Summary: Two boys want, need and will do anything to get perfection. Could they reach it together?

Warnings *Please read*: This will become quite a dark, angsty fic. It will develope into a fic that delves into issues and disorders that will make some readers uncomfortable. For example, anorexia and abusive (family) relationships will be a key theme in this story and other sensitive issues may also be addressed. You've been warned; don't like, don't read. Flames complaining about some of the topics will not be taken well because, as I've said, you've been warned.
On a lighter note, this will eventually turn into a Drarry fic, so yes, that means slash and again, don't like, don't read. Other warnings will be put up at the beginnings of chapters when relevant.

Genre: Romance, angst, hurt and comfort, friendship and probably other things that will get woven in somehow.

Disclaimer: I own nothing accept the plot line, I have merely borrowed the characters from an amazing author and manipulated them. Anything that may resemble something from someone else is purely coincidential.

A/N: Yes, I know, I was always one of those writers that swore they would complete one story before starting up another. But this idea worked it's way into my head and refused to budge. I just had to get it down. Fallen is still taking priority and I will be updating that as soon as possible, but in my head I know exactly how this story will plan out, so if I have a spare five minutes, another chapter will be added to this because yes, it will be multi-chaptered.


Narcissa Malfoy plastered a warm, motherly expression onto her pretty face, the perfect picture of the perfect wife as she stood beside her tall, proud, perfect husband.

She smiled as various women (women she would refer to as dear friends in public but gave less savoury titles to behind closed doors) flocked around her, cooing and petting at the Quaffle sized bump protruding from her abdomen. She bit back her sigh of distaste when she looked down and saw it, clear for all to see in her expensive, hand tailored maternity robes. It was the only flaw on her otherwise slender, perfect figure.

After a moment Lucius took her hand, sending her a loving look that didn't quite reach his cold eyes and left her with the irritating women so he could gather the men and discuss plans for the future of the young life growing inside his wife.

Narcissa placed a hand over her baby bump and felt an uncomfortable pressure as a leg or arm was stretched suddenly. She scowled internally, making sure her mask didn't crack as she took out her wand, aiming it at her own stomach. A small, silent and presumably dark spell had the baby stilling completely and she couldn't stop a smile from stretching across her lips.

This child would learn, no matter what it takes. It would be disciplined. It would obey its parents every command. It would become the perfect child for her perfect family.

Lily Potter gave a delighted whoop as her unborn child gave a kick. Her husband entered the room, a huge grin spread across his handsome face as he set down the tea and cake he'd brought through for her and scooped her up into his strong, tan arms, twirling her around before setting her back on her feet. He placed a gentle kiss to her smiling lips and sunk to his knees, whispering words of pure love to her swollen stomach, wishing all the best for their son's future and promising he would do anything for this young life.

The couple seemed to have completely forgotten that their home was filled with loved ones, close friends and family but no one minded, it was such a delight to watch two people be so completely happy and devoted to each other, the image of perfection.

James Potter stood back up, speaking to his wife between peppering small kisses on her face.

"You, my dear, are stunning, beautiful, kind, loving, intelligent…I could go on forever. There's only one day in my entire life that would be better than the moment I found you and that will be the day our child is brought into the world."

Lily blushed a deep, pretty pink and reached up to wrap her arms around his neck. She knew she didn't need to reply verbally, all the feelings she felt for this wonderful man, for the life growing inside of her and the future of her family were clearly displayed in her huge, expressive, jade green eyes.

She let out a sigh, completely content. Her life was perfect; she had the perfect man and a child that was already perfect and always would be. No matter how he turned out, the choices he would have to someday make or the life he would eventually choose to lead, for as long as she lived she would never let her son think any less of himself.

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