FINALLY, CHAPTER TWO IS UP! Sorry it took so long, I was kinda distracted and writers block…. Also it's present day now, but the bullies may be back. Changed up the story line a bit, only because I want to make this story longer (originally meant to be a one-shot, turned into this.). Also, Nyanko's little adventure is really more of a filler because I suck at making long stories, so bare with me please. This chapter was meant to be pretty short but since the long wait, I gotta make up for that ever so slightly.

Updated: 12/8/14

Natsumes' eyes shot open in surprise and fear, only to discover a certain giant beast was crushing his chest. "Nyanko…." sighed a slightly relieved Natsume. Even then Nyanko's expression didn't change, his fierce eyes gleaming in the moonlight. "Natsume you had another nightmare, remember I can see into your thoughts when you sleep." Nyanko replied. At that Natsume felt slight embarrassment having completely forgotten about that. 'Oh well' Natsume thought as he gently pushed Nyanko off him and sat up.

Natsume lifted his hand up and wiped off the tears on his cheeks, this having become the normal for Natsume. Waking up in the middle of the night with tears down his face or panicking that it wasn't a dream. However he hadn't excepted to wake up with Nyanko breathing down on his face and yelling at him to wake up. The fat kitty was usually out partying and coming back just before he left for school. More often then not, stumbling and jabbering idiotically about the night's festivities. Sadly that wasn't the case tonight... 'Wait, what time is it anyway?' Natsume wondered, looking over to his alarm clock reading 4:43 am in bright red letters.

"Ugh Sensei! Why'd you wake me up, you know I have school today!" Natsume said, finally acknowledging the now small sized cat behind him. "Would you have liked me to have left you to your nightmare?" Nyanko sneered, "besides all night I've had to deal with those images floating through my head, it's very annoying." "Sorry." breathed the teen sarcastically as he got up to get ready for school, once he woke up Natsume couldn't go back to sleep. Unbeknownst to him a certain kitty watched him get up and head for the bathroom, a concerned frown set deeply on his furry round face.

*Two hours and a lot of grumbling later*

"Takashi! Hurry please, your friends are outside waiting!" called Mrs. Fujiwara from down stairs. "Coming! Sensei stay here today, okay?" Natsume hummed as he skidded down the stairs and out the door. "Stupid kid." grumbled Nyanko as he watched the teen leave from the window. "Oh well, I wonder if Tarusaru wants to get a drink with me, maybe even find someone to finish off that brat!" The kitty giggled evilly at the thought of finally getting the book of friends, jumping out the window in search for Taru.

"Hey Natsume, how is that fat cat of yours' doing?" questioned Kaname Tanuma as he and Natsume walked to school. "You mean Nyanko Sensei? Oh he's just finely fuzzy, why do you ask?" Natsume replied tilting his head to the side a little. After a moment's hesitation and a little awkward laughing Kaname continued, "That thing usually follows you EVERYWHERE, it's a bit creepy actually…So seeing you without him is quite rare." "Oh don't worry about him, he's just being lazy today." 'Probably off chasing frogs again, I better not see Misuzu after school, or Sensei's in huge trouble!' Natsume thought grudgingly.

After a few more minutes Natsume and Tanuma got to school and bid farewell as they went to their own classes. The school day may have been going normally, Nyanko however was having very bad luck today. Finding not even a trace of a drinking partner and all the frogs he'd seen were near Misuzu. 'Sigh, damn you Misuzu! Ugh there's nothen interesting to do around here! ' Nyanko hissed to himself flopping and rolling around on the ground. 'Bored bored bored bored' , roll roll roll- Sadly Nyanko didn't see the steep edge of the ground going down until it left him...

*crack* *crash* *breaking of the ground as Nyanko falls off*

"Awww shittttt~!" screamed Nyanko as he fell off the cliff and propelled down the hill. *BAM!* Nyanko's back slammed against a tree and crashed down to the ground! Cursing the world out Nyanko lay face down in the dirt not even bothering to turn over. 'Owwww what the hell! I don't think I broke anything, so I guess I'll be fine, but still this bullshit!' As Nyanko continued to ramble on in his head, he slowly got on his chubby legs, stretch his back out and turned into his true form. Now way bigger, he started to trudge his way back up the hill, an aura of annoyed death floating all around him.

*After school and Nyanko turning to cat form to go greet Natsume *

"Natsume! Is that your cat down there?" Jun Sasada called from down the hall, as school was let out. "Huh?" Came a sleepy reply, Natsume having become accustomed to being tired at the end of the day. Regardless Natsume stepped over and looked out the window only to see the infamous cat. 'That thing never listens, I told him to stay home today!... Oh well he is the great Nyanko after all.' Natsume thought mockingly continuing his way out of the building. But as he strolled down the hall way. Natsume over heard some teachers talking. "there's a new student transferring here tomorrow," "In the middle of the year!?" "Yeah, apparently he got kicked out of his old school for bullying..." "You've gotta be kidding me, were getting another punk!" "Yeah well, what can we do?" "At least the minute he does something wrong he'll be through!" "Whatever, what's this kid's name anyway?" "It's Mar-"

Before Natsume could catch the last bit Kaname came up behind him and put an arm around his shoulders, dragging Natsume down the hall and away from the talking teachers. Outside Natsume went over to where Nyanko had been waiting the last ten minutes still mumbling over the incident earlier that day. Natsume smiled softly as he looked down at Nyanko who was glaring at him for taking so long.

"Hey kitty, why are you here?" Kaname laughed as he patted his head, reaching away just in time for the secret yokai's paw to fly past his hand. Natsume picked up the agitated cat and stared into his eyes. "I thought I told you to stay home today baka Sensei, or were you too busy messing with frogs and lizards to remember?" snickered Natsume. "Why you insignificant brat! I'LL CRUSH YOU, YOU-" *pow* Natsumes' fist collided with Nyanko's huge head, yelling at him to shut up.

All the while Kaname and Natsume's other friends watched on the side lines, unfazed by the two fighting. "Sigh, that boy argues more with his cat then I've ever seen anyone argue with a human." complained Satoru Nishimura. "You're just jealous that none of your relationships have ever lasted that long~" teased Kaname. "Oh whatever!" pouted Satoru. "Well that cat creeps me out." Sasada added. "Why?" Natsume said as he walked up behind them. "Gah! We weren't talking about you or anything!" stuttered Satoru. "Dude you're a terrible lier, also Sasada-san why does Nyanko creep you out?"

Sasada blushed and said nervously "Well if you really must now, he just creeps me out with his huge head and mischievous eyes, like he's always thinking of something. It's just not natural for a cat!" "Well Nyanko's just special like that~" Natsume laughed. "Now, now love birds, let's not argue in front of the children!" Atsushi Kitamoto snickered as he broke the two apart. "Well whatever guys, I need to get home. See you guys tomorrow!" Natsume called as he ran off with Nyanko in his arms, both quietly grinning all the way home.

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