creatorX33- Majority of the heroes from Bart's time were already in the past by the time he showed up. Others, like Janelle, used their powers to go back in time. The wasteland created by the Reach did cease to exist, but certain events (births, deaths, marriages, etc.) still happened irregardless. Bart has managed to find a few of his time's heroes (Abbie & Janelle) but has yet to find any others.

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Threaded Needles- Janelle used the powers she inherited from Raven to get into the past. I haven't decided how, but how Abbie and any others who show up from the future will be explained.

Abbie's extremely high IQ and high mental abilities were a benefit from her genes. Her & Lisa are the only ones of their kind; a hybrid species between Martians & Kryptonians. With the combination of the DNA from M'gann & Conner, Abbie gained mentally & Lisa gained physically- however, for Lisa, that won't be explained till later on. (Mark won't benefit from anything like this due to M'gann not being his biological mother & him being 3/4 human & 1/4 Kryptonian.)

The Batfam will be mentioned some time in the next 2-3 chapters. I want them to have a decent part of the chapter, but so far all I have is like two paragraphs of Bruce & Johnny bonding time & I feel that that is not enough. Same with Raquel, Kaldur, Amistad, & Joseph.

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"... Abbie?" Raquel questioned, while everyone else's jaws dropped and their eyes grew wide.

"Yep. Abbie." Bart grinned, as the older Abbie smiled at the heroes she and her siblings and friends grew up around.

"How did you find her?" Superman questioned.

"Spoiler alert. No comment." They quickly announced.

"Are you still the baby or do I get more nieces or nephews?" Garfield asked.

"And how do we know you're really Abbie?" He added, interrogating the woman claiming to be his youngest niece.

"Spoiler alert. No comment. And take my DNA if you don't believe it's me." She retorted, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out so that the League could swab the inside of her mouth.

Dinah, excepting Abbie's "offer", took a cotton swab and scrapped the inside of her mouth, before doing the same with the younger Abbie, M'gann, & Conner.

"She's Abbie, alright. DNA confirms it." Dinah told them, reading the results.

"Great. Now what?" Conner groaned.

"You let her do what Bart brought her here for; let her help younger Abbie control her powers. Cause like Bart said- who better to train Abbie then Abbie?" Dinah told them.

"This is gonna be weird." M'gann sighed.

"Look on the bright side; we know what happens to at least one of our children." Conner pointed out.

"Yeah, one out of three is perfect." M'gann scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"Hi Nelle!" Abbie cooed, greeting her younger cousin in her saber form.

"Is she really Bart's team's version of Wolf?" La'Gaan asked.

"Yes." Abbie nodded, petting a purring Nelle.

"So what kind of childhood did you have?" Tim asked.

"A very... Interesting one." Abbie smirked. "Especially my hairstyles!" She gushed.

"Your hair couldn't have been that interesting." Jaime scoffed.

"I had dreadlocks in middle school and an undercut my senior year. My sophomore year was probably one of my less great hair styles." Abbie explained to them.

"What'd you have sophomore year?" Cassie asked.

"I had the entire right side of my head shaved. I didn't really like it though. But I couldn't just morph it back to my old hairstyle or people would get suspicious, so I parted my hair to wear I could cover it." Abbie said.

"Any tattoos or piercings?" Raquel asked.

"Tattoos? No. Piercings? Oh my God yes!" Abbie gushed.

"I was covered! I had an eyebrow ring, a belly bottom ring, I got my tongue pierced for my eighteenth birthday, I got two lip rings, spider bites, my ear lobes were stretched to half an inch, I had both of my tragus's and my scaffolds pierced as well. Oh! And my hip bones! Now those were painful, but definetly worth the money." Abbie gleamed.

While Abbie continued to gush about the piercings she had while she was an adolescent, Conner & M'gann were listening, appalled by the fact that their daughter had so many piercings.

"Damn girl! That's a lot! How many of them did you actually get done instead of shape shifting?" Raquel asked.

"My hips, my tongue, my ear lobes, and my belly button. Everything else I just shape shifted."

"Which one was your first piercing?" Garfield asked.

"Besides my ears, definetly my spider bites." She grinned.

"And yet you have no tattoos?" La'Gaan asked.

"No. I'm not really interested in tattoos. Lisa, however? Major tattoo junky. She's got more tattoos then I do piercings!" Abbie cried.

'Oh my God. I don't know if I wanna hear this!' Conner groaned through the mental link.

"How many does she have?" Tim asked.

"Last I checked, over twenty."

Everyone's jaw dropped.

M'gann and Conner's oldest daughter had over twenty tattoos, and her little sister had had over nine different types of piercings.

"And our older selves were okay with this!?" M'gann yelped.

"Oh hell no! Lisa was grounded for, man, almost a year when she got her first tattoo done. But it was mostly because of her age, to be honest."

"... How old was she?" Conner questioned.

"Spoiler alert. No comment. But, I will tell you what it was." Abbie compromised.

"What was it?" Jaime asked.

"Dad and Kal-El's insignia on her shoulder blade."

"Don't you mean Grandpa?" Raquel commented.

"Me, nor any of my siblings, have called him that in decades. Lisa's still pissed at him and she's usually the more forgiving one out of all of us. If it wasn't for the fact that he and Dad share the same insignia, she would've gotten her first tattoo removed." Abbie snarled.

And with that, she phase shifted through the floor and disappeared.

"Hi older me." A three year old Abbie cooed, waving at her older self.

"Hey mini me." Older Abbie smiled.

"Daddy and Mommy say you're gonna help me control my powers. Is this true?" She asked.

The older of the two nodded.

'But first, there's something really important that I need to tell you.' She said, creating a mind link between the two of them.

'What's that?'

'... There's gonna be bad guys- a lot of bad guys- that are going to try to kidnap you. Most won't succeed. But some of them will. Just remember that there will always be someone to protect you. Ok?' Abbie explained to herself.

'Like Mommy and Daddy?' She asked.

'Just like Mommy and Daddy.'

'And Lisa and Mark?'

'And Lisa and Mark.' Abbie said, giving her younger self a fake smile.

She hadn't seen Mark in months, and hadn't seen Lisa in years.