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The Avengers were a good team and apparently a family. Clint didn't believe that bull. He didn't have a family. They were in one of Stark's many rooms at the Tower. Clint took the remote off Stark and set it to NCIS. He liked the show and ignored the others' protests.

"We see enough of this at work! Why do we have to watch more?" asked Tasha.

Clint replied, "Because it makes me laugh."

Nobody said anything so Clint ignored them. It was a fairly standard evening really. Clint ignored everybody while they talked to each other. Tasha was sat behind him, stroking the back of his neck. Clint rested his head against her legs as he watched Gibbs scaring the crap outta some Marine. When it finished Clint got to his feet.

"I'm goin' bed."

Nobody said anything as he loped to his own room. He fell asleep.

Clint stabbed her straight through the shoulder.

Tasha whimpered, "Clint… please, it's me… Tasha…"

Clint felt her blood flow over his hands and he laughed manically as he stabbed her again and again until her body was covered in stab wounds.

"Clint… Clint please help me…"

"Clint, Clint? Wake up!"

Tasha's voice jolted him from his tortured sleep. He bolted upright, the sheets were twisted round his hips and a cold sweat was covering his body.

"Yeah? What's the problem? Why are you all in my room?"

Every single Avenger was in his room. Clint frowned and ran his hand through his hair.

"We have a mission."

Clint nodded and picked up his bow and arrow. They drove out to some desolate town where a group of mercenaries were attacking. Clint was thrown on top of a tall building by the Hulk.

"Thanks Banner!"

He wondered if he should tell them that he could fly. That's a stupid question. Tasha would kill you for not telling her sooner. He pulled an arrow onto his bow and fired it into the heart of the mercenary army. It exploded and Clint pulled another out. He shot into the crowd again and again. The intercom in his ear buzzed.

"Hawkeye, this is Captain America. Black Widow needs help. On your nine o'clock."

Clint felt a tiny squiggle of fear run down his back. Now was not the time to think, especially not about how much he loved her.

"I got it."

He ran to the edge of the roof and saw Tasha trapped against a wall, shooting as many mercenaries as she could. Clint aimed his bow with care and released the string. It killed three targets at once. Eventually, after many arrows from Clint and shots from Tasha, the mercenaries fell back. Before she ran after them she glanced up at the rooftop.

"Thanks Hawkeye."

Clint ignored the twang in his heart when she said it and replied, "No problem. You owe me though."

He could hear her laughing as she countered, "What do you want from me?"

Clint didn't reply. He didn't trust himself. He never had. Clint shook himself and turned back to the fight. They fought for an hour until the last mercenaries were killed. Clint didn't do prisoners.

Clint spoke into his intercom. "Are you guys comin' up here or do I have to jump?"

Stark's voice filtered through. "We'll all come up. Stay where you are."

Clint retorted, "Where the fuck am I gonna go?"

He laughed. Clint heard a noise and turned. A mercenary was stood facing him with a gun in his hands. Clint grabbed his bow and arrow and began to release the bow string. He was too late though. The man pulled the trigger and Clint felt a sharp pain in his neck. He gasped and hit the floor. He heard another gunshot and saw the Avengers gather round his side. One thought kept repeating itself in his mind.

"I can't do this any more…" he whispered before consciousness swirled away from him.