh* Unfortunately I had no luck either" She said sadden looking down.

"Well, I guess it wasn't either ours flouts" Tyson said. He then notice that she was looking down sad.

"Hey, how about we eat some berries, see" Tyson said walking to a bush full of berries and grabbing a branch and quickly ate a mouth full of them acting that he liked them to make her feel better. She laughed and very well knew that he really didn't like them at all by the expression on his face.

"Sorry but, berries aren't on my favorites list, but thanks" She said walking passed him. Tyson then spatted the berries out of his mouth wiping the taste off his tongue with his paws. He then followed her. She waited for him to catch up.

"So, whats you name" She asked.

"the name's Tyson and I'm a lone Omega, whats yours?" he answered and asked.

"Meya, I'm a lone Alpha" She answered. Tyson then stopped walking beside and turned his head to the side. Meya noticed that he stopped and turned around to face him.

"Is something wrong" She asked with concern in her clear blue eyes.

"The last female Alpha that I just so happen to friends with, and I actually liked, broke my heart. Now, I stay clear away from all of them. I'm sorry if I was in the way, I'm leaving now" Tyson said turning around and about to walking away but...

"Who said you were in my way" Meya said. Tyson stopped and turn back around surprised.


"I'm sorry to hear about what happen to you and your past encounter with that other Alpha, but I'm different, I would never hurt anyone's feels. Also you seem like a nice wolf Ty, it's nice to meet you" she said holding out her paw for a paw-shake. Tyson thought about and did see that she was really trying to open up to him. He held out his paw and shuck her paw.

"So where are you headed" She asked really wanting to know.

"Well I'm heading towards Jasper Park, to try to join the pack that's near here" Tyson explained.

"Hmm, Okay, I'm in" She simply said.

"Wait, what?" Tyson quickly said confused.

'I'm coming with you. Wherever you go, I go" She said.

"Now wait a minute" Tyson said about to protest be something told him shut up and go with the flow.

"Too Jasper Park, Lets go Tyson" She cheered happily and started running forward.

"Ah man, what did I get myself into this time" Tyson said running after her.

A few minute went by and Meya and Tyson finally made it too Jasper park. They were on the edge of a cliff looking down at the scenery.

"Whoa" Both Alpha and Omega said similarly.

"It's so Beautiful, the area is so full of life" Meya admired looking around. Tyson was just as amazed as she was looking around as well.

"Time to jump" Meya told him.


"Time. To. Jump." She said pushing off him off the cliff. Tyson fell flat on the ground spitting out dirt from his mouth.

"I just know it, this girl is trying to kill me" Tyson said struggling to get back up successfully doing so.

Meya finally jumped doing cartwheels in the air and landed successfully on her paws and feet.

"Show off" Tyson thought.

"What do we do now Ty" She asked.

"We uh, we find the pack leader" Tyson answered still a little dizzy from the fall.

They both were walking and asking around of where was the pack leader. Another few minutes passed and Tyson and Meya finally found the Pack leader that just so happen to be an Alpha and was standing in front of him named Winston his wife Eve beside him. Tyson was now beginning to be very nervous so Meya spoke for him.

"Hello, my name is Meya and I'm an Alpha, this my friend Tyson and he's an Omega. He's kinda nervous when he's talking too an Alpha" Meya introduced.

"Well He doesn't have to worry anymore, everyone here is nice and you and your friend is very much welcomed to the pack" Winston said with Eve agreeing with him. Eva then walks forward and sits in front of Tyson.

"I must warn you, If you do anything that disturb are pack, I'll rip your eyes out and shove them down your mouth as you see me rip your throat open. Welcome to the pack sweetheart" She threaten while patting Tyson on the head. Both Tyson and Meya eyes widen as she left and both eyes where now on Winston.

"No comment, but like she said at the end, welcome to the pack" Winston said following his wife.

"I'm very terrified right now" Tyson said fearfully.

"Your not the only one, and she wasn't even talking too me" Meya agreed just as scared.

That's all for now, I hope so of you guys and gales like it. The next chapter will be about Tyson meeting everyone's favorite Omega, Humphrey. Alright peace and have a nice day. :)