Why Did You Wet Your Hair?

"Quinn...?" Rachel whispered.

"Yes? what is it Rach?" Quinn held Rachel's head in her hand as the brunette's face rested atop her shoulders.

"I think- I think I'm falling in love with you."

Silence permeated the room.

"Di-did you hear what I said?" as soon as her question got out, Rachel knew that it was a stupid one. Of course Quinn had heard her; and now this silence probably meant what Rachel feared most. She had once again fallen too deep and too fast for someone who was not even close to reciprocating her feelings. She had been naïve to think that Quinn Fabray could love her back.

"I care about you a lot Rachel. I'm very attracted to you..." Quinn started.

"But...?" Rachel sniffled a bit.

Quinn sighed deeply and afterwards kissed Rachel on top of her head. "There are no "buts". I just need time."

Rachel buried her face deep in Quinn's neck and breathed her in, her lips brushing against Quinn's soft skin, causing the pink-haired girl to shiver.

"I'll get there. I promise." Quinn backed away from Rachel enough so that she could see her face. Her eyes were bright in the night, because of her tears. Quinn watched the brunette bite her bottom lip and nod. She hated this. She hated not being able to reassure Rachel, not being able to tell her that she felt the same. Nevertheless, the least Quinn wanted to do was lie to the smaller girl. After all, the ex-cheerio had never fallen in love. Love was tricky for a person who had used it in order to gain social status instead of simply feeling it. Quinn leaned down and brushed her lips against Rachel's. If she couldn't tell her how much she cared, she would show her instead. Rachel's breath hitched with the first graze of the punk girl's lower lip. It tickled. There was no pressure to it, just a gentle caress. Rachel wanted more, so she took out her tongue and licked Quinn's lips. Quinn backed away with a giggle. "C'mere." Quinn whispered before grabbing Rachel's nape and crushing both their lips in a searing kiss.

Both girls were trying to convey their feelings with this one simple gesture. Rachel on her part hoping her disappointment wouldn't seep through.

"Wake up!"

"Just give me five more minutes."

"I thought you were more disciplined than this Quinn."

"Not when it's a Saturday." Quinn mumbled through a yawn, still keeping her eyes closed.

Rachel rolled her eyes as she inhaled deeply. "Today's Tuesday." she said as she hovered over the former blonde.

"WHAT?" Quinn got up, abruptly hitting her head against the brunette's face.

Rachel flew back and fell off the bed.

"Dear God! Are you okay?" Quinn asked while she rubbed her forehead.

Rachel kept her hands covering her own face, a muffled: "What do you think?" somehow getting out. "First you say you don't love me and now you hit me in the head?" The brunette pulled her hands away with a gasp. "I'm sorry Quinn. I shouldn't have said that."

Quinn's eyes were widened. She tried to come up with something to say, but words failed her.

"Forget I said that. I'll just go take a shower." Rachel stood up from the floor, and disappeared into the bathroom.

Quinn did not know what to think. Obviously Rachel was not okay with what had happened last night. She wasn't okay with Quinn not saying she loved her back. But what was she to do now? She couldn't just blurt it out now. Besides being a lie, Rachel would think that she was only saying it to please her, not because she meant it.

"Quinn! I've realized I forgot to take a towel with me. Could you please get me one?" Rachel screamed from inside the bathroom.

"Coming!" Quinn went over to her own closet and retrieved a pink fluffy towel for Rachel. "Can I come in?"

"Yes. Go ahead a leave it by the sink." Rachel responded.

Quinn entered the bathroom and placed the towel by the sink, not without leering at Rachel's silhouette through the shower's semi-transparent door.

"You're naked." Quinn remarked.

"That's usually how people shower Quinn."

"Y-yes of course."

A moment of silence went between the two.

"I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean to say it like that. I know you need time." Rachel said apologetically.

"It's okay. I understand this must be frustrating for you. But... if it makes you feel better I care a whole lot about you Rach."

Rachel turned off the shower and sighed. "Yeah... me too."

"uh uh Miss, you looooove me. Rachel Berry loooooves me!" Quinn cooed.

Suddenly the shower head was pointing directly at Quinn's face from above the shower's door and in a matter of seconds Quinn was dripping wet.

"Hey what do you think you're do-" Quinn had opened the shower's door only to mistakenly give Rachel a better shot. On her part, Quinn got in the shower and tried to wrestle the brunette out of the shower head. After she managed to take it off of Rachel's hands, both girls realized the situation they were in. Quinn dropped the shower head altogether and pinned Rachel against the wall. Rachel shivered from the wall's coldness as Quinn took both her arms and pinned them too against the wall, just above her head.

Quinn eyed Rachel wantonly and proceeded to place her forehead against the Diva's.

Rachel was panting, she could also feel her heart beating strongly inside her chest. She could see Quinn's closed eyes and she could feel her breath. It was all too much and too little at the same time.

Quinn started caressing Rachel's forehead with her own from side to side. "I'm sorry I hit you."

"T-that's okay Q-" Rachel swallowed. "Quinn."

"You have no idea what you do to me Rachel Berry." Quinn moved to whisper in her ear. "You have no idea of all the things I wanna do to you."

Rachel's knees trembled with Quinn's words and a whimper escaped her lips. As Quinn released her arms, Rachel almost fell, but Quinn acted quickly and held her hips.

"You're so beautiful." Quinn murmured against Rachel's lips right before kissing them, then she stepped back and stared at Rachel with an internal turmoil in her eyes, before finally slipping out of the shower.

Rachel lowered herself on the wall with the world's biggest sigh, she still felt warm and wet in more places than one. "Are you okay?" came from the other side of the glass door.

"Yeah.. are you?" Rachel replied, getting up and turning the water to cold in hopes of finishing her shower.

"I'm all wet. I m-mean... well... y'know." Quinn managed to get out. "Anyways, I'll be outside if you need anything."

Rachel covered her face with both her hands, hoping the warmth coming from her cheeks would soon fade.

"Hi girls, I hope that you've slept well. I made you PB & J sandwiches. You can take my car Quinn." Mrs. Fabray placed a paper bag on each of the girls' hands and ushered them outside. "I already called your parents to let them know that Quinn will be taking you to school. Please drive safe darling." Judy finished as she placed a soft kiss on top of Quinn's head and gave her the keys. "Why did you wet your hair? I thought you did that at night... Doesn't matter! Off you go now!"

"Listen... About what happened, in the shower..." Quinn started after closing the car's door. "I don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry. That was completely out of lin-"

"Don't. You don't have to apologize for losing control like that. It happens to the best of us." Rachel placed a firm hand on top of Quinn's thigh. "And you stopped it before it got too far."

Quinn chuckled at this. "I disagree."

Rachel looked around the car awkwardly and cleared her throat. "Still... You should tell me about these things you want to do to me..."

"Rachel!" Quinn stopped at a red light and lowered her forehead on top of the steering wheel.

"C'mon! I'm just teasing!" Rachel cackled.

Quinn lifted her face and looked as red as the light that kept them motionless.

"Is not like you didn't enjoy it!" Quinn countered.

Rachel turned on the radio at that. "I can't hear you over this... I'm sorry!"

"Whatever." Quinn mumbled.

"I heard that" Rachel mumbled back.

After a moment of awkward silence to the beat of a Selena Gomez's song, Rachel turned the volume down and looked directly at Quinn's profile. "There's something I forgot to tell you, and it's kind of important."

"You can tell me anything Rach." Quinn's worry seeped through her voice.

"Well... It's Jacob. He -Well I might as well just say it- He took a compromising picture of us when we were making out in the bathroom after Finn slushied you, and now he's threatening us with it. He said we can have our relationship behind closed doors, but that when we decide to come out, we must do a video interview with him or he'll publish the photo. And... if we never decide to, he said he'll force us with the picture as well.. but I'm not sure when Quinn. I'm not sure how much time we actually have."

Quinn did her best trying not to interrupt the brunette as she explained, gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter as the Diva spoke.

"Okay. You should meet him again today and ask him what's the deadline. Then we'll figure out a way of getting the picture from him, or threaten him as well so he won't publish it." Quinn spoke between clenched teeth. "I don't think I should see him, since I think I'll probably react violently and that will only hurt our cause."

Rachel sigh. "I'll let you know when I have answers."

"Please do."

"We never get a break, do we?"

"Hi Rachel!"

"Good morning Sam. How've you been?" Rachel addressed Sam with a warm smile on her face. The boy was wearing a light blue hoodie that reminded her of when he sang a variety of Justin Bieber songs. Mr. Schuester was late as always, and Blaine kept writing "Kurt Hummel-Anderson" on his notebook, so he was pretty busy himself.

"Good... Hey listen! I've been wanting to ask Mercedes to the Homecoming dance, since I know Bubba won't be able to make it. So I was wondering if maybe you could go up to her with the idea and we could repeat what we did last prom, y'know?" Sam looked to Rachel with hopeful eyes, his smile was faint and shy, but it was still there.

Rachel's eyes widened like saucers. No way in this earth was she going to go to Homecoming with Sam again. She would go with Qu- "oh Lord! Homecoming is this Friday!"

Rachel bit her lower lip with worry. "I don't know Sam... I think it'll be too obvious that it's some sort of plan to get her back. After all, that's precisely how you guys got together to start with, right? You are gonna be expecting something more and that will create pressure for her, which will inevitably become uncomfortable. You don't wanna come too strong, I think it's best if you're smooth." Rachel could hear herself talk, she couldn't believe what she was hearing herself say though. Who was she? Dr. Love? She didn't even know much about relationships anyway, or for that matter, how to conquer girls . For her, it had been Quinn the one to make her fall in love. Actually, now that she thinks about it. When had she fallen in love with Quinn? Was she even in love? Could she call it Love?

It was different from what she had felt before, of that she was sure. She didn't think it felt the same at all. She wanted to be with Quinn all the time. It didn't even matter if people weren't around them, but with Finn... She had wanted to be with him, of course she did; but it was more in the sense of who would see her when she did. That was the exhilarating part. Rachel felt powerful holding Finn's hand as they walked through the school halls and even if she felt powerful as well when walking with Quinn, she longed for the moments where the two of them could be alone together. Moments like when they were in detention. The warmth of Quinn's skin, her scent, just knowing that the arms around her were the ex-cheerleader's gave Rachel a sense of security and comfort. She liked their relationship right now, perfect, but at least it was their own and nobody else's. For the first time Rachel wasn't doing something for the attention. Even if she had always wanted to excel, to be better, to bring notoriety, she didn't think it was about that with Quinn. Don't get her wrong, is not as if Rachel's usual behavior was due to not getting enough attention or love at home. Her parents gave her more than enough attention; nevertheless, it was always merited: Rachel had sung a song or won a competition; Rachel needed a ride to one of her extra-curricular classes or to the mall in order to buy new shoes for her jazz lesson. Rachel felt that her parent's attention was selective, if she were to stay at home all day, they would probably call her on the phone and just ask her whether she had eaten or not. Her fathers gave her the required attention any parent would give their children. All of this plus the sporadic talks about her life over dinner kept Rachel satisfied until high school came along, where no one would pay any attention to her. Ever. In fact, they did pay attention, but it was all negative. People started making fun of her outfit choices, of her extensive use of the English vocabulary and what hurt the most: Of her dream and the passion and commitment she felt towards it. Rachel's insecurities ignited with the spark of her peers' mockery and thus, she stared questioning herself. Question her interpersonal abilities, question her body, question her drive and question whether she was good enough or not. One thing Rachel did not question though was her singing voice. No one had ever said anything negative about it, and she herself had never questioned how good it was. She then determined herself to prove everyone wrong, and she would use her gift to accomplish it. Once this had failed as well, once her singing only attracted bitterness and resentment, Rachel considered giving up all together. Strangely enough, Quinn Fabray had given her the answer to her dilemma on how to receive everyone's admiration. Quinn was a cheerio, which for Rachel would be an impossibility, and not because she was not athletic enough, but because once she'd walk in to the try-outs they would laugh in her face and insult her until she returned home. Nonetheless, there was another thing that made Quinn Fabray special in everyone's eyes: She had a boyfriend in the football team, and not just any football player, but the quarterback himself. Popularity was guaranteed the moment their relationship was official. After Finn had joined the Glee Club, it was only logical for Rachel to pursue a more than friendly relationship with the boy. Finn Hudson was, and remains, everything Rachel Berry could ever want. His popularity being number one on the list, and his naivety his number one weak spot. Finn was gullible, and thus, Rachel definitively thought she stood a chance. There was only the problem of his girlfriend of course, but after Rachel had only offered him a little picnic in the auditorium, he had already kissed her. Even if he left running, it only reinforced Rachel's idea that she could win him over. She really thought she loved him, sometimes she felt so tentative with him and how to please him, sometimes she thought he was perfect, and others... Well, other times she thought he was utterly rude and condescending. All in all, Rachel now knew she had been wrong. She had never been in love with the boy, she just... She wanted him and everything he represented. In addition, to make matters even worse, a week being Quinn's fake girlfriend had been more fun and exhilarating than months of being Finn's real girlfriend. At first she had thought it was because she didn't fit with him. They weren't equals and he wouldn't let her be part of his life as a whole, keeping her at a distance in order to uphold his dear reputation. But now, well you see... Life changes after you've kissed Quinn Fabray. To be honest, what attracted her more about the former blonde was her "I don't care what anyone else thinks about me." attitude towards McKinley, plus she was sweet and freakin' hot! I mean, just thinking about what had happened this morning in the shower gave Rachel goosebumps. Of course she loved her, what could be stronger than what she felt for Quinn Fabray?


Rachel came back to reality just like that.

Sam was looking at her with a goofy smile. "Where did you go there? I was asking you if you think there's something I can actually do?" Sam's eyebrows showed concern.

Rachel giggled a little bit. She had totally spaced out on Sam. "I don't know Sam. It's complicated, she has a boyfriend." Rachel spoke delicately. "Did you talk to her like I told you too? Like really talk?"

"I don't know I... I don't know." Sam supported his head with both hands as he looked straight ahead.

Rachel didn't like it when people didn't look her in the eye as she spoke. Placing her hand on Sam's shoulder she asked him once again: "Have you or haven't you?"

"I can never find the time. She's always busy."

"Ask her to make the time. She owes you at least that much. Look, just tell her how you feel, actually talk about it and then you guys can see where you go from there."

"What do you mean?" Sam raised and eyebrow.

"Well..." Rachel started. "The way I see it, your situation has three possible outcomes. One: She tells you she loves you back, dumps Bubba and you guys live happily ever after. Two: She tells you she doesn't feel the same way but still wants to remain your friend. That's middle ground, from there you can either make your way to number one, or to number three: She rejects you and tells you she doesn't wanna see your face ever again." Rachel spoke quickly and without any pauses, after she was done she inhaled deeply as if coming out of the water after a "For how long can you hold your breath" competition.

"You should sing to her!" Blaine added.

Rachel simply rolled her eyes.

"So? I she in or not?" Santana asked.

"Oh shit San. I'm so sorry! I completely forgot to ask her, it's just that a lot has been going on lately. Yesterday she had a fight with her dads, and I just don't think it was the right time. I promise to ask her as soon as I see her though." Quinn answered as both girls walked through the school halls side by side.

"Please Quinn.. I need to get this done so I can ask her to Homecoming. Okay? It needs to be this week." Santana finished as they both entered the choir room.

"I promise."

Both girls sat down, and Quinn threw Rachel a flirty smirk.

"Well, I just hope everything that happened yesterday is now behind us." Mr. Schue said as soon as he entered, pointedly looking at Quinn and Rachel. "Anyways, I believe your co-captain Finn Hudson has a song to perform. Take the floor Finn." The Spanish teacher sat down to watch the show.

"Well you guys." Finn started while everyone simply stared at his swollen lip. Rachel was just grateful that he didn't go to principal Figgins over that. "This one's for Rach." The brunette's body stiffened as electric guitars started playing to the rhythm of a strong drum beat. "Got fire, in your veins, burnin' hot, but you don't feel the pain. Your desire, is insane, you can't stop, until you do it again. But I know, yes I know how to treat you right, that's why you call me in the middle of the night."

Quinn's hands gripped the chair under her thighs with as much strength as she could. Rachel simply started looking at everyone in the room, finally landing on Mr. Schue's face. Rachel tried to convey panic in her face to the Spanish teacher, but Mr. Schue was simply tapping his foot to the rhythm of the music and smiling.

Rachel was exasperated. What the fuck is wrong with him? How can he let a student sing something this inappropriate! It is an outrage! Finn sang about urgency and started awkwardly swinging his hips all over the room. The tension in the room was palpable. Rachel sought Quinn's face but her eyes were tightly closed. When she finally opened them, Finn was practically giving Rachel a lap dance.

"Stop it! Stop it Godzilla! That is disgusting!" Santana got up from her seat and took the lead guitarist's instrument out of his hands. Immediately, the whole band ceased playing.

"Santana that was completely disrespectful! Go to the principal's office right now." Mr. Schue yelled.

"Whatever!" Santana shot back as she left the room. "Finn, go ahead and finish your song."

"It's okay Mr. Schue, I was almost done anyways." Finn sat down beside Rachel and smiled shyly.

Rachel stared dumbfounded from Mr. Schue to Finn. What the fuck is wrong with these men?

"I still think Rachel's sexy song last week was way better Finn" Was the last thing the small brunette heard before quickly leaving the choir room, she didn't wanna have to deal with whatever Finn probably wanted to tell her.

"I can't believe we have detention again!" Rachel complained as she walked shoulder to shoulder with Quinn.

"And now we have it with Santana." Quinn lifted her phone to Rachel's eyes, it showed a text from Santana that read: "PARTAY AT DETENTION BITCHES! -S"

Rachel sighed. "I'm just glad she stopped him."

"Tell me about it... Other wise I would have given him a black eye to accompany his fat lip." Quinn retorted. "I was trying so hard not to react! I really don't wanna get suspended."

"I'm glad you were able to restrain yourself from physical violence!" Rachel smiled widely.

Quinn smiled back, and then that smiled turned into a smirk. "In a way I'm glad he gave you a spoonful of your own medicine. Maybe you'll finally understand how awkward it was for me when you sang that Tommy Trash song." the pink-haired girl finished with a giggle.

"Hey!" Rachel bumped her shoulder with Quinn's "Puck said mine was way better!"

"Puck thinks with his penis Rach. That obviously doesn't count." Quinn kept her best poker face but as soon as Rachel started laughing, she joined her as well.

"Hey! I forgot, Santana has a favor to ask of you. Maybe we can work on it during detention!" Quinn said excitedly.

"Sure! Is the least I could do for her. How can I help?"

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