Everythings cool…sorta by Safarilite

A/N: Hey guys I was listening to My chemical romance and decide to remake this whole story this is my first official fanfic I was playing my P3 and came up with the idea I took the OC out of this story because every time I tried to think of a way to add her I kept gettin a block so she got the combat boot Im also super happy because I found out that 'Tekken tag tournament 2' is coming out next month {1 of the most AWESOME fighting games ever} I hope ya like it.

Here's the summary: Dante {wearing his DMC4 outfit - missions} and Vergil {Wearing his DMC3 outfit - missions} are cool and are working with Nero, Trish, Lady and Lucia. Kyrie is also in this story and Mundus was resurrected by Arius {Greedy squeaky feminine bastard}, Arkham/Jester and Angus so those mother-firetruckers are gonna be working together, oh and everyone in the DMC crew are wearing regular clothes {except for when they go on missions - Villians/antagonist stay in their fucked up rags} I mention what they're are wearing every now and then other than that you can picture them wearing whatever you want...so please review ya don't haft to if ya don't want to.

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Dante sighed in a chain of boredness he had been in a slump all day, everyone left the house hours ago and Vergil, Lady left to go patrol the areas of the city and Lucia and Trish went to go to the spa leaving him by himself to watch the house while they were out

He was sitting in the recliner with his feet propped up on the grey section sofa in the large living room staring at the plasma TV with nothing to do usually he liked not having to do to much work but today he felt alone and bored he needed something fun to occupy his time he got up and lazily walked in the kitchen

He rummaged through the fridge and got classic glass coke-cola soda and looked out the window above the sink 'just look at that the suns shining, the animals are freely running around and no demons are around making trouble…it just makes me sick' he thought and sighed again he re-entered the living room

"Im bored as hell" he huffed aloud falling into the softness of the recliner he turned on the TV and looked for something to watch but all that seemed to be on was either infomercials, talk shows or soap operas he threw the blasted remote at the window which ricocheted off and hit the poor dude in the face causing him to spill half of his soda on the floor he slowly climbed onto the chair holding his forehead in pain

"Bullet proof windows my ass" he exclaimed rubbing his bruise

Dante thought about reading something but he realized he wasn't that bored instead he took out his silver hand gun and another sip of his soda he then aimed at the Plant pot at the far left of the room

"Might as well get in some target practice" he fire at pots, mirrors, doors, paintings anything shootable he shot a self-stick figure portrait of himself laughing mercilessly decapitating Sanctus with axe on the wall then got bored again

After 2 seconds of pacing he snapped his fingers and ran upstairs tripping a couple steps up he ran in his room and got a slingshot then he sprinted towards the other end of the hall and halted at bad timing he ran into a black wooden door his head bounced off the door hinge

He slowly opened the bedroom door to reveal nothing but darkness, he quietly crept up to the bed where the exhausted Nero was sleeping the dark blue covers over his midsection leaving his bare chest exposed The youngest son of Sparda smirked and looked at the alarm clock 3:00 p.m. 'I think it's time for a wakeup call' he thought

He loaded his choice of weapon with some sort of yellowish/orangish slime packet closed his left eye and aimed it straight for the 20year olds face

"Do it and die geezer" Dante heard the voice speak out

"Well I've always wanted to meet jesus" he shot the packet at Nero the force caused him to roll off the bed saying words that weren't exactly pleasant to the ears

"WHAT THE FIERY HELL ARE YOU F#*KING DOING YOU STUPID OLD BASTARD!?" a very enraged Nero spat regaining his balance

"Whoooa whats got you so mad?" Dante chuckled putting his hands up defensively


"But the look on your face is always so fresh" the Silver haired demon smugly said leaning against the dresser

"IM GONNA KILL THE SH*T OUTTA YOU" Nero furiously said his eyes blood red

"You got some weird fetishes dude" Dante said trying to hold in his laughter at the boys' unusual choice of wording

"OH YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY SANTA CLAUS" the enraged young demon said his revolver appered in his hand

"Hohoho" Dante quickly said then he dashed out the dark room with an extremely infuriated Nero on his heels shooting at a lethally fast pace not caring about the collateral damage just as long as 'pops goes down' he leaped to tackle Dante to the ground and Dante saw and took a sharp right Jumping of the staircase banister landing on his two feet he looked up and saw Nero crash into the Vase on the glass table in the hallway

"OOOWWWW…MOTHER F* CKER" He grunted in pain Dante laughed did a celebratory 'missed meh beeyocth' dance, Nero Jumped of the banister to crash into Dante but he saw again and dashed towards the backyard he opened the door Nero close behind him still firing his handgun he closed the glass sliding door and Nero shot it, broke the glass and ran right through perusing his chase after the soon to be deadman

Dante tried to climb the first tree he saw he grabbed the branch and Nero caught him and was tugging him down he kicked his legs as hard as he possible could to no avail Nero grew tired of his fidgeting so he bit his leg and Dante Screamed in pain squirming even more

"LET GO YOU REJECTED EMO" Dante yelled in pain

"COME DOWN AND FACE YOUR FATE LIKE A MAN OR THE LEG COMES OFF" Nero said digging his teeth into the demon slayers leg again

Dante struggled so hard to break free of the young man's grip but it was frekkin useless the branch broke sending them both down Nero sat on top of Dante who felt really uncomfortable in this situation Nero felt really awkward but this was probably the way to keep Dante down so he had to stay in this current 'state' Nero smirked and Dante's eyes widened

"W-w-w-whoa man Tarzan doesn't swing that way and neither do I" Dante felt unbearably creeped out

"Cute ~He points the gun at Dante's head~ any last words father time?" the half-demon darkly said Dante smirked

"Just the one" Nero narrowed his eyes at the older guy

"What" He asked/demanded

"Nutshot" Dante simply said

"Nutshot?" Nero questioned

"NUTSHOT" Dante kneed Nero in his sacred area and the young dude screamed so bad that the birds in the trees retreated somewhere else Dante pushed him off and ran like hell towards the house

"ADIOS DOUCHEFAG" he ran of Laughing hysterically

So that's my remake of the story {well chapter 1 anyways} hope ya liked it I was trying to block out my insanely annoying little sis with one of my fav songs 'Teenagers by My Chemical Romance' so that's all chapter 2 will be up soon {I hope} but as for now tell me what ya think and how I can improve so please review but ya don't haft to if ya don't wanna thanx & later.