Katniss, wake up! Katniss! The sirens are blaring!

I opened my eyes reluctantly, then when my sleepy brain processed what Prim was saying I jumped out of the small bed we share. I grab her hand then walk across to our mother's bed. "Mum, wake up, there's an attack, we've got to go."

Her eyes flicker open and she simply nods, "Take your sister over to Gale's." is all she says before she lays back down on her bed.

"Mum, what are you doing? You can't stay here!" I grab her arm and try to pull her up.

"Katniss, take your sister and go! I want to stay!"

"Mummy, please, I need you, I'm scared." Prim begs, tears starting to run down her face.

"Prim, get her other arm." I order, slowly pulling our mother to her feet.

It takes us around three minutes to get her down the street, a dangerous amount of time under the circumstances. I kept my eyes on the ground, avoiding piles of bricks or other things that could cause us to fall.

"Katniss..." Prim calls, her voice trembling.

I look up and feel the blood drain from my face. Where Gale's house used to stand is now a pile of bricks and rubble.

"No." I whisper, starting towards the house. "Gale? Gale!" I begin to run. "Prim, stay with mum!"

"No Katniss! It isn't safe!" Prim yells. She tries to follow me but mum grips onto her, finally coming to her senses.

I am in the rubble, my hands frantically searching for any sign of life. I call on him, desperately wanting to hear him yell back at me in his familiar voice. Faintly I can hear Prim calling for me, I cannot see her anymore, and I am in the centre of the rubble, surrounded by mountains of bricks. Household objects fly around in the sky, taunting me. The alarms are still sounding around me, and a voice in my head is telling me that I have to leave and protect Prim, but I cannot stop searching. It's not like we have anywhere to go anyway. Not having any money or equipment to build our own shelter, every bomb raid we would go stay overnight in Gale's families tiny shelter with his mother and siblings.

There house must have been hit almost immediately after the raid started for them not to get to the shelter in time. Their neighbour's house is also destroyed. My hands have begun to bleed from raking in the rubble, and the knees of my trousers are ripped. Suddenly I feel strong arms around me, lifting me from the mess. Dust clouds my eyes and I cannot see who is carrying me. I fight weakly, trying to get them to put me down but I am too weak, I have not eaten in too days. I hear Prim talking and a door opening. I notice that the sirens have stopped, it must be over. I am laid down on some sheets and I open my eyes wearily. A piercing pair of blue eyes are looking back at me.

"Katniss, are you okay? Can you hear me?" It is Peeta Mellark, the baker's son.