As they stepped out onto the balcony, the sky had already begun to transform from a soft blue to shades of pink and orange that streaked across the backdrop of the Seattle skyline.

"Isn't that beautiful?" Daphne sighed, leaning against Niles while sipping her class of wine.

"You're beautiful."

"I wish you'd stop saying that."

Taken aback by her statement, Niles sat his glass down on the cement floor and stared at her.

"Of course, my love, but I hope you know that I mean it as a compliment. I would never-."

"I know... and that's why I said what I did."

Clearly confused, he stared at her once more. "I don't understand."

"When you tell me I'm beautiful it just makes me love you more."

Niles laughed and kissed her tenderly. "What's wrong with that?"

"Because..." She said; her expression turning serious. "The more I love you, the harder it will be when you leave."

"Oh Daphne..."

She hugged him tightly, afraid to let go, sighing when he rubbed her back.

"Would you look at that?"

They turned to find Martin standing in the doorway, shaking his head in disbelief.

Normally Daphne would be furious with him for interrupting such a romantic moment, but now she found it amusing.

"Yes, it's a beautiful sunset, isn't it Mr. Crane?"

He looked up as though seeing it for the first time. "Well, yeah it's nice but I was talking about the damn forecast for tomorrow."

"Anything of note?" Niles asked.

"Damn straight! Rain, wind and more rain! Oh geez, you'd think that God would allow this nice weather to stay in Seattle for more than one day!"

"Back to dreary Seattle weather." Frasier added, appearing in the doorway next to Martin. He glanced up at the sky, which was now filled with millions of stars. "Like I said, today was a gift."

"And tomorrow Mother Nature is taking it away." Martin said following Frasier back into the living room.

When they were alone again, Daphne stared up at the stars.

"I never thought I'd see a clear star-filled night in February, and... Oh look!" She pointed to a particularly bright star.

"It certainly is beautiful." Niles agreed kissing her neck as the scent of her hair floated in his direction.

"Well yes, but I meant that star up there."

"What's so special about it?"

"Me brother Stephen always told me to make a wish on the brightest star I see."

"So... make a wish."

Daphne laughed. "I already did. Now it's your turn."

"Oh... All right."

Niles gazed up at the sky; his arm around Daphne.

"I can't." He said suddenly.

Daphne blinked in surprise. "What? Why not?"

He turned to her and took her face in his hands.

"Because..." He said, kissing her so tenderly that she felt tears form in her eyes. "It already came true."


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