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Ch. 3 A familiar Face

During that evening Humphrey and his friends somehow convinced Tyson to loosen up and join in on the mud-sliding ride to have some fun. Doing it over and over, the timid wolf had to admit that he was having some fun. For being around Humphrey for only a short time, it was if he knew him for months. Unaware that they were being watched by Meya, who was happy to see Tyson having fun for once. Her admiring blue eyes couldn't help but stare at him.

"What a strange Omega you are Tyson." She said to herself.

'I didn't expect to see you here, Meya" a feminine voice said from behind. While still lying down, Meya looked over her shoulder and saw Kate walking up sat down beside her.

"Oh, hi Kate." She said nicely to the golden fur Alpha female.

"So, who's that new guy with Humphrey and his friends, is that your friend you were talking about?" She asked.

Meya nodded and politely replied, "Yes, his name's Tyson. Ask you can see he's an Omega and my friend. We met yesterday and I felt that he was okay, so I joined him and we traveled here together."

"Hmm, he is kind of cute, are you two…you know, together?" Kate said playfully. Meya's eyes widen and again started blushing again and said, "N-no, were just friends. Besides…we can't be together anyway."

"Why not?" Kate asked in confusion. Meya then turned and looked at her like she was kind of crazy saying that.

"You do know that Alphas and Omegas can't be together Right? It's law in packs." Meya explained.

"Oh I know. It used to be that way here, but not anymore. That rule have been over-ruled and shut out here thanks to me and Humphrey." Kate said to Meya.

"What?" Meya said still bewildered.

While Kate carefully tried to explain what happened in the pasted month to Meya. She was paying very close attention at memorized every word Kate said.

Near the cliffs that Tyson and Meya jumped from the day before, a wolf was sniffing the ground and appeared to be tracking someone. He lifted up his head and gazed out at the area in amazement. While doing that he was scoping out the area too.

"The trail stops here, and it seems that he has someone with him." The taupe colored wolf said to himself. He then cupped his paw over his mouth like a siren and yelled.

"Tyson, Tyson, where are you?! Please answer me?!" He yelled.

"Ah…no good, he has to be here somewhere." The Omega taupe furred wolf said slightly depressed with his head down. He then held his head up and looked to the sky.

"This place is pretty cool though, so this would be a place he would go too. I'll look down there. But I'm not jumping off this cliff just to get down there, that'll be crazy." The wolf said walking the other direction of the cliff going down.

Back with the Omegas, Tyson, Humphrey and his friends were playing wolf style berry volleyball. For Tyson, this was his first time playing this strange game and found it difficult to do and let the berry fall to the ground every time.

Slight disappoint the guys tried cheering him up a little. Kate and Meya finally revealed that they were watching them and Kate nudged Humphrey's side and rubbed her head on his cheek. He happily accepted her loving jester and introduced her to Tyson.

"It's nice to meet you Tyson, welcome." Kate said sweetly.

"Thanks, you too. You're an Alpha right?" Tyson asked. Kate nodded at his question and noticed that he had an uneasy expression.

"Is there something wrong?" She question tilting her head. Meya got close to her ear and whispered, "Remember what I told you about a friend of mine that's afraid of Alphas? That's him"

"Oh." Was all Kate said then walked toward Tyson and lifted her paw and rubbed his head. "You don't have to worry about me Ty, I'm a friend." She assured him. The timid wolf then smiled and lightens up a little then nodded. Say guys, by what the sun's looks like, it appears to be getting late. We should get going." Shaky announced.

Humphrey took a quick glance at the sun and agreed with his announcement saying, "Yeah, Shaky's right, we should get going."

"Well we'll be seeing you tomorrow Ty, same place, same time." Salty said facing Tyson. Tyson nodded and replied, "O-okay."

"We'll be here before then." Meya stated.

"Okay later." Salty said as he, Shaky, and Mooch were on their way. "Bye." Tyson said as he waved at them. Humphrey and Kate said their goodbyes' as well then headed to their homes.

Meya softly nudged Tyson's side and said, "Come on, let's head back too." Tyson nodded and she motioned him to head back. While both the alpha and omega wolves where going to their den, the sound of a familiar howl caught Tyson's ears. He turned to the sound. Meya turned to him and noticed his bewildered reaction and became a slightly worried about him.

"Tyson? What wrong…." Before she could finish her sentence, Tyson took off headed to the source. "Tyson?!" She exclaimed worriedly then ran after him. Tyson hastily ran as fast as he can, not stopping from Meya's worried calls.

Sprinting after him, Meya was getting more and more concerned for him. Also she noticed that he was moving faster than her. She was even a little surprised of his sudden burst of Speed. Not bad for a Omega she thought as she ran with mixed feelings running through her head.

After running after Tyson that felted like hours, the gray wolf finally stopped running and she stopped beside him. Meya was panting rapidly and finally said, "Tyson, what's wrong? Why'd you take off so fast?" She asked still panting. Tyson didn't say anything, but gestured his answer. Meya looked forward and sees a taupe furred wolf who looks like Tyson, only slightly taller and buffer, standing there in front of them.

"Greg?" Tyson murmured out stunned.

"I finally found you, brother." He said with an over joyed tone.

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