Fury faced the gathered Avengers, Tony having just arrived. Fifteen minutes late.

"It was fashionable!"

Fury just gave him a look, backed up by Steve, while Bruce just smiled slightly at his protests.

"There was a reason I called you all here, and it wasn't because I wanted to see you."

"I, for one, am hurt at the insinuation."

"Shut up, Stark. It has come to my attention that we are in need of more fire power on this team, not to mention some kind of medic. Banner can't treat all the wounds you people get, and the more you have to go to hospital means more paperwork for us. And apparently, not getting injured is impossible for you bunch of imbeciles. On that note, we are being sent two folks from a 'secret society' of some kind that even I don't have the clearance to ask about, so don't ask," the director stated as he turned back to some papers Hill had dropped off, which he had been working on before Tony so inconspicuously arrived.

"They should be here shortly, at which point I'm sure you all will barrage them with questions. They'll also be in the Tower. Don't make them leave," Fury warned as he strode out of the room, paperwork in hand.

"Secret Society? Seriously?" asked Clint before the door to the conference room even closed.

"Screw that," Tony said as he pulled out his phone. "Fury doesn't even know about it? That means I don't know about it. Now I have to know!"

"I wonder what they'll be like," Bruce mused. "I've met a few societies in my…. 'travels,' and not all of them were really all that nice."

Natasha nodded. "Some of them were downright evil. What if this is just a plot to get inside knowledge on SHIELD?"

"Nonsense, friends!" exclaimed Thor in his ear-shattering way. How he had managed to remain quiet the whole time they were being given information was to forever to remain a mystery. "We mustn't doubt our new comrades before we have even met them! Perhaps they will be mighty warriors!"

"I'm gonna have to agree with the big guy on this one," Steve said. "Let's at least meet them first before we jump conclusions."

It was at that moment that a loud bang, followed by various crashes could be heard in the hallway outside the door, coupled with very creative curses.

At once, the heroes rushes to the door to find out what was going on, but it opened before they could get to it. And what an odd sight it was that greeted them.

Two figures stood there, one a shaggy, black haired man that was fairly built, and the other a platinum blonde, the brunette of the pair covered in dust, dirt and a few bruises.

"You bloody idiot! 'Let's apparate to the door' he says. 'It'll be fine' he says. Yeah, right, you bloody ponce! That almost splinched both of us!" the shorter blonde one was yelling.

The other at least had the grace to look somewhat ashamed as he tried placating the man shouting at him as they walked into the room. The rest of the Avengers made sure to step back and let them have lots of room to enter, Clint even going as far as to go back to sit on the edge of the table.

"Well at least we made an entrance," the taller said with a head tilt towards the rest of the room, which while not making the smaller any more pleased, did make him stop yelling and turn to face the room.

There was an awkward silence for a few moments.

"So… you two are the new Avengers, huh?" Steve asked with an awkward chuckle. "Uhm, well, my name's Steve, or Captain America. Fury didn't tell us much about either of you besides the fact that you were coming, so who are you two?"

"Oh, well we didn't know we were coming until yesterday, so we don't really know you guys either," the black haired one chuckled good-naturedly, his unruly hair moving so it fell even more in his face then before. "My name's Harry. Harry Potter. My codename's Grim, though."

"And mine is Draco Malfoy," said the blonde. "My codename is Phoenix. Might we sit down?" The newly labeled Draco asked as he gestured towards the table.

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure," Cap said as he gestured for them to come further in. The Avengers then noticed their attire, which was a horribly fitting tee shirt and worn jeans for Harry, and a tight black long sleeve knit shirt that looked to have the texture of long johns and cargo pants for Draco. It was… odd, considering what little they'd heard and seen of these two.

"Come, friends!" cried Thor, already sitting down next to Clint who had just slid into the seat in front of him. "I am Thor, mighty thunderer and wielder of Mjolnir, from Asgard!"

The newcomers just looked perplexed at his oddly enthusiastic greeting, but sat down next to him all the same, Draco in between him and Harry, who sat next to Bruce.

"I'm Bruce Banner," he said in greeting, holding out his hand to shake politely. "I'm the leading expert on Gamma Radiation, and I also turn into a huge green monster when I'm angry."

If the two were weirded out by this introduction, they didn't show it, and took his hand without batting an eye.

Natasha slid in next to Clint. "I'm Natasha Romanov, codename Black Widow, and this is Clint Barton, or Hawkeye."

"We're SHIELD operatives in our off hours," Clint finished. "When do we get those, by the way?"

"And I'm Tony Stark, billionaire playboy and Iron Man," said man said leaping up from where he had been leaning. "Now that that's out of the way, how did you get in here, what are you capable of, what secret society do you two belong to, where is it, and above all, how the hell come can't I find you people in the national database?" Tony fairly exploded at them.

While the rest of the team looked somewhat shocked he'd asked that; not surprised, just shocked he'd done it with such little decorum, Harry and Draco looked back at him calmly.

"Well, for one, we're British, so it wouldn't be on your government's registry," said Harry sagely, leaning back in his chair.

"And the rest?" Tony demanded, clearly agitated out of his mind.

The two society members looked to each other for a moment, then turned back to him, and looking him dead in the eye, said in perfect unison "That's classified."

Steve had a feeling it was going to be a long day.