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"Oh my freaking frek!" Nero whined from the sofa

Dante sluggishly came down stairs and flopped onto the sofa not even feeling like sitting, he just laid there with his face towards the ceiling.

"What is it?" Dante asked lazily

"See for yourself" Nero said tossing his phone to Dante who looked at it and it displayed the temperature which was 94 degrees. Dante sighed in irritation ever since the weather started to break warm it's been kind of boring, sure he loved that the past 6 months were over with and winter was gone but, the heat was pretty irritating "You can't always believe these phone reports yaknow, turn the TV on and turn to the weather channel" Dante said tossing the phone back to Nero

Nero turned on TV and he changed the channel to Fortuna weather base, a cliché weather channel theme came on and the repater began to speak about the weather.

"Welcome back to FWB central" the male meteorologist spoke "And according to the weather tracker it looks like summers has come early with a record setting 94 degrees on the first day of June! And by the looks of things Fortuna is expected to be blessed with a heat wave from now up until further notice!" the weatherman said with a hint of cheer in his voice

"Blessed!? This is a fucking curse!" Nero grumbled

"The heat is going to be fluctuating from 88 to 106 degrees over the next couple of days" the weatherman said

"Urgh" Dante and Nero groaned in unison

"The humidity is going to rise dramatically making it feel even hotter" the weatherman spoke

"Uuurrrggghhh" the demons groaned in unison

"And there is a city wide advisory that due to the heat wave, there are expected to be some power outages and state officials are pleading with the residents to preserve power and water their yards to prevent ground fires that could spread into the streets as the heat could rise to the hundreds today" the weather man reported

"Uuuurrrrgggghhhh" Nero and Dante again grumbled

"That's all for the weather right now but please stay tuned for our continuous coverage of the heat wave and have a wonderful day" The man smiled as the music came on in the background and screen faded going to a commercial

"Fuck you" Dante said glaring at the screen

"I hate the suuun" Nero whined

"Stop your whining bitch" Dante insulted

"But its freaking hooot" Nero said in a sobbing way

"And it would be a lot cooler in here if shut your mouth and seal up that dragon breath" Dante spoke in an annoyed tone

"Why don't you catch a heatstroke!" Nero lazily raged

"If I can escape the my demise from your dragon breath, then hell yea I hope I pass out" Dante said nonchalantly

"Shut up!" Nero said

"You shut up, with your crooked lookin' teeth" Dante said

"My teeth aren't crooked they're unique" Nero defended

"Uniquely fucked up" Dante chuckled

Both spawns glared at eachother until the weatherman said that the temperature had rose to 99 degrees, and then they both sighed.

"Look its gunna be hot all frigdin day, so until further coolness let's call a…truce" Dante offered regretting every word

"Uhh, I dunno…I mean it would feel weird yaknow" Nero uneasily said

"Yeah, okay how about this, we can insult and threaten eachother, but we can't act upon it" Dante said

"~Nero sighs~ fine"

A couple of minutes passed, Nero decided to turn the channel to something less 'a man telling you that you're going to burst into flames if you step outsidey' and as they were watching tv, the heat felt as if they were sitting in frekkin hell!

"Dante crank up the AC" Nero asked

"I can't" Dante answered

"Why?" Nero questioned

"I can't move" Dante said

"C'mon man don't be lazy" Nero whined

"I'm not the one who wants it on, you go do it" Dante slothfully said

"I'm too weak from complaining" Nero said in a sob like manner "Can you just please do me this solid" he pleaded

"You're abusing the solid dude for you own personal need…niiice, but I'm still not gunna do it, it's too hot to move and theres not anything that will make me move" Dante said

Nero gave another sob like whine of irritation that was beginning to annoy Dante. Lucia came down stairs wearing a grey mid length tube top, denim shorts and grey tassel heeled sandals, her crimson hair bounced freely as she went into the kitchen, and Dante's lips curled into a smirk.

"I misspoke" Dante said then he got up and strolled into the kitchen

"Get me a soda" Nero lazily asked

Lucia took a plate and sat it down on the counter along with all the other ingredients that was needed to make her sandwich and started preparing it. She felt arms wrap around her waist and she rolled her eyes.

"I'm not in the mood Dante" she said

"What'cha mean?" Dante innocently asked

"Look I'm extremely hot and-"

"Yes you are" Dante seductively purred in her ear

"I just don't feel like the back and forth between us today, so right now im going to give you two options" Lucia said

"Does one of them include you and me making out?" Dante suggested with a kiss on her cheek

"No, You can either tell me all of your pick up lines for the day or try to kiss me and I'll punch you, your choice lover boy" She said

"Ok, I'll take the first one" Dante answered

"You're not going to try and kiss me?" Lucia asked in a somewhat sad tone

"Don't get me wrong I wanna kiss you but, I drinked a whole bunch of soda and ate a lot of chips, pop rocks and Twix bars so if you punch me I might puke and since Nero and Vergil aren't in here I have nothing to puke on but the floor and also it's hot and there is nothing worse than heated puke, with the stench and the heat, and nobody will wanna clean it because well it's puke and I won't clean it because if I look at it I'll barf again and then it'll make a bigger mess-"

"Okay!" Lucia outburst and Dante furrowed his brow while chuckling "Okay so you usually flirt with me at least 89 times a day so make it quick" she said as she turned around looking him in the eye

"Alright ~he runs his hand through his hair thinking of a good line~ Ahh! I got one" he smirked

"Only one?" Lucia asked in confusion

"Yea" he smiled

"Okay, fire away" the red head said

"Do you know why it's so warm?" he asked

"I dunno, why?" she shrugged

"Because the sun is trying to compete with your hotness" Dante kissed her cheek then smirked

"Aww, okay I actually like that one" Lucia smiled

"Can you help me with something?" Dante asked

"Sure, what is it?" Lucia asked

"Well it's not just for me it's benefits everybody" Dante suggested

"Aww, I like this new generous side of you" Lucia smiled

"Well we know you're really hot, so the sun is fighting a losing battle so I was wondering if you would help me make it a little cooler around here?" Dante asked

"How" she asked and he whispered in her ear and her jaw dropped in a mixture or anger and confusion "you are such a creep!" she glared

"You're right what was I thinking, the shower is more private" Dante purred and she slapped him in his face

"Urgh!" she past Vergil and stormed out the kitchen in disgust

"What did you do this time?" Vergil asked Dante who was rubbing his face

"I just told her that she was hot and asked her to cool down" Dante said and Vergil furrowed his brow

"What did you say?" Vergil asked, Dante whispered to him what he said and Virgil punched him in the stomach, Dante immediately puked on him and Vergil glared in disgust and rage at him

"Instant karma bitch" Dante walked out of Vergil's face laughing but slipped in his puke and fell into the puke puddle "AHH FUCK! OH MY GOD!"

"Now what were you saying about karma?" Vergil laughed in amusement

Dante squirmed trying to get to his feet and it seemed like the more he struggled the slipperier it got, the more it stinked and the more hilarious it was for Vergil. After a couple of minutes of struggling he slipped again and fell on the floor.

"Help me" Dante extended his hand to Vergil hoping to get a little help

"Im not touching your hand" Vergil said

"Please?" Dante asked

"But you're covered in vomit" Vergil cringed his face

"Don't be a smartass!" Dante insulted

"Flattery will get you nowhere" Vergil said

Nero walked in and slipped into the disgusting puke puddle and his eyes widened and he started to take deeps breaths

"Oh…my…god-" he couldn't the sentence because he barfed and Vergil laughed his ass off and recorded the whole thing with his phone after a couple of minutes, he decided to help his friends so he grabbed a mob and extend the stick part to them they took it and stood up and Vergil's face cringed at the smell.

"You're tried being covered in puke" Nero snapped in a mean tone "And who the hell puked in the first damn place ~Dante slowly raised his hand~ OH OF COURSE!" Nero was beyond pissed

"All right pee wee you had your big boy burst now shut up" Dante insulted and Nero flipped him off, Vergil took dishwashing liquid and squirted them with it "what're you doing!" Nero asked

"Shut up, I'm being nice" Vergil said then he grabbed the hose from the sink, turned it on medium blast and sprayed them "clockwise" he said and they turned "Counter clockwise" Vergil turned off the hose, he had completely sprayed the puke off of Nero and Dante who stood there cold and dripping wet as their hair dripped over their eyes.

"I'm c-c-ca-cold" Dante said in a freezing state

"I killed to birds with one stone you're clean and cool" Vergil said

"A-a-ar-are there anym-ma-more paper towels or anything I'm really c-c-ca-cold" Nero shivered and Vergil sighed

"Come with me" he headed out to the backyard and they followed

They walked to the back and Vergil stopped, grabbed the leaf blower and turned it on and dried off the guys. When he was done Dante and Nero's hair was blown all the way back, Vergil couldn't hold back his laughter.

"Your hairs no better toothpick head" Nero insulted

Nero and Dante shaked their hair to get their natural styles back, they got out of the heat because they began to feel the blistering heat, they came through the kitchen where Nero got some grapes from the fridge then they walked to Vergil's study…well…Vergil was going to his study and Dante and Nero followed out of boredom. When they got to the study Vergil took a book from one of the shelves and sat at his desk.

"Holy shit dude" Dante said

"Holy hell" Nero said looking around

"What is it you fouled mouthed morons?" Vergil asked

"Vergil this place is…nice, a little gothic but nice" Dante complemented

"Yeah, it's awesome V" Nero agreed and Vergil slowly lowered the book from his vision and looked at them like they were crazy.

"What?" Nero and Dante said in unison

"Thank…you?" Vergil thanked them in shock; it's a rare occasion when he sees them being genuinely polite.

Dante sat on the recliner and Nero sat on the other one, they kicked there feet up and took a breath of relaxation.

"Sooo…whadaya guys wanna do?" Dante asked

"I'm reading I don't know what you two are going to do" Vergil stated

"I want to go to Chuck E Cheeses" Nero sadly said

"Oh hey yeah, we can go there, im in the mood for some pizza anyway" Dante said

"We can't go" Nero said sadly

"Why?" Dante asked

"They shut it down for renovations remember?" Vergil recollected

"Oh yea…what about Dave and Busters?" Dante brought up

"Arius's stupid ass burned it down because he was one ticket short for the fuzzy singing fish" Nero rolled his eyes at the memory.

"Let me get a grape" Dante said to Nero who threw one and Dante caught it in his mouth but felt a wrinkle tip and spit it back in Nero's hand "Wrinkle tip dude, let me get another one?" Dante asked and Nero threw another one in his mouth and Dante ate it.

"You guys are disgusting" Vergil said looking at the whole thing

"You are too man" Dante said with a air laugh

"Yeah, but you got a way more disgusting since we rubbed off on you" Nero tossed a grape up in the air and caught it in his mouth

"I will admit that I am slightly distasteful a little bit" Vergil spoke

"A little bit, are you kidding me? That's rich" Dante said "Shall I recall the cereal thing" Dante said and Vergil chuckled

"Cereal thing?" Nero asked

"When we were little, Vergil would make a bowl of cereal and after he ate it if there was any milk left in the bowl he would slurp it into his mouth hold it in there until he got the milk jug and spit it back in there and put it back in the fridge, he would wipe his bowl and spoon with a dry rag and put it back in the dish rack" Dante recalled

"Eww hahahaha" Nero laughed "Why did you do that" he asked

'I didn't want to waste any milk" Vergil shrugged "grape" Vergil asked and Nero tossed one and he caught it in his mouth

"See told ya, you're disgusting" Dante stated

"Whatever" Vergil said

"You guys and Credo…ya'll are my bestfriend" Nero honestly said

"I honestly see you more as a brother" Dante said

"Me too" Vergil said putting down his book

"Thanks guys" Nero smiled

"Did we just bond?" Vergil asked furrowing his brow

"Yeah" Dante said

"I guess so" Nero said

"Alright then?" Vergil smiled

"Dudes im hungry" Dante said

"Go make something" Vergil said turning on the TV

"No it's too hot to cook" Dante whined

"Why not just order some food?" Nero suggested

"Yeah why not" Dante pulled out his phone and ordered 4 pizza's, Nero asked for Peperoni cheesy bread and Vergil asked for Garlic knots. The order came out to 47 dollars and Dante hanged up. "Vergil let me borrow 47 bucks" he asked

"What? No" Vergil declined

"Please?" Dante asked

"Why do you always order something and you never have the money to pay for it?" Vergil asked

"Because I know either you or Nero will back me up" Dante said

"Do we look like walking banks to you?" Vergil said

"Of course not…I kind of think of it as like an ATM type thing" Dante smiled and Vergil rolled his eyes

"I'm not funding you the money again" Vergil stated

"C'mon don't be cheap be charitable" Dante pleaded to his big brother

"Alright but this is the last time" Vergil sighed and handed Dante the money

"Thanks and I promise you that this will be the last time" Dante took the money walked out the room

"You know he lying, right?" Nero said looking at TV

"Yup" Vergil said looking at the TV as well

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