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Tony woke up on the floor of his closet with one of the biggest headaches of his life. Surprisingly not from the vast quantities of alcohol he had consumed, but because he had put his head through a computer screen in pure frustration at not being able to dig up anything on his new 'guests.'

He had forgotten just how much the helmet of his suit protected him.

How he had gotten onto the floor of his closet was another story all together. After showing up to his bedroom from his lab, pathetically dripping blood onto the floor, at three in the morning, Pepper had not been amused. After sticking a band-aid to his face, she promptly denied him access to his bed, rolled over, and went to sleep.

Apparently in his drunken and slightly concussed state, the shoe rack in his closet had been a perfectly reasonable place to sleep. He rolled over into the middle of the floor, releasing the Micheal Toschi's that he had been cuddling in his sleep. The inside of one was filled a bit with drool.

Blinking blearily, he stared at the florescent light that glared at him. God, how he hated waking up in the mornings.

Stumbling quite a bit, Tony managed to make his way out of the closet, using the wall as support, to the bathroom, barely making note that it was only nine a.m., and that Pepper was no longer in bed.

After clunking around in the bathroom for a good hour or so, the rich man felt more human than he had earlier that morning as he walked, not staggered, he was proud to say, to the kitchen, where hopefully his lovely girlfriend would have breakfast waiting.

It was not so.

Instead, he got greeted by the sight of the mighty Avengers, the world's finest heroes, all in their pajamas fighting over a coffee pot.

Tony, barely dressed in a ratty tee shirt and sweats, had really no room to talk as he snagged a mug from somewhere (Thor's hand) as he dodged a flying waffle and made his way to the fridge.

At sometime in the night, the Widow and the Hawk had returned, and were present in the melee, Natasha dressed in a flattering red nightie and matching dressing gown. It went to show how much she considered it home here, since she neither had make up on, nor had taken her hair down from the curlers that perched on her head. She was the most conscious, it seemed, and drank from her mug calmly while munching on a bagel.

Next to her, the Hawk, in all his glory, was face first in a bowl of Cheerios, dressed in an old, torn SHIELD shirt and frayed shorts. Tony questioned if he was alive, but didn't have enough coffee in himself to care.

At the stove stood Steve, wearing a rather patriotic set of pajamas, the flannel print decked out in the traditional red, white, and blue. Tony assumed it had been a gag gift that had gone over the good Captain's head. The blond was busy flipping what appeared to be every pancake on the Eastern seaboard, which made images of a demented mercenary pop into his head.

With a shudder at that thought, he turned to Bruce, who leaned up against the sink, slurping caffeinated goodness while staring at his phone, presumably looking at the news. The good doctor was dressed in the finest Wal-Mart had to offer; a purple shirt that looked to be sized to the Hulk, and a pair of pants so tight they looked like he had stolen them from Betty.

Then there was Thor.

Not only was the cheery god inhaling pancakes almost as fast as Steve could produce them, but he was drinking his coffee from a straw out of the Big Gulp Darcy had gifted to him the last time she had visited.

This was not the oddest thing about the man at the moment, as this happened every morning.

No, the blonde god had apparently gone shopping without adult supervision, because the giant mass of muscle was wearing a bright, red, flamboyant, flannel one-piece. Complete with footies.

Twitching slightly, Tony shook his head to try to clear the sight, before just giving up and sitting down at the table and drinking the coffee that he so desperately needed.

"So where are the lovebirds?" he asked in between sips. God, he loved coffee.

"Still in their room. I haven't seen them yet, anyway," replied Steve, still manning the stove. Tony wondered when they had gotten so much batter mix.

"Someone should go get them."

"Guess who just volunteered."

Tony stared at him flatly. "No."


"Aw, come on!"


"Tony, you were, quite frankly, an ass yesterday. The least you could do is try to make amends," threw in Bruce, who had picked up an apple (since when did they have FRUIT?) and had started eating happily.

"And waking them up is going to do that."

"NOW, Tony."

"Gah, fine." Stark stood up from the table, taking his mug with him as he wandered out the door into the hallway. "Make more nectar of life whilst I'm gone, children!"

A half eaten apple thrown at his head was his only reply.

The man kept going down the halls of the massive building, only knowing where he was going because he had built the damn thing. It still took him about two minutes to actually get to their door, however.

"JARVIS, what's their status?"

"They have yet to make any sign of waking up, sir, despite my best efforts," the droll voice responded.

Knocking loudly, the billionaire waited, and upon hearing, seeing, or otherwise any sign of life, he opened the door.

"Hey, are you two-" Tony cut himself off. The scene before him too serene not to, even for the man with no boundaries.

The windows had the light curtains pulled over the glass, making a red, dawnish cast about the whole room, and only highlighting the main focal point.

On the huge California king bed, the newest additions to the team were curled up in the very center, so close it was like they had no space at all, and it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began.

Harry had his chin tucked into Draco's hair, and his right arm was serving as the blonde's pillow. The smaller man had his back pulled into Harry's chest and was gripping the arm around his waist as though it were a life-line, the other hand intertwined with the brunette's near his head. Even in their sleep, the two wound around each other as though the other would disappear if they didn't, and Tony couldn't help but feel a pang at the thought of how much prejudice the two before him must have gone through.

Quietly, he backed out of the door, closing it softly.

"JARVIS, tell the others that they're not to be disturbed this morning."

"Very good, sir."

It wasn't until about eleven that the two new comers rolled out of bed and meandered to the kitchen. Breakfast was still in full swing, seeing as none of them really had anything else to do. People were consistently coming in for free breakfast anyway. Spiderman had already swung in, literally, on one of his rounds and grabbed a doughnut, before going off to do whatever it was that he did.

Pepper had also returned from the office, and was the only one properly dressed for the day, the others not having bothered changing from their pajamas into real clothing yet. Nor had the British natives, it seemed.

Draco was dressed simply in a tight, black, long-sleeve tee and silvery pajama bottoms, bare feet peeking from under the too-long hems. His hair was annoyingly neat, falling neatly about his face in platinum locks, despite showing no signs of having been combed yet that morning.

Harry was a different story altogether. Dressed in a tee shirt on par with Tony's for rattiness and seemingly sized for a whale, his lithe, albeit rather tall, frame appeared swamped. The grimy sweatpants that a homeless man would probably turn down didn't help matters. His hair was far easier to go along with, the messy black locks even wilder than they were yesterday, somehow.

"G'morning," Harry offered through a yawn as he sat down at an empty seat at the table, reaching for a bear claw as he did so. A mug of coffee was slid his way from Steve, who hadn't looked up from the day's paper, something about a giant lizard splashed across the front. No one really paid it any mind.

Draco similarly plopped into a chair next to Harry, grunting something that may have been a greeting, but also may have been Arabic or something, before putting his head on the table. A mug of caffeinated goodness was similarly slid his way.

"You two sleep well, then, I take it?" asked Natasha. She had conscripted Clint to help her take the curlers out of her hair, a task he seemed far too at ease doing for the amount of protests he had kicked up at the start of it.

"Hmm. Quite well, thank you." The already heavy accent seemed to get even thicker when tired. "Our, how was it, 'hot, gay sex,' didn't keep anyone awake, I trust?"

Tony choked on his coffee at the barb. The glares from Thor, Steve, Pepper and Bruce really didn't help either.

"I can't say I noticed anything," Natasha answered smoothly. "There was some fool crying rather loudly last night however. Kept saying something about how the shoe god had never let him down. You know anything about that?"

"Can't say I do," replied Harry in the same, almost clinical tone that the Russian woman had adopted. Pepper just turned her steely glare towards Tony once more, the man attempting the 'I'm innocent in all this' look, which was obviously not being bought by anyone.

Meanwhile, Harry turned to his drowsing lover. "Come on, Dray. Time to wake up."

"I think you'll find you're wrong, there, Potter," came the sleepy response.

Harry just chuckled. "Come on, love. They have apples, and coffee." The statement garnered no reply, which seemed expected as the brunet reached for a green apple from the assortment on the table. Seriously, when had they gotten that? Tony honestly had no idea. Harry quietly leaned over and started nuzzling the back of the blonde's neck. "Wake up, dragon."

Draco grumped a bit more, but obligingly lifted his head from the table. "Alright, I'm up. Mer- er, God, Harry, I'm up already."

"That's all I asked," said the bigger man before swooping in for a quick peck on the lips, before pulling back swiftly, grinning. Draco leaned in for a quick kiss as well. "Apple?"

Still smiling, Harry handed it over before turning back the near silent table. Evidently, all movement and sound had ceased in favor of watching the mushy display. "Yes?"

"Urm…." Steve said intelligently.

"How long have you been together?" Pepper started smoothly, her business woman side coming out. It worked well, considering all of them wanted to know more about their mysterious guests.

Glancing at Draco, Harry began "uhm, sixteen years, right?"

"Yes, seventeen this year," said Draco, pride leaking into his voice as he smiled around his coffee cup. Harry grinned and grabbed Draco's left hand, stroking his forearm tenderly.

"Wait, how old are you two?" Steve demanded.

"I'm 31, Draco's 32," answered Harry, bemusement evident in his voice. "Why?"

"I really would not have called that..." said Tony, eyes wide.


"Seriously, you guys could pass as teenagers…"

Blank looks were all the reply that they got.

"So… How did you two meet?" asked Natasha, settling in against Clint as though anticipating story time.

Harry turned to Draco, eyes meeting. One silent conversation, only achieved through the apparent years-long dedication they had, later, Harry turned back to the group.

"We met when we were eleven," the brunet began. "It was our first year at a seven year boarding school.

"I was in town, get my uniforms tailored, when I met this absolutely horrible little brat. He was stuck up, spoiled rotten, and as snobbish as they come. That was Draco Malfoy. We hated each other from the get go, getting into fights, detentions, nearly got expelled a few times because of it, actually."

Draco merely grinned beside him, snuggling into Harry who obligingly wrapped his free arm, the one hot occupied with hand-holding, around his shoulders. The blond was perfectly content with letting the other tell the tale.

"It was like that for many years, until the end of fourth year. There was this tournament, you see, with other schools in our, uhm, 'society.' It was meant for only sixth and seventh years to enter, but somehow my name got chosen to represent the school, along with another guy, a seventh year named Cedric Diggory."

Harry quieted for a moment, looking down at the table. Draco turned and nosed his hair, speaking more in the silent language known only to lovers. After a moment, Harry continued. The others made silent notes to ask about that later.

"Anyway, it was legally binding, with no way to get out, so I had to compete. It was rather dangerous, with a maze being the last challenge. That was when I really thought I was going to die. The arch enemy, I guess you'd call him if you wanted to be cliché, of our world came back from what we thought to be death. And no one believed me. I started getting really depressed about it, shutting out my best friends and even the headmaster.

"Then Draco showed up, right as the last of the train to leave was being filled. He smacked me right across the face, told me to get over myself and to never do anything that dangerous ever again. Then he hit me again, broke my glasses in the process, I might add, and kissed me. We've been officially dating since then," the storyteller finished, kissing his boyfriend on the cheek and smiling broadly.

The table of heroes (and Pepper) sat in rather stunned silence. They had just gained so much more respect for the true example of love in front of them. Thor's happy glow got even brighter, Natasha leaned closer to Clint, who held her even tighter, Steve smiled slightly, lost in thoughts of Peggy, and Pepper and Tony looked at each other in hope that they could be as strong as these two.

The stayed that way for a few more moments, content to idly chat, reminisce, and drink coffee.

Then there was Tony.

"So how long did it take for you two to have sex?"

Steve then decided that the universe really did hate him, because he couldn't even get drunk through this torture.

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