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Maya's POV

He hates me. I couldn't just let him hate me could I? So I went after him because everything in my body was screaming to go after him. "Campbell! Please stop and talk to me." He turned around and smirked a little, "You want to know the funny part Maya? I really did think I was talking to you. That's all I wanted to do, you know just talk to you." Then he started to walk again, and I felt crushed because he was right. He had every right to be mad. At he wanted to do was get to know me, and he got lies instead.

But I couldn't just let him leave, it just felt wrong. So I sped up my walking and got in front of him. "Campbell, I really am sorry. I am sorry for basically lying to you. I am sorry for everything, just please. And maybe you could forgive me so you could meet the real Maya Matlin?" He had stopped walking, and we were both in the hallway just looking at each other. The bell rang about 5 minutes ago and the hall was empty. I was staring into his deep brown eyes, almost pleading. Their gorgeous, him and his eyes.

"Meet the real Maya Matlin?" he said questioningly. I shook my head yes, "Okay then. But one condition." He says holding his own. "And what would that be exactly?" He looked a bit shyer when he said, "Are you—I mean maybe—I thought we could hang out," he finally got out. "Sure, my house or yours?" I asked. "Yours I guess."

After we exchanged numbers, and told him to text me after school. Then I ran to my math class, because I was unbelievably late.

Campbell's POV

I wasn't mad anymore. I have been smiling all day like a freaking idiot, but at the same time I didn't care. Today I didn't have to worry about hockey practice, and I was hanging out with Maya. Me and the guys were walking in the hallways and like always they started to rag on me.

"So Cam, when are you gonna come out of the closet?" Dallas said. He just loved to push at this gay thing. "I'm not gay, Dallas. Seriously this isn't funny anymore." And like always he responded, "Prove it." And the last time I supposedly proved anything I got water thrown in my face by Bianca because I asked her if she wanted to go get some sex, honestly though I would have thrown water in my face too.

I saw Maya coming up the hall and she smiled at me as she passed by, "We're still on after school right?" she said smiling. "Yeah, of course," I said feeling the butterflies and knowing I was smiling like an idiot again. "Okay, see you later Cam," she said hugging me then walking away.

The guys looked at me. "Oh, so you're with the other with a Matlin sister? My advice is back away bro, they're crazy. Or at least her sister is," Dallas warned me. "Yeah dude, I mean who throws a fake boob at someone's head?" Owen added. "In her defense Owen, you were being an asshole," I said laughing a little. "At least you have a girlfriend, and we know you're not gay," Luke said.

"But guys she isn—Um, never mind I have to get to class." I said, and they all said goodbye.


Maya's POV

It was afterschool with Tori when I got a text.

Cam J : Hey, I'll be out inna bit. Just stopping at my locker.

Me: Okay, im on the steps.

Cam came out of the school a few minutes later. "Hey Maya, wanna get going?" I smiled and said yes. "Goodbye Tori, text me later!" I yelled and she yelled back an okay. Me and Cam walked up to Marisol's car, her and Katie were already inside. I opened the door and me and Cam both got in. "So Maya, who's your friend?" Katie asked. "Oh, Hi I'm Campbell. It's nice to meet you." He said holding out his hand. "Katie Matlin," she replied simply and shaking it. "Well aren't you adorable. Maya why didn't you tell me you guys are dating?" Cam looked at me like he would die of embarrassment and looked at me. I was flushed as hell and I knew it. "Oh, we're just friends," I said after. "Not for long," Marisol said making the rest of the car ride awkward.

Me and Cam were finally alone, and in my room. I was about to put in a movie when he said, "Hey, there's kind of something I wanted to ask you…" "And what would that be?" I asked questioningly. "Well the guys—earlier in the hall—they think we're dating, and I just wanted to know if you'd help me so they keep thinking that." "And why would you lie about dating me? Why don't you actually date another girl?" "Because I want you. You're different from the other girls, you do what you want to do and you don't care what anyone else thinks. Besides it also helps that you're beautiful."

Campbell Saunders thinks I am beautiful. I think I might die, I feel my face getting red and I have now become fully aware of how close we are to each other on my bed. My bed. I can feel him getting closer and for just a second I dared myself to look into his eyes, but then I couldn't look away they were so captivating. Then I was completely honest with myself, "You want me?" He placed his hand on my face and it sent chills down my spine. I started to move closer and then I felt his lips on my lips. This I thought was my very first kiss. We both kissed each other at first slow and then more fast and needy. It was amazing. This was amazing. I could feel the electricity between us. Soon we were laying on the bed, and he was on top of me. I ran my fingers though his hair, and I hear him let out a small moan. After we couldn't breathe anymore, we broke apart and laid on my bed breathlessly staring at the ceiling.

"Maya?" He said.

"Yeah?" I asked.

He looked deep into my eyes and smiled when he said, "I couldn't imagine myself wanting anyone else." And I reached out and kissed him again.

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