AUTHOR'S NOTE PLEASE READ PRETTY PLEASE: Hello! First off I'd like to say, this is nothing but dirty dirty porn. This is filthier than anything I've ever written in my entire life and that includes the fic about Blaine fucking a scarf (although that was awesome). That being said, I will reiterate the warnings in the summary: this has boypussy! This has incest! This has a threesome! Please don't read if that squicks you out! Now, if you dig that sort of thing, awesome, this is for you, I hope you enjoy reading it, I enjoyed writing it (although I've never written boypussy and it's been a year since I've written Klaine) and I would really, really appreciate some reviews. If you would like to see the GKM prompt, I will post it on the bottom since I don't want to spoil the story. Thank you.

"For a gay guy, you really like pussy."

Blaine's eyes pop open and he reluctantly pulls away from the slick, fat pussy lip he has sucked into his mouth. He doesn't remove his fingers from Kurt's hole, though.


"You're still fucking me with your fingers, Blaine."

Blaine frowns and pulls them out, wiping them on the sheet beside him. He lifts himself up onto his elbows and crawls until he's nestled against every part of Kurt's body he can cover, resting his chin on a pale cheek, flushed pink and gorgeous.

"You know I've got absolutely no problem with your body, right? You are the epitome of male, Kurt, and what you've got between your legs-"

Kurt interrupts him again with a snort and a swat on the ass. "I know, Blaine. Kurt Hummel is a hundred-percent man, and don't you forget it." He nudges Blaine's lips away from where they're assaulting his ear and sits up, ignoring the whining protest that escapes his boyfriend's mouth. "I have a proposition."

There's a moment of silence where Blaine slowly drags his eyes down to where his cock lays, hard and leaking between his trembling thighs, and pointedly meets Kurt's laughing gaze. "Can it wait?"

"No." Kurt crosses his legs and clasps his hands together, smiling at Blaine like he has a plan.

He does.

"I want you to fuck my brother."

There's initial protest, of course, but Kurt doesn't miss how Blaine's dick jerks at the words, smearing pre-come where his cock smacks against his abdomen - nor does he miss the scratchiness of Blaine's voice as he says no, that's an awful idea, I love you, Carson is kind of a jerk and really, he has a… pussy… too?

Kurt arches an eyebrow, laps at his palm, over his fingers, sliding his tongue through the webs until he's nice and wet, and reaches over to tug Blaine until he's desperate and begging for it. "I'd be there, of course," his grip on Blaine's cock tightens and twists when he gets near the tip and his hand moves too fast for Blaine to even count, oh god, "It'd be all of us. And yes, he has a pussy too."

Blaine's hips move to meet the quick, rough circles of Kurt's hand and he can barely stutter out a "fuck yes" before he's coming all over Kurt's fingers and wrist, white hot and hard, and Kurt just pulls him through it while he licks his lips and schemes.

It's always easier to talk Carson into things like this. Kurt likes to think it's because the Hummel-Phillips are an open-minded bunch, but it's probably because Carson likes getting fucked.

Kurt's absentmindedly flipping through Better Homes and Gardenswhile he listens to his brother curse and moan and twist in his bed across the room, fucking his pussy with the light pink dildo Kurt got him for their birthday. He doesn't even look up to say "I know something bigger you can use to satisfy your animalistic urges, Cars," before he starts to read an article on summer colors.

"Shut up, Kurt," Carson steadies himself by planting his feet on the mattress and lifts his hips to meet the thrusts of the plastic cock pushing inside of him. "Shit."

"Blaine's huge." Kurt hates the navy/coral trend that's snuck up on the teenage population. It reminds him of shapeless blazers and baggy gray pants. He flips the page. "He'd stuff your tight little cunt so full you'd feel it for days."

Gasping and squirting around his toy, Carson reaches down with his other hand to rub furiously at his clit as he comes, trying to draw out the pleasure as he tightens once, twice, three times, biting down on the inside of his cheek and throwing his head back. He relaxes his wrist when he's settled down, pulling the dildo out and falling back against his pillows.

"I'm game, as long as you stop reading that inane, Suzie-homemaker crap. It's a masturbation manual for forty year-old women."

Kurt turns the page and earmarks a recipe for lemon chicken.

Glee Kink Meme Prompt:

Kurt and Carson are twins and they both have a boypussy; Blaine is Kurt's boyfriend. They decide to have a threesome. How it happens is up to the filler, but I would like it to be either Carson's or Kurt's idea.

- Kurt and Carson rub their pussies together and then lick each other's pussies (69) while Blaine jerks off, watching them

- They both lick Blaine's cock (at the same time; could also be that one of them sucks his cock and the other one his balls)

- They get on their hands and knees next to each other and Blaine fingers Carson while licking Kurt's pussy, and then fingers Kurt while licking Carson's pussy

- Carson rides Blaine's dick while Kurt sits on his face and Blaine eats him out; then Blaine fucks Kurt from behind while Kurt licks Carson's pussy

Bonus points for barebacking and for Carson being impressed with the size of Blaine's cock.

Please no vore, scat, watersports etc and mpreg, and please no romantic feelings between Blaine and Carson or Kurt and Carson.