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A week passes and we spend the majority of our time together. Peeta seems to have completely forgiven me and doesn't push for anything more than I'm comfortable with. We haven't kissed since the proposal and he insists that's okay, but I find myself wanting more.

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in the kitchen with Effie and Prim eating some vile oatmeal while I listen to Effie hark on about a new dress shop that was opening in town.

"My good friend Plutarch Heavensbee- he owns the post office- says it's an American opening it. Can you imagine! He says the clothes are fabulous." The smile drops from her face and she looks thoroughly sorry for herself. "Such a pity that we don't have anywhere to where them to. Wars are such a sorry affair, so unfair that we're cooped up like chickens with no one thinking about us."

I ignore her and continue trying to eat my less than appetising breakfast, whilst Prim at least attempts to continue the conversation. She is saved when Finnick walks in the door, wearing his army uniform and with a travel bag slung over his shoulder.

"Off somewhere, dear?" Effie asks.

"Alas Effie dearest, it's time I go back home to my girl. I know she'll be missing me." He winks. "I bought a train ticket yesterday."

"But are you ready to leave? Have you spoken to Haymitch and Peeta?"

"Been ready since I arrived, all I was here for was to look after Peeta, and now this one has come to her senses," he prods my shoulder and I glower at him. "I think my work here is done."

Effie sniffs. "Oh Finnick, I will miss you!"

"I know, the house will be unbearably dull when I leave." He laughs. "But I will write, and maybe I'll come visit again with my Annie."

Effie pulls him into a hug, with tears streaming down her face. He hugs Prim and then stares at me.

I make a big show of slowly standing up and rolling my eyes before I hug him.

"I knew she loved me really!" He says, hugging me tightly.

"Yes, even though you're ridiculously shallow and you have the worst jokes, I've somehow grown quite fond of you." I tease.

He checks his watch and gives Effie another quick hug. "I better be off. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. I demand as soon as this wretched war is over we have a good old knees up!"

We all agree and walk him to the door.

"Isn't Haymitch driving you to the station?" I ask.

"No, he's busy." He replies, looking uncomfortable. "I could use some fresh air."

After yet another hugging session he finally walks off down the path.

Prim takes Effie into the drawing room to give her a glass of sherry to calm herself down and I go up to see Peeta. I expect him to be upset but when I walk in he beams at me.

"Good morning!" He says, making space in his bed for me to sit with him. "I was just going to come get some breakfast. Got a big day ahead of me, Finnick said he would help me walk with a cane."

"What?" I say.

"I don't like just being stuck in the chair so Finnick said he would he'll me. Is something wrong with that?" He asks, looking confused.

"He said he told you."

"Told me what? You're confusing me Katniss."

"Finnick just left. He says he was going home to live with Annie." I explain. I don't understand why Finnick wouldn't tell him.

Peeta groans and moves into his wheelchair quickly. "Go get Haymitch."

"Why? What's wrong?" I ask.

"Please Katniss, just go get Haymitch." Peeta repeats, rolling his chair to the door.

"Not until you tell me what's going on." I say, blocking his exit.

Peeta sighs. "Annie's dead, Katniss. She was killed in an explosion. Finnick can't accept it, he seems to think if he goes home then she will live."

I move from the door and let Peeta pass me. I hear him yelling on Haymitch.

I hear Finnick's voice in my head; "Well Ms Everdeen, the doctor seemed to think that I had lost my mind."