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Beautiful Blood

Chapter One – Music

Kain Akatsuki woke to a loud, repetitive, angry thump of music coming from the room next to his. It had been a month since Kiryuu Zero had moved into the Night Class and into the Moon Dorms. He stretched lightly before looking at his clock. 4pm. The middle of the night for him, though he knew that to the ex-human it would be the middle of the afternoon, but he could have had a little bit of respect for those who were sleeping.

He sighed again before hitting the wall. Hr knew that the music wouldn't stop, or be turned down. He honestly didn't know why he bothered.

Kiryuu Zero. Vampire hunter turned vampire. Parents that were dead; murdered by a female pureblood. Brother, twin no less, blood traitor, leading the pureblood vampire into their home, and after, running away with her. Adopted son of Chairman Kaien Cross, adopted older brother of Yuki Cross. Strange, yet beautiful silver hair, and pale lilac eyes. Ears full of metal piercings, a stud in the middle of his tounge. Owner of anti-vampire weapon dubbed 'Bloody Rose'.
Kain sighed again, throwing the blanket off and standing up. He knew that it was useless. He would get no more sleep before classes. Brushing a hand over his face, he dropped two blood-tablets into a large glass of water, before gulping down the red-coloured water and picking up a cigarette.


Kiryuu Zero scowled out the window, listening to the music washing over him. Though it was angry, heavy metal, it calmed him down and he gradually became so relaxed that he started to nod his head to the beat. There was a thump on the wall, coming from the room that was joined to his and he knew that it was from Kain, but he didn't move from his position. He simply continued to do what he was doing, knowing that the orange-haired vampire wouldn't do or say anything.

Turning back to the window, he refocused on the scene outside – the bright glow of the sun as it fell behind the giant, green pine trees, illuminating everything that it touched, giving the last of its warmth. It had been exactly 31 days, or a month, since he had been pulled from the Sun Dorms and the Day Class. He scowled again, revisiting the conversation that he had had with the Chairman.

"Zero, I thought that I should let you know that you are being moved into the Night Class. You're a vampire, Zero, no matter how much you wish it wasn't so. You belong with them."

The hunter growled, but the Chairman sensed what was about to come, and interrupted.

"I'm sorry, Zero, but this is final, and you will be moved into the Night Class and Moon Dorms in two days' time."
And with that being said, the hunter merely stormed out of the office.

And now here he was; surrounded by vampires and have to live with them. He hated them all, especially Kuran Kaname, their pureblood prince, who was the very same as the bitch that had taken his family, and his life away from him.

Whatever. I just hope they all leave me the hell alone.

With a sigh, he got up and turned the music off. The silence was deafening after the loud, thumping noise, but he knew that the other vampires would be getting up soon. He missed his life in the Sun Dorms, and wanted to go back to his normal classes. Yet he knew that it was impossible.


Kain threw his finished cigarette butt onto the ground before giving a sigh of relief. The angry, loud, obnoxious music had been switched off, no longer adding fuel to his headache. He gave another sigh as he fished out another cigarette, looking at his clock as he did so. 30 minutes before everyone else got up.

He entered the bathroom he shared with his cousin and Zero, making sure that he locked both doors on the inside before turning on the tap and getting out the mouthwash, riding himself of the lingering smell of smoke. He wasn't worried about being caught, he wasn't addicted. It was more about wanting and having something to do.

He looked at his pale reflection in the dim bathroom. He couldn't help but notice that he golden eyes were blank and pale, hiding behind his guard. His bright orange hair was sticking up in all directions, looking like he had just gotten up, instead of being awake for a couple of hours. Once again, the vampire nick-named "Wild" sighed before unlocking both bathroom doors, starting to get ready for the day and classes ahead of him.


Pale lilac eyes blinked again as his bathroom door once again clicked, signalling that it was unlocked. Sighing, he gathered all of his towels and toiletries in his arms before walking into the large bathroom and locking the doors once again. Unbeknown to him, he did exactly what the vampire before him had done. He stared into his reflection, consciously regarding and searching for his flaws, and ignoring all of his good qualities.
But, unlike Kain before him, he turned away from the mirror and started undressing, turning on all of the hot water systems, getting relaxed, and ready for the night ahead of him. He stepped into the hot, steamy water and let it run over him, the tension draining fully from his shoulders, letting it wash and warm him before reaching for the soap, and starting to scrub himself.

Once finished, he got out and towelled himself dry, not letting himself get cold as he unlocked both of the doors, and walked into his room, dropping all of his belongings onto the desk chair.

He wandered around the room, before finding and dressing himself in the pristine white uniform, dark black shirt and red silk tie. No matter how many times he wore it, he was still shocked at how the clean white and the startling black clashed with his hair and eyes, setting them off beautifully. He knew that the vampires had been just as shocked at his transformation, but none of them had said anything as he had scowled at them, and due to 'Bloody Rose'.

Sighing, he stepped out of his room, making sure to grab the small book-bag that was waiting for him at the door, before locking the door and walking down the huge grand staircase, and entering the main area, falling into step with Ichijo Tumaka and Shiki Senri, the only vampires that didn't make him feel like vermin, and walked out with them.