As I was writing the next few chapters of MI6 vs CIA, I came up with the idea for this story.

This story is based on Daphne du Maurier's novel 'Rebecca'

This story is a slight change of pace for me. It is more of drama than anything else. The humour it contains is by the assignment of the KKM characters to the roles they play in Rebecca.

The novel happens to be one of my all time favourite stories. Every time I read it I discover something new. Unlike the novel, which is first person point of view, this story is in third person point of view. Like the novel, the story will only reflect the heroin's, or should I say hero's, thoughts and feelings.

If you have read Rebecca, please do not share any spoilers. If you have not read Rebecca then I highly recommend it.

Of course (for anyone who has read my stories know the following fact) there is always a twist. What the twist may be will soon be revealed in the later chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not own KKM nor Rebecca. I do not make any money or profit.


Yuuri Shibuya was an ordinary young Japanese male, or so he thought so. Like most Japanese males, he had black eyes, black hair, and Japanese features. What he did not realise was, unlike most Japanese males, his features were near perfection. His black hair and eyes were pure black. His skin was a flawless golden marble, and his physique, from long hours of baseball training, was that of a Greek god. He would look at himself in the mirror and think: why could he not have the looks and body of Hugh Jackman?

Yuuri Shibuya was young and slightly naïve. He was friendly with everyone. Charming, gracious, respectable to all were his endearing qualities. Yuuri Shibuya was naïve. He never seamed to realise when someone was hitting on him' which was at least five times a day. He would just brush it off as a friendly person and walk away. In is wake, he left many people frustrated with his naiveness.

Yuuri had been born into an influential Japanese banking family. Shoma Shibuysa, his father, was the CEO of the Japanese branch of B.I.B. - Bob International Banking. Shouri Shibuya, his older and only brother, followed in their father's footsteps. It was rumoured that Shouri Shibuya was the sole heir to B.I.B. Miko Shibuya, his mother who liked to be known as Jennifer, was a frivolous women who loved to drag Yuuri on her international trips to become the most awesomest female fencer in the world.

Miko had dragged Yuuri with her to Caloria for the International Fencing Expo. Yuuri awned. Yuuri had made his get away from his mother's antics as soon as the had arrived at the hotel. Yuuri was very good at skiving his family duties and paperwork. Why could his family not leave him alone and let him play baseball? He loved his baseball!

As soon as they had arrived at the hotel, Yuuri had dropped his bags in his room and made a run for it. He was not quick enough. When he arrived at the hotel lobby, his mother was already there waiting for him. He looked around, and he quickly hid behind a plant. He watched his mother call his room. He then saw her call his mobile. Luckily he had put his mobile on vibrate. It buzzed in his pants pocket. He placed his hands over his pocket to mute the buzzing. "Are you avoiding the fair lady by the desk?" a soft male voice whispered in his ear. Startled Yuuri jumped and almost knocked over the plant.

He looked at the person that had spoken to him. The first thing he saw were green eyes. They were not any ordinary green eyes they were a pair of emerald lakes. Then Yuuri noticed the face. It was perfection. A mop of thick, golden hair surrounded the face. Yuuri had never seen such an attractive man in his life. Thud Dub! He was lost for words as his heart beat fast and hard. He was brought out of his fascination, with the man in front of him, when he heard a fan girl squeal. Miko had found him skipped her way to them.

"Yuu-chan I was looking-" Miko stopped talking when she took a good look at Yuuri's companion. "HEEE, aren't you Wolfram von Bielefeld? Noble of the Bielefeld territory in Shin Makoku?" The man smiled and bowed. He took her hand and kissed the back of it. "At your service my lady." That earned Wolfram von Bielefeld a loud fan girl squeal.

"I am Jennifer of Okahama. You can call Jeninifer," Miko said.

"MOM!" Yuuri barked and turned to von Bielefeld embarrassed by his mother's antics. "Sorry, her same is Miko Shibuya. She is just a little ec-"

"How many times do I have to tell you to call me Mama Yuu-chan!" Miko scolded her son as she looped her arm into von Bielefeld's. "Lord von Bielefeld are you here for the Fencing Expo?"

"No not really, I did not know there was such an Expo," von Bielefeld said as he tried to free himself from the exuberant woman's hold.

"Well then your coming with us! And you have to tell me all about your estate Manderly," Miko exclaimed as she pulled von Bielefeld towards the hotel's exit.

"Good Luck!" Yuuri said turning around to make his escape. But, he was too late. He felt a pull in the back of his jacket collar. "Your coming with us wimp!" von Bielefeld said. Miko dragged von Bielefeld as von Bielefeld dragged Yuuri by the neck of his collar.

The happy trio, as Miko put it, returned to the hotel in the early evening hours. "I am exhausted!" Miko exclaimed happily. "I am going to have a bath and then dinner in my room. Why don't us Wolfie-chan?" Over the course of the day, Yuuri had noticed that Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld's name had gone from, von Bielefeld to Wolfram-sama, to Wolf-san, to Wolf-chan and finally Wolfie-chan. He noticed how von Bielefed at first had been taken aback by his mother's familiarity, and then at the end Wolfram had given up in trying to correct the woman. He had surrendered to her. Yuuri decided to rescue Wolfie-chan. "Mom, I am quite tired so I won't be joining you for dinner. I am sure the Lord von Bielefeld is also tired." Yuuri faked a yawn.

"I am also exhausted," von Bielefeld said as he faked yawned and rubbed his eyes cutely (thought Yuuri).

"You too are old men! What a bore! Boys are boring!" Miko said with an indigent huff. She turned and left them as she went into the lift.

The doors of the lift closed. Both men sighed in relief. "I have to say your mother is quite an exuberant lady!" von Bielefeld said.

"Don't get me started Lord von Bielefeld," Yuuri replied as he called the lift.

"Join me for dinner in the terrace," von Bielefeld said as he reached out to Yuuri's hand and held onto to it.

Yuuri turned and looked at von Bielefeld and noticed the a sweet smile grace his lips. "I should get some sleep."

"Please." There was a hint a begging in the word.

Yuuri smiled and scratched the back of head with his free hand. How could he say no to von Bielefeld? "Okay, I'll join you Lord von Bielefeld."

"Great, and call me Wolfram!" Wolfram took Yuuri by the hand and led him to the dinning area of the terrace.

During the week, Yuuri and Wolfram had mostly managed to escape Miko. Yuuri had shown Wolfram all about baseball. Wolfram pretended to be enthusiastic about it. On another day, Wolfram had shown Yuuri all about football -, not as a player but as a devoted fan. Wolfram blabbed away about Byern Munich – his favourite team. Other days, they visited art galleries, museums, or took a leisurely walked around Caloria taking in the many sights. One morning Miko had managed to intercept her son, at breakfast, before he met up with Wolfram. "I see that you are becoming a good friend to Wolfie-chan. That is so nice of you. It will get Wolfie's mind off his late wife."

"Uh? He didn't mention he had a wife," Yuuri's heart sank.

"He didn't tell you?"

"No, and I don't think he appreciates being called Wolfie-chan."

"Nonsense! Anyway he was married. He is a widower."

"Uh? What happened to her?"

"Oh the poor dear. He was so in love with her."

"He was?" For some odd reason, Yuuri felt his heart sink even further.

"Yes he was. They were the perfect couple. Such a pity about poor Elizabeth. She was so beautiful."

"What...what happened?"

"Apparently she loved sailing and took her sail boat out in the middle of the night, in the middle of a storm, and well...she was lost at sea. Such a tragedy!"


"They never found her body or the boat. The only thing they found was part of the sail that had been shredded in the wind."

"I see," Yuuri said. He somehow felt that Wolfram should have said something, but then again maybe it was painful for Wolfram to remember her. He wished that one day he could fall in love as Wolfram had.

"I am so glad that he has become your friend. I bet you that your friendship takes his mind off Lovely Elizabeth."

"Yeah, I guess," Yuuri said as he shoved a slice of bacon into his mouth.

"Oh look there he is," Miko said as she waved Wolfram over.

Yuuri noticed Wolfram's wide smile falter has Wolfram noticed Miko. He had a look a fear in his face. Yuuri chuckled. "Um good morning," Wolfram said.

"Good morning Wolfie-chan," Miko said as she rose from the table. "I have to get going. I'll see you two later, and Yuuri be a good and friendly shoulder," she said as she walked away. Both men were left befuddled. Miko had left them alone!

They left the hotel after breakfast and did not return to late evening. Yuuri had been wanting to see Caloria from the overlook cliff. Wolfram granted his wish by renting a topless car. Wolfram drove Yuuri up to the overlook the top of a cliff that over looked Caloria. The tight wounding road was lined with trees. Yuuri closed his eyes, leaned back, feeling the wind blow is hair, and sensing the sunlight traverse through the tree leaves. He looked towards Wolfram, and he saw that Wolfram had a soft smile on his lips. "What were you thinking about?" Wolfram asked.

"I was thinking that I wish I had a bottle so I could pour all of the memories of this week into it," Yuuri replied.

"I don't understand."

Yuuri sat up and smiled. "I wish I had a bottle to pour in every single memory. Then I would have them all bottled up. If I ever felt sad, I could just open the bottle and remember this moment. Remember how happy I am feeling right now."

Wolfram looked straight ahead as he drove. Yuuri noticed that Wolfram was expressionless. After a minute Wolfram said, "That is a silly notion. What would happen if a bad memory were stored in 't it make you sad?"

"I would make sure that no bad memories were put in it!"

"Yuuri sometimes you can be so naïve it is amazing. Bad memories have away of sneaking into good memories. Trust me! I know!" Wolfram said coldly.

"Will I'll just make sure there are none!" Yuuri huffed.

Wolfram smiled, "Wimp!"

"I'm not a wimp and stop calling me that! You BRAT!"

Wolfram chuckled, "I guess I am a brat."

After five minutes, they reached the overlook cliff. Yuuri jumped out of the car and ran towards the edge. Yuuri called back to Wolfram to join him. He noticed Wolfram looking off to the side with a spaced out look in his eyes. What was he thinking, or was it more remembering? Yuuri shook his head and looked at the panoramic scene in front of him. He could see the city, the harbour, the distant mountains, and "Wolfram look there is our hotel" he said as he pointed out into the distance. Yuuri heard footsteps behind him. He turned to see Wolfram approaching the edge.

Yuuri watched Wolfram stand about two metres from him. Wolfram's face was expressionless. Yuuri noticed Wolfram clinch his fist and mouth as he stepped even closer to the edge. Wolfram looked down into the steep cliff. He began to sway. Yuuri, at that moment, believed Wolfram was about to fall over the edge and rushed over. He grabbed Wolfram into a tight hug and pulled him back. Wolfram shook his head and leaned into Yuuri's tight embrace. "If I were to fall would you catch me?" Wolfram asked.

"Always," Yuuri said. He pushed Wolfram slightly away and looked straight into his eyes, "No matter where you are, I will always be there to catch you."

Wolfram smiled. "I would like to bottle up this moment," he said as he pulled out of Yuuri's arms and walked back to the car. Yuuri followed.

Early the next morning Yuuri woke-up to the ringing of his hotel room phone. Groggily he picked it up. It was his mother. "Yuu-chan pack quickly we are leaving." His mothers words woke him up in an instant. He jumped out of his bed and ran towards his mother's room. He banged loudly on her door.

She opened the door, and before she could say anything, "MOM! What happened? Is Dad okay? Is Shouri okay?" He flapped his arms. "Come in Yuu-chan and everything is okay."

He entered the room. "Then why are we leaving so quickly? I like it here."

Miko had stars in her eyes. "I just received a message from Sharon, Bob's PA, stating that all fencing and scientific women are marching for equal rights in four days, in Schildkraut. I have to be there! So hurry up and pack! We are leaving on the first ship!" Miko said as she whooshed around the room. Yuuri backed up into the door, opened it, and left.

He entered his room and looked around for his luggage. He did not want to leave. He had not bottled-up enough happy memories. He slowly changed and began to throw his clothing into the luggage. He did not care if it was all eventually wrinkled. His thoughts went off to Wolfram. He had to talk to Wolfram. He had to at least let him know that he was leaving. Yuuri fell to his knees. Why did it hurt so much to leave Wolfram behind? He began to wipe tears from eyes with the back of his hands. Why did it hurt so much? He finished packing, and decided to call Wolfram's room.

The phone rang, but there was no answer.

He called again. No answer.

Maybe Wolfram had woken up early and left his room.

Yuuri grabbed his luggage and instead of taking the lift he ran down the stairs to the lobby. He dumped his luggage in the middle of the lobby and began searching the cafée, restaurant, and terrace for Wolfram. Wolfram was nowhere to be found. Yuuri returned to the lobby with a heavy heart, and walked he walked over to the concierge desk. "Um excuse me but has Lord von Bielefeld left?"

The bald concierge looked at him. "Let me check for you." The concierge looked through his notes and made a few calls. He looked up at Yuuri and said, "He is still here. He just ordered room service."

Yuuri smiled for the first time that morning. But, the smile was short lived when he heard his mother calling for him. "Come along Yuu-chan the ship can't wait for us all day!"

All Yuuri knew at that moment was that he had to see Wolfram. He had to come up with an excuse, and he did. "Mother, I forgot my mobile in the room. Be right back!" Yuuri stormed off up the stairs towards Wolfram's room.

Yuuri began to knock loudly on Wolfram's door. He heard Wolfram yell, "I'm coming!" The door opened. Yuuri noticed Wolfram's face turn from complete annoyance to surprise. "Yuuri!"

"I have-"

"Come in, please," Wolfram said as he ushered Yuuri in. He closed the door behind them quickly as Wolfram remembered he was just wearing a towel around his waist.

"I tried calling you-"

"Sorry, I heard the phone ring, but I was in the shower."

"Oh. Well I was calling-"

"Hey, I can order you another coffee and then we can go down for breakfast."

Yuuri was becoming a tad annoyed with Wolfram. Wolfram kept interrupting him. "Wolfram! I have come to say goodbye!" he blurted out.

"What?" Wolfram said as he put the phone receiver down.

"I have come to say goodbye. Mom has to going to Schildkaurt and -"

"Do you want to go to Schildkaurt? Did you or did you not say that you would always be there to catch me if I fell?" Wolfram asked. Yuuri stepped back noticing Wolfram's short temper rising. "ANSWER ME!" Wolfram yelled.

Yuuri did not know what to think. He sometimes could not understand Wolfram's mood swings.

"DAMN IT YUURI! ANSWER ME!" Wolfram clinched his fist. "Don't you care about me?"

Yuuri stuttered, "I, I do care about you...more...more than you...can possibly imagine. Bel...believe me when I say... that...I want to be want to be the one to catch you when you fall."

Wolfram quickly moved towards Yuuri and grabbed him the arms. Wolfram smiled as he said, "Then why are you leaving me? Don't you ever leave me. Will you stay by my side always?"

Yuuri looked straight into Wolfram's eyes. "I don't ever want to leave you. I will stay by your side." A single tear ran down Yuuri's left cheek.

"Well then it is settled. You are staying with me," Wolfram said as he released Yuuri from his grip. Wolfram walked over to the phone and made a call. He then looked at Yuuri and motioned Yuuri to sit by a table. Yuuri did as he was told. Wolfram hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom. "Wait right there whilst I finish dressing," Wolfram ordered.

Yuuri sat quietly in his chair going over the events that had just taken place. Wolfram had asked; no begged, for him stay at his side. He had willing accepted. But why? Yuuri mulled over his feelings. He finally understood. He was in love with the man. He could not believe his own naiveness. Here, he was. He had fallen in love with a man. All his life he thought that he would eventually meet a nice girl and marry her. And yet, as fate would have it, he had fallen in love with a noble of Shin Makoku: not just any noble, but with Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld, lord of the Bielefeld territory, and owner of Manderly. Of course, he could not let Wolfram know his true feelings.

Wolfram wanted him to stay with him, but what would Wolfram do if he found out the he had fallen in love with him. Would Wolfram be disgusted and leave him? Wolfram after all had been married to a woman, and very much in love with her. He could not let Wolfram know. Yuuri decided that it was best to be at Wolfram's side as a best friend and be there for him when he was needed.

Not five minutes later Wolfram came out of the bathroom dressed in a pair of trousers and a white shirt. There was a knock on the door. Wolfram opened the door. "Please come in Mrs. Shibuya," Wolfram said as Miko entered the room. Yuuri rose from his seat.

"I was so surprised that you called me," she said to Wolfram. Then she noticed Yuuri. "Yuuri, what are you doing here?"

"I...I came to say-"

Wolfram interrupted, "He came to inform me that you were leaving Mrs. Shibuya."

"That's right! We are leaving," Miko said.

"Let me rephrase this. Yuuri informed me that YOU are leaving and that he had decided to stay with me!" Wolfram explained.

"I don't understand," Miko said.

"Mom, what we are trying to say is that-" Yuuri was interrupted.

"What I am saying is that YOU Mrs Shibuya are leaving, and Yuuri is staying with me permanently! He is to stay with me from here on end!" Wolfram crossed his arms in annoyance.

"I could have told her that!" Yuuri said.

Wolfram glared at Yuuri. "You're to much of a wimp!"

"I don't understand," Miko said.

Really annoyed Wolfram said, "What we are trying to tell you is that we are getting MARRIED!"

"MARRIED?" both Miko and Yuuri shouted at the same time.

"Yes married! I proposed, and Yuuri accepted!"

Miko turned to Yuuri, "Is that true?"

Yuuri was stunned by the turn of events. When had Wolfram proposed to him? He went back in his mind to remembering the conversation he had earlier with Wolfram. He guessed that when he said to Wolfram that he wanted to be by Wolfram's side, Wolfram took it as an acceptance of a marriage proposal. Wolfram wanted him as his spouse. Wolfram wanted to share his life with him. Was Wolfram in love with him? Yuuri looked at Wolfram who was wisely smirking. Then Wolfram's smirk turned to a soft smile. Yuuri looked at his mother, "I suppose so," was all Yuuri could say.

Miko walked over to her son, "Are you sure about this?"

For the first time in his life, Yuuri was absolutely sure about Wolfram. He felt an immense sense of relief flood over him. He smiled, "Yes mom. I am quite sure. I love Wolfram!" Yuuri could have sworn that he heard Wolfram secretly jumping for joy.

"I see," Miko said. She turned to Wolfram, "If you hurt my son, trust me I'll make sure you pay with my own bare hands." She turned towards the door, "Yuuri, I want to speak to you in private!" she said as she stepped out into the hallway. Yuuri followed her.

In the hallway, Miko turned and faced her son. "I hope you understand what you are getting into. You do realise that you are clearly the opposite of Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a beautiful, graceful, full of life, independent woman. You are a handsome young man who has no true knowledge of life. Wolfram is much older than you although he does not look it. I wonder what beauty treatment he uses. Anyway, let me warn you right now. You may be a bankers son, but you know nothing about the nobility class of Shin Makoku. They will eat you up and spit you right out."

"I'll make sure that does not happen," Yuuri replied.

"Yuuri, you are really naïve. He may say he loves you and wants to marry you, but that kind of man is only playing with you. You are just a thing for him to pass the time with! And once he tires of you, he will leave you!"

Yuuri was stunned by his mother's harsh words. He knew Wolfram. And, he knew Wolfram would never do what his mother said. "Wolfram won't leave me! And if what you say is true, I rather take my chances of knowing what love is than not knowing! Goodbye mother!" He turned to return to Wolfram's room.

Miko called back, "Yuuri, he is going to make you the unhappiest man a life! Mark my words! Mother knows best! Oh, and let us know when the wedding is; if there is one!"

Yuuri opened the door to them and closed it behind him. He stood silently with his head bowed, recalling his mother's harsh words, until he felt a pair of warm hands on his face. He looked up and saw Wolfram smiling at him. Wolfram gave him a quick peck on the lips. That little peck made Yuuri feel much better. He gave Wolfram a broad, and goofy smile. "That's better," Wolfram said. "I don't like it when you frowned. You should always smile and keep that innocent look on your face. You are so innocent. Your innocent eyes are what made me fall in love with you. Let's go have breakfast and get married!" Wolfram said happily as he pulled Yuuri by the hand out of the room.

For those who have read Rebecca can you figure out which Rebecca character is which KKM character?

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