Hi i'm trying to get the blue bloods ffn fandom alive again so if you love bb and ffn, post something, please? This is kind of au? i'm still not sure. I just started trying something around 3 am so bare with me, please. This isn't really thought out but I know what I want to happen okay, so enjoy ((maybe)) and seriously, write – we need more J/S. (((((((( this isn't edited i'm too tired )))))))))))) x

Schyler Van Alen was well known around town, she was recognized by red and blue bloods for her breathtaking looks but more importantly, (to the blue bloods, at least) she was Gabrielle's daughter – Gabrielle, the Uncorrupted, Angel of Light.

Schuyler was God's gift to Gabrielle, literally, Blue Bloods had children but they weren't really, in an actual sense, their parents but Schuyler was Gabrielle's; God had made Schuyler from Gabrielle as he did with Adam and Eve.

Schuyler was an archangel, she was more than that, really, there was something more to it. Something that only her mother knew of, even though Schuyler was twenty, she was still a year shy of gaining her full memories and with Gabrielle being ill, there was no way for her to truly understand just how important she was.

Schuyler and her mother lived together in a beautiful Victorian house, just outside the outskirts of their town, most blue bloods lived in the center because of their powerful jobs in society but Gabrielle chose to live away from them after she was shunned for refusing to bond with her twin and opting for a life with her daughter instead.

Because of Gabrielle's "betrayal" to her twin – she was no longer welcomed to the committee – leaving Schuyler the sole person to deal with her mother's illness. She was doing well on her own for years but the hospital told her they could not have her mother their anymore since they needed space for the injured soldiers that were likely coming to seek help in a few week's time and the private nurses Schuyler hired were a little out of her budget.

Having no other choice to get income – because women were not suppose to work, it was unheard of, it was vile, it would get her (and possibly, her mother) killed – Schuyler decided to be one of those girls. The ones who sold themselves to wealthy ( and most likely, married ) men. The ones who sat in pubs and waited to be picked up. The ones who would happily ruin a marriage if it meant getting a few extra coins. The ones she thought so little of. The ones she hated, but Schuyler had no other choice.

She tried being a maid and yes, she was exceptionally well at her job, but the ladies of the households felt threatened by her being in their homes, it did not help that their husbands could not – and would not – keep their eyes to themselves but somehow that was Schuyler's fault and she was fired for all her jobs. Being a maid was the only job available for a woman, that and being a nurse – most women, though, were content in being Victorian ladies and wives – however Schuyler was not married and did not have the schooling to qualify as a nurse.

So this, she mused as she applied ruby red lipstick on her pouty lips, was what she had come to – being something, doing something she had spent most of her life hating. As Schuyler stood up and glanced at her reflection in the floor length mirror, a sigh left her lips. She grabbed her jacket, checked in with Gabrielle's house nurse, who gave her a pitying look, and started her track down to the pub.

As Schuyler reached the entrance of the pub, she could already see men leaving with makeup covered women on their arms, it took everything in her not to gag in disgust. Taking a calming breath, Schuyler pushed her shoulders back and stood tall (( or as tall as someone so small like her could be)) and walked into the pub with confidence that she somehow managed to fake.

Immediately, Schuyler gained attention from men all over the wide and loud pub, she slowly made her way to a vacant table, knowing that the bar was not a place for ladies like her.

Schuyler felt a body slide into the chair opposite hers and before she even looked up she knew it was him.




The only blue blood she kept in contact with. The only blue blood she trusted. The only blue blood – besides her mother – she loved.

"Please don't tell me you've come here to whore yourself out. Really, what would God think?" His voice broke her out of her thoughts.

Schuyler would be shocked, if she weren't so used to him being so harshly blunt with her. Ever since Jack turned twenty one and her regained all of his memories, he had been doing everything in his power to push her away, but Schuyler wasn't having it. She knew him and loved him – all of him, including his dark side, including Abbadon.

Schuyler saw his face soften and she knew he had heard her. Their connection ran that deep and when Jack's bondmate, Mimi, found out about it she threw a huge fit. Causing the troubles that Schuyler and Jack now faced, his coldness.

What are you doing here? She choose to talk through their bond because she loved it, no matter how "inappropriate" it was as Mimi put it.

Isn't it obvious? I've come to save you from yourself. Schuyler looked up at him for the first time that night and she detected the disappointment in his eyes.

"Jack," She murmured, trying to fight her tears. "I have to do this. I have no other choice."

Yes, you do. You could work for me.

Schuyler snorted through her tears, "As what, exactly? I can not do such a thing and you know it." She paused and gave him a stern look, "don't get both of us killed trying to save me."

Fine, if you won't work for me. Let me take you home tonight, let me do to you what you were willing to let a stranger.

But Madeleine, Jack, you know how she will be if she finds out.

She will not find out then, Schuyler, please. Please let us have tonight and let me pay you for it, my love.

Schuyler inhaled sharply, this was the first time that Jack acknowledged his love for her since he had become Abbadon. He really was trying to help her, trying to work things out even though he was to be bonded with Mimi in a few years time.

If Jack could try then so could she. They had to make it work, she loved him too much to let him go, taking another calming breath like the one she took before entering the pub, Schuyler smiled softly before reaching across the table and taking his hand in hers.

Okay, she sent. It was simple and short but she meant it.

Okay she would let him take her home.

Okay she would let him pay her for the night.

Okay she would try to work things out.

Okay she would admit to loving all of him.