Justice: Fury

Gotham Biotech seemed peaceful from outside. Guards patrolled the handprint locked doors, sub-machine rifles in hand.

Copperhead's tale slid down and wrapped around the Guard's throat. Suffocating him until he fell unconscious, and then let go.

Copperhead dropped down and checked the fallen guard.

"He's down," he hissed.

The five other villains, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy, the Shade, Tsukuri, and a beautiful blond haired woman in white and gold, approached.

The woman smiled, stroking Copperhead's chin, "good job, Copperhead," she murmured, then looked at the giant white skinned man beside the orange snake. "Grundy, be a dear and get the door."

"Okay," Grundy moaned.

He walked up to the door and placed his enormous hand on the hand scanner.

It did not accept his handprint.

He roared and punched the metal plate, then pulled the wires.

The door slid open and the super villains strode into the Labs.

"Halt! Stay where you are!" yelled the guards, running down the hall and firing bullets.

"Tsukuri," the blonde woman said.

Tsukuri ran at the guards, drawing her sword and deflecting the bullets, she spun in a wide arc and slit their throats.

"We're behind schedule," the woman murmured, "Shade, cover us."

Shade nodded and held up his night stick. The hall filled with darkness.

They came to a large room with a huge round steel door.

"We've got three minutes until the police are alerted by the silent alarm," the woman said.

Star Sapphire smiled, "plenty of time," she said, flying over until she was a few feet away from the door.

She cut through the door and a large triangle fell out.

They ran in and the woman grabbed the biotech in the centre of the room. On the plaque on the pedestal the biotech had been placed on read:

VW33YT67812 infector

6.5 milligrams

Developed by Wayne Bio-Laboratories

Project Head

Dr Daniel Xavier Wilde-Wayne PhD

The Woman smiled. She'd be sure to thank Daniel in person for creating this little piece of her puzzle.

They ran out.

Robin's teeth ground together as the woman ran off with his infector. It had taken him almost seven long months to create that, and it was one of three samples in the world.

Batgirl looked at him. "Come' on," she said, "we can catch them before they leave if we hurry."

Robin nodded, and grabbed his sister's hand. They stood and ran through the huge air vents, tonight, Bruce had invited Diana over for a private dinner, and the story was that Danny and Riki were at friends' houses for a sleepover.

Translation, they'd have to sleep in the cave until Diana left.

Robin smashed his foot into a grate and it flew off. "Hold on," he told Batgirl, and she grabbed his upper arm as he leapt through the hole.

They landed side by side right behind the villains and Batgirl threw bolos at Copperhead and Shade.

Robin kicked them both in the teeth and laughed. "Hope you like the dentist!" He grinned.

He landed in front of them and pulled out his sword, the laser blade pulsed red.

"What!" the woman cried. Batgirl's gloves crackled, illuminating the shadows.

Star Sapphire ran at her, and then tried to blast her.

Batgirl laughed and dodged the beams. She placed her hand on Sapphire's chest, and she collapsed, convulsing, on the ground.

Tsukuri and Robin were duelling furiously.

"You're quite good," she said, "almost League of Shadows good."

Robin growled and slammed his foot into her knee; she cried out in pain and dropped her sword.

Batgirl and Robin turned to the woman.

The woman sneered at Robin. "I will talk to my sister," she said.

Robin turned to Batgirl, "no way," the Gal Glory snarled, tackling the woman.

The woman screamed in fury as Batgirl shoved her into the wall.

She threw Batgirl off, knocking her into Robin and they both lost consciousness as hey hit their heads.

A gold necklace fell from Batgirl's grip.

Bruce smiled as he and Diana strolled through Gotham's shopping district, the Amazonian Princess was like a little girl in a candy shop, wide eyed and grinning.

Bruce carried about seven bags in one hand and four boxes in the other. So far, Diana had cost him about 1.2 million dollars since they began this shopping trip, but it was him who insisted on having dinner at one of Gotham's best Greek restaurants.

Diana had been asking questions all day, about why women wore makeup, why Gotham was so pretty and yet so dangerous, about Batman.

It had been three weeks since the Party, and a week since Diana returned from Themyscira, bawling her eyes out on his front porch about being banished from her home.

Bruce had just gotten back from that same mission, and had to put on the dumb face when she told him about Themyscira.

She also hadn't left his house in a week, and it was getting harder to go on patrol, it was a good thing he had Danny and Lexie.

Just as they were about to go into another store, his phone pinged three times sharply.

He held it up to his ear and pretended to talk to Lucius urgently. "I'll be right there," he said, before pretending to hang up, then quickly scanned the message.

Robin. 911.

He swallowed. "Diana, I am so sorry," he said, "but one of my cargo ships has just sunk, and I'm needed at Wayne Enterprises."

Diana nodded, "I'll meet you back at the Manor later, right?" she said.

Bruce nodded and pecked her on the cheek. He handed her his credit card, whispered the pin number, and got into the limo that pulled up right beside them, still carrying the bags.

"I'll put these in your room," he said.

Diana smiled flirtatiously, "How about you put them in your room?"

Bruce felt his cheeks burn and his pants suddenly became a lot tighter.

He coughed. "Yes…uh…I've really got to go, Diana."

He closed the door, and she winked at him.

He sunk low in the soft leather seats, as red as a tomato.

If this is what Diana could do to him with clothes on, and in public, he couldn't imagine what she'd do to him naked and in private.

A half hour later, after listening to Danny and Riki's stories, scanning the necklace, and contemplating on whether or not to tell Diana tonight, he finally decided what to do.

Diana left the makeup store, wishing Bruce was here so that she could ask about what those women said to her. She carried a new bag; it had a pair of diamond stud earrings and a silver anklet for Hawkgirl's birthday in it.

"Wonderwoman." Batman's gruff voice called from the alley across the street.

Diana walked over, smiling. Next to Bruce, Diana always knew Batman would be there for her.

"We need to talk."

Diana followed him up to the balcony of Wayne Enterprises.

He pulled a key from his belt and unlocked the door.

"Where did you get that key?" Diana said, "This is Bruce Wayne's office."

Batman smirked and pressed a finger to his ear. "Robin, Batgirl, you can come in."

The two junior caped crusaders of Gotham walked into Bruce's office from the main door.

"Batman, Bruce is in a meeting," Diana said nervously, "what is he going to think if he comes in here and sees me with you?"

Batman grinned and leaned against the deck in a familiar way, arms folded, ankles crossed and one eyebrow raised.

"I'm serious, Batman," Diana pressed, nervous, "We have to leave!"

Batman chuckled, and gripped the corner of his cowl, fingering it. "There was never any sunken cargo ship; he wasn't needed at Wayne Enterprises. I wasn't needed at Wayne Enterprises."

Diana's eyes widened.

She stepped forward and touched his face, then slipped her fingers underneath his cowl.

"Bruce?" she whispered.

Batman smirked.

She pulled his cowl back further, he inched closer.

The more she pulled it back, the closer he got.

So, with a quick yank, she pulled it back and his lips came crashing down on hers.

The kiss was like lightning from Zeus's Master Bolt, it shocked through her body, and she grinned against his lips.

They separated and she was looking into Bruce Wayne's cobalt eyes, and not Batman's blank white eye slits.

Bruce smiled and pressed his forehead to hers.

"I'm sorry for lying to you," he murmured.

Diana smiled. "Honestly, I don't care."

He released her and pulled a broken Amazonian necklace from his utility belt.

"Does this look familiar," he asked.

Diana broke her gaze from his face and studied the medallion.

"Yes, it is Amazonian." She said, "Where did you get it?"

Bruce looked at Batgirl and Robin who were bickering about the new designs for the Batbots.

"Riki took it from a woman who broke into Gotham Biotech, she had banded together with Luthor's old Injustice Gang. She took both Danny and Riki out easily, we think she's Amazonian."

Diana handed the necklace back to Bruce. "But it's impossible, Amazonians never leave Themyscira."

Bruce nodded. "She was very strong," he said, "Riki almost dislocated her shoulder when she was thrown into Danny."

"And Danny was crushed by fifty-five pounds of snobby blond." The thirteen year old retorted.

Riki turned around and smacked him on the head.

"I will kick your ass so hard, you'll feel it twenty years in the future!" The seven year old yelled.

Diana raised an eyebrow.

"Hawkgirl and Riki can go to Themyscira, talk to my Mother, she may know something."

Bruce smiled and nodded. He leaned over and kissed her softly.

She blushed. "Now that is something I could get used to." She whispered.

Bruce grinned, "good, because I don't plan to stop doing it anytime soon," he whispered back.

Batman contacted Hawkgirl and told her to head to Themyscira, then sent her the necklace.

Diana slid into the passenger seat of the Tumbler and smiled at Bruce.

Bruce smiled and kicked in the throttle. He hit the gas and the Tumbler took off.

They were in front of Wayne Manor in ten minutes.

"I want to show you the Cave in a special way, just wait up in our room until I come and get you, okay?"

Diana nodded and got out. The Tumbler took off again and she grinned.

The two men she ever felt anything for were the same man. And that man was Bruce Wayne.

Bruce walked into the bedroom wearing the lower part of the batsuit and a plain white t-shirt. He smiled at her and held out his hand. she took it.

He led her down to the study and pointed to the third encyclopedia. "Pull it," he said. Diana did so, and the book case opened up.

She jumped back and Bruce laughed. "There's an entrance for you to fly in, but this way is much cooler." He chuckled.

They walked down to the Cave, and Diana gasped. Her eyes swept over the flashing computer monitors, platforms with veihicles on them, and three glass sylinders with the Batsuit, Robin suit, and Batgirl suit in them on coloured glass maniquens. Red for Robin, Purple for Batgirl, and dark blue for Batman.

"Diana," Bruce said, "I want to ask you something."

"What?" Diana replied.

Bruce blushed. "I wanted to ask...if you'd be willing to go out with me...officially?"

Diana beamed. "Of course, Bruce! I would love to!"

Bruce grinned and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

"Damn, I love you," he breathed.

She smiled and caressed his cheek. "And I love you."

John picked Superman up using his ring and carried the man of steel to the Javelin, where Batman and Diana were waiting.

Diana took Superman and set him in one of the chairs, Batman examined him and frowned. "Robin will have to have a look at him, I have no idea." He said.

Diana nodded.

Last night had been the best night of her life. She hadn't been in Man's World long, but she'd fallen in love with one of the richest men in the world, one of the most compassionate heroes, and loving father she'd ever hope to meet.

Bruce Wayne, Batman, they were masks, the Bruce who held her last night as she cried as the pain of losing her virginity scared her, who cried when he looked at her told her he loved her, that was the real Bruce.

Batman looked at Diana, "Contact Robin, Batgirl won't be back with Hawkgirl for another few hours. I'll be up soon."

She nodded and got into the Javelin.

Robin took a blood sample from Superman, using a kryptonite tipped needle, and put the slide under a microscope.

"The Infector that Aresia stole, the one developed by Wayne Bio-Laboratories, it was designed to penetrate even the strongest immune system. Dr Wilde used Superman's immune system as a baseline. It looks like it works."

J'onn nodded, "the only data on Kryptonian Physiology unavailable to us is Dr Wilde's research notes." He said.

Robin smiled and got on a computer; he brought up the Wayne Enterprises network and typed in his password. "Dr Wilde owes me a favour." He grinned, bringing up the research notes.

Green Lantern and Flash were down as well, but with Batgirl and Hawkgirl back, Batman could focus on finding Aresia.

"Batgirl," he said over their private channel, "Diana said yes."

Batgirl squealed, "Really!" she cried, "that's incredible, Dad!"

Batman smiled, "I know."

"You think I could be flower girl, if you eventually pop the question?" she asked.

Batman chuckled, "of course, Sweet Pea."

Batman didn't feel so good, but had to keep fighting, he had to save these people.

When the firewoman said that they had everything covered, relief washed over him, and he collapsed, letting the sickness take hold.

Diana's eyes tiered up as Hawkgirl and Batgirl carried Batman into the infirmary. He was in exactly the same condition as the others.

Robin pulled out his sword and cut through the armour.

Scars that covered his lean torso were revealed, and all Diana wanted to do was trace them with her fingertips, Bruce always shivered when she did that.

"Princess," Batgirl said, "is Robin any closer to a cure yet?"

Diana could tell that behind her cowl, Lexie was crying. She wouldn't show it on the half of her face everyone could see, but she was.

Diana wanted to punch Aresia into the ground. Then maybe cut her arms off and feed her to Cerberus.

"Princess!" Batgirl yelled.

Robin walked in wearing an air filter. "Only men can get it, hence the ridiculous mask," he said, "and yes, all I need now is to find out a way to distribute it to the entire of Gotham."

Diana wanted to hug Robin, but knew that it would probably be weird.

Supergirl burst into tears and hugged Robin tightly. "Thank you!" she sobbed into his shoulder, "Thank you for saving my Pa and Brother!"

Robin smiled and placed a hand on her back. "It's okay, Supergirl, really."

Supergirl nodded and sniffled before returning to her chair between her father and brother.

Diana placed a hand on Robin's head.

"Thank you, Danny." She whispered.

Robin smiled. "You're very welcome, Princess."

Bruce smiled and pecked Diana on the cheek as she got into the limo.

"Where to tonight?"