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Mimi Gregory was everything she'd always been, as Azrael, she was strong willed, vicious and most importantly, victorious. It was in her nature, after all, winning and being on top wasn't anything new to her, but this cycle had a lot of surprises for her – a lot of changes she didn't think were possible.

Mimi lived in North America, the land of riches, her father, Charles, always called it. And she was happy, truly happy. Her father had enough money to buy her whatever her heart desired; the best dresses and corsets, the best shoes, the best horses, the best stable – everything any girl could ever dream of.

But there was always one thing he could never give her, corny as it may sound, he could never give her the love of her mother. She asked many times as she was growing up, the golden question. Where's my mother? But she never received a straight answer until she was fifteen.

At first she was opposed to the whole "blue blood" charade, she even thought her father worked himself to insanity, but then the flashbacks started.

She was Azrael, one of the most powerful angels.

She was a fallen angel.

She would one day be one of the leaders of the coven.

She finally had a purpose, something to plan for – something to plan for.

Then the visions of all her previous lives with him started – Abbadon. William. Lesley. James. Benjamin. – and somehow, she knew, that when they were finally together and bonded she would be complete. So for the rest of her fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth years, she lived in her daydreams and flashbacks of her life with Abbadon. It was all perfect, her fantasies of Abbadon and her.

On her eighteenth birthday, her father gave her the best present she had ever received, Charles sent her off on one of his many boats.

"Go get your boy," Charles whispered, placing a soft kiss on her temple. It was the first time Mimi would be away from her father for so long.

"Thank you," She mumbled into his expensive silk vest, hugging him one last time before she made her way onto the boat.

The boat ride wasn't anything that she'd never experienced before so she didn't remember much about it. The one thing she would never forget about the trip, though, was the day she built up the courage to go to Abbadon's place of education.

She remember that day, those moments so vividly, too vividly, because that was the day she realized that fantasies were just that... fantasies, nothing more.

Mimi had been standing outside the large estate that was a private school most blue bloods in the area attended, it was a cold day but she hardly noticed the breeze, she was too excited, too nervous to care about the cold.

"Hello," a gentle voice called out, causing Mimi to turn in surprise, she hadn't noticed anyone else around.

The voice belonged to a girl, her age or a little younger, with huge brown curls and soft brown eyes.

She was pretty enough, for a red blood, and had a kind, inviting face. A face that you could trust easily.

"Hello," Mimi repeated, looking the girl once over again. "Do you study here?" She finally asked after a few minutes of silence.

The girl smiled, "Yes, but you don't." The question wasn't spoken but it was there, however, in her eyes.

The bell from atop the school rang out, and before she knew it, students were making their way out of the estate in their blue uniforms. She stole another glance at the doors before looking back at the girl next to her,"Listen, do you know a Benjamin? Benjamin Force, I'm looking for him and well, if you could please tell me where I might find him that would be greatly appreciated." Mimi asked, her eyes once again, searching through the students. She'd never really seen Abbadon in this cycle, but she knew he had blond hair and green eyes, like her.

"You're looking for Jack?" The girl asked, her tone surprised. Mimi rose an eyebrow. Jack? Was that what he liked to be called? The girl frowned suddenly, "I know you don't attend here but you should know he's already spoken for." The girl continued.

"What?" Mimi asked, utterly confused. What was this girl going on about? Spoken for, what did that even mean? She forced herself to calm down and just get on with the task at hand.

"Jack... And Schuyler," the brown haired girl said slowly, trying to help Mimi understand.

"Who's Schuyler?" Mimi demand, growing irritated by the second.

"Jack's lady friend. They've been together for years, and it's common knowledge that they'll probably wed once Sky finishes schooling."


Mimi's heart dropped.

That couldn't be true. Benjamin – Jack – couldn't be in a long term relationship with someone else, someone that wasn't her, when they belonged to each other.

All these years, Mimi believed that he was waiting for her, just as she was waiting for him. She clenched her jaw, trying her hardest not to cry. She didn't cry, ever. She was Azrael. A dark angel. Tears have never been something she associated herself with, then again, heartbreak wasn't something she associated with, either.

"See," the girl lifted her chin to a direction over Mimi's shoulder, as if to prove a point. Mimi turned around slowly, gazing to where the girl was looking at. There stood a couple standing side by side, the girl had long black-blue hair and striking blue eyes, she was in a long flowing skirt that reached her ankles and a blue corset with the school logo blazed onto it. The girls' uniform Mimi thought to herself, beside the black haired beauty stood a tall blonde boy – man – Mimi quickly corrected herself, he wore black dress pants, a long sleeved dress shirt and a blue vest with the school logo. There was no doubt about it, he was her Abbadon.

As if he sensed her, he turned his head and looked right at her. She knew for sure when she looked at his green eyes, the same years she had been dreaming about for years. Mimi didn't know what to do with herself for the first time in her life, so she turned on her heel and fled.

As she walked away, she looked over her shoulder, Abbadon was still standing there, watching her retreat with a faraway look in his eyes, and Schuyler – the name left a bitter taste in her mouth – said something to him, slipping her hand in his.

It was funny, Mimi mused when she was back in her hotel room, how she came here to meet her love and feel complete once more, but she ended up more incomplete than she had ever felt.