Beautiful Blood

Chapter Four – Bond

Kain sat in the back of the class again, his eyes trained on the silver head that sat three rows ahead of him, sitting a couple of spaces beside Kaname. It was obvious that the two were working together on something, and even knowing what he did, it still hurt to see them working together, when the hunter wanted nothing to do with him.

The image of Zero sleeping was still fresh in his mind, and so was the conversation with Kaname.

"What do you know about vampire bonds?"

Kain said nothing, trying to think about what he knew. Admittedly, it wasn't much, but he knew that the pureblood was likely to tell him all he needed to know. So he merely just shook his head, indicating that he didn't know that he didn't know anything.

Kaname smiled at the noble, having already come to this conclusion. "I thought as much. But its okay." He paused, and gave a small smile. "A vampire has a mate, that is perfectly suited to him, and his capability of powers. Mates are able to perfectly please their partner, in every sense. Both partners have a special bond that, once completed, is impossible to break." There was a soft sigh from the pureblood. "Both bond mates will love, protect, and need their partner in every way. Having a bond mate is a very important duty. Whenever someone goes near their mate, the partner will feel intense jealousy and anger, no matter how well they know their mate, or the person they are near."

Kain's eyes widened, and he looked at the pureblood, before asking what was going through his mind. "So, you're saying that Kiryuu Zero, ex-human hunter, is my mate?"

Kaname nodded, and Kain sighed.

Even now, seeing Zero with their prince sent waves of jealousy through him. The noble knew that the hunter wouldn't know anything about bonds or mates, and knew that it would be very hard to get Zero in a position where they could complete the bond. Apparently, how the bond was completed was different to every set of mates, so it was up to he and Zero to figure it out.


Zero sat two seats beside the pureblood that he loathed, but had to put up with, as the blood was essential to keeping him sane, and from harming the Day Class students, and, more importantly, his sister. He was still completing the task that the pureblood had set for him, but he found that it was actually quite easy. All he had to do was read the books and give a report of the contents. It was something to do with the business that Kaname would take over when he would leave Cross Academy, and it was weird that the prince trusted his enemy with someone so important.

The hunter was well aware that someone's eyes were on him, and he knew that it wasn't the chilly glare of Aidou or Ruka. It felt like the eyes that were watching him wanted nothing more then to be next to him. It was actually a creepy feeling, and Zero wanted nothing more then to sink into the ground, and try and hide from those eyes.

Who was it anyway? Before the silverette could change his mind, he turned his head so that he could survey the room, and his eyes instantly met with the golden eyes of Kain Akatsuki. Why is Akatsuki staring at me anyway? Is there someone wrong with me, or Kain?

There was a light in the golden eyes that made Zero flush slightly, and he couldn't look away. It was like they had a connection – but Kain was a noble vampire, and Zero was a ex-human hunter.

Suddenly, there was a warm feeling in his chest, and before he could turn away, he fell out of his chair and onto the floor, Kain just a minute after him, sending the room into a floury of activity.


Two hours after the fainting of both vampires, Kaname was sitting beside Zero in the ex-humans room, and Aidou was with the noble in their room. The pureblood knew what had happened – the first stage of the bond had been completed. He knew that it was painful, so painful that the body shut down before any long-lasting damage could begin.

Kaname sighed. He didn't know why Kiryuu was the perfect match for Kain, and frankly, he was a little worried that Kiryuu and Kain wouldn't be able to work together, and that they would end up really hurting each other. Kain was one of his closest friends, and he didn't want to see his friend getting hurt by an enemy of his. Though, maybe it would be good for the hunter.

The pureblood sighed, before getting up and walking through the bathroom to the connecting room so that he could check on the noble. He watched as Aidou got up and offered him the seat. He took it with a small smile.

Was Kain going to be upset with this? He didn't seem upset when he found that the hunter was his mate, but it was a totally different issue now that the first stage was completed.

There were five stages in total. 1) Recognizing their mate. 2) Talking to their mate. 3) Trusting their mate. 4) Emotionally completing their bond. 5) Physically and Blood completing their bond.

It was kind of scary that they had already completed the first stage after only just finding out about the bonding process, and the concept of bond mates. Kaname could only hope that it was a good sign of their bonding.


Kain woke with a thumping headache. He knew that he was in his room, but he didn't know how he got there, for the last thing he remembered was being in the classroom, staring at Zero. What had happened? Where was Zero? Was he okay? Kain started to panic, and tried to get up but found that he was being held down by two sets of hands – Aidou and Kaname.

"Easy, Akatsuki, calm down," the pureblood stated, but suddenly thought of something different. "Zero is okay, he's in the next room, sleeping. So calm down."

Hearing Zero was fine, Kain couldn't help but sink but down into the bed again. "Really?"
Kaname nodded, and so did Aidou. But then his cousin looked down and flushed. "Kain, when were you going to tell me that you were bonded to Zero? How could you keep something so important from me?"

The red-haired noble looked down before answering. "I didn't know how you would take it. I mean, you and Kiryuu have never gotten along. To suddenly find out that your cousin and your enemy are to be bonded is a big shock, and I didn't want to hurt you."

Aidou looked down, knowing just how much his cousin respected and cared about him. But it still shocked him to find out that Kain and Zero were bond mates. "Kain… You must know that I will support any of your decisions, and anything that makes you happy. You're my cousin, and my best friend."
"Aidou, you don't know what that means to me. Thank you." The noble turned to the pureblood. "Thank you Kaname, for making sure that Zero and I got back to the dorms safely."

Kaname nodded and the noble felt himself drifting back into sleep, images of Zero still in his mind.


Zero turned his head, and saw another image of Kain. He groaned, starting to come to, feeling slightly empty, and not knowing why. His body was trying to take him to Kain's room, and he didn't know why.
But before he could change his mind, he quickly got up and walked through the bathroom, and into the room that held the noble.

The noble on the bed looked towards him, and gave a small smile before lifting his hand to his mate. Zero shocked himself by taking the outstretched hand, and climbing into the bed beside Kain. He quickly moulded his body into the one beside him, and placed his cheek on the hard chest, listening to the heartbeat that kept going.

"Vampires don't have a heart, so why do you have a heartbeat? Vampires are cold and unfeeling, so why are you so warm?"
There was a rumbling sound under his cheek, and Zero realized with a start that Kain was chuckling. With a small smile on his face, he drifted back into sleep, feeling contented for the first time since he had been moved into the Night Class.

Without realizing it, Kain and Zero had completed another two stages of their bond.

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