"Janelle is a… human?" Jaime asked, eyes wide.

"Not only that, but she's clearly pregnant." Tim reminded him.

"Bart explain this- Now!" Dinah explained.

"This is Janelle. She's my girlfriend. Has been since I was eleven." Bart said.

"Is she related to Gar?" Cassie asked.

"I'm his daughter." Janelle pipped up. "Just don't tell him. Not right now anyway." She added.

"Since Garfield is your Dad I believe it's safe to assume that Raven's your mother?" Tim assumed.

"Yes. I'm child number three out of four." Janelle told them, not mentioning the fact that her younger and only brother was stillborn or that her Mother would join him in the afterlife soon after him.

"Would you like an ultra sound?" Dinah asked her.

"Yes please." Bart nodded.

They both followed Dinah to the medbay, but Tim, Cassie, & Jaime stopped Bart before he could get very far.

"Dude! How long have you known about this!?" Jaime interrogated.

"Which part? The part where my girlfriend is two of our teammates youngest daughter or the fact that she's pregnant with my son or daughter?" Bart asked.

"Second." Tim growled.

"Around the time Jai showed up." Bart answered.

"You know, eventually, you're going to have to tell Gar she's his & Raven's." Cassie reminded him.

"I know. I know. Look, I gotta go." Bart said, racing off.


"Your baby seems healthy. Based on her measurements I'm putting you at 24 weeks." Dinah told them.

"Cool. Wait-! Her?" Bart asked.

"We're having a girl?" Janelle asked.

"Oh God! I didn't even think to ask if you wanted it to be a surprise or not! I'm so sorry!" Dinah apologized.

"We're not mad. We just both had the feeling it was going to be a boy." Janelle reassured her.

"Tunapaswa jina yake baada ya ndugu yako." Bart told her.

The language other then English was clearly confusing the Leaguer.

"Unataka kutoa binti yetu jina mvulana?" Janelle cried.

"Aina ya kike ya ni jina pretty." He informed her.

"Oh." Janelle said, before thinking for a moment.

"Vizuri basi jina lake katikati ilikuwa baada ya shangazi yako. Alikuwa tamu." She added.

"Could you two speak English please?" Dinah begged.

"Sorry." The expectant couple grimaced.

"Thank you. I'm putting your due date on April 6th. I will see you in three weeks for another appointment. I expect the League- or at least your families- to know about this by then." Dinah told them.

The young couple internally gasped, heartbroken at the date Dinah told them their daughter was going to be joining them.

April 6th was the day Garfield died.


Garfield & an eight year old Janelle were playing Monopoly on the kitchen table that was nestled in the corner of the small kitchen in their equally small home.

It had been two years since Raven & Charlie had died. Charlie's unused nursery was still the same, in the small bedroom across the hallway from his parent's room & next to his third oldest sister.

The Father-Daughter duo had grown even closer then they already were, Garfield being protective of his youngest (living) child. Her sisters, Savannah and Bianca, didn't need his protection, being in their mid and late twenties.

But Janelle, barely eight years old, needed Garfield's guidance.

"That's my property, Daddy! You gotta pay me $200!" Janelle beamed, pointing to the metal dog on the square with the blue house.

"Dang. It is. Ok. Here's $200." Garfield said, handing her the two fake bills.

Before Janelle had a chance to make a move, screams & sirens could be heard through out the compound.


Snatchers were ghost like monsters that worked for the Reach, taking children and teenagers to work the fields. If you tried to escape or tried to keep someone from getting snatched, you were killed.

"Daddy?" Janelle asked, scared.

Garfield wasted no time in turning a lion, grabbing his little girl by the hood of her cloak, & running out the backdoor towards the woods on the outskirts of the compound.

He didn't have to look behind him to know that they were being followed.

Making a sharp right, he leapt over serveral fallen trees, before stopping at a large oak with a small entry way at the base. He quickly placed Janelle inside, before turning into his human form.

"Don't move unless you see an adult you recognize. I love you Cupcake." He cupped her cheeks in his hands, kissed her forehead, before turning into a lion & running off away from her.

She never saw him alive again.

Bianca and Savannah would find her within the hour, while Uncle Conner and Aunt M'gann would find Garfield a mile deeper into the woods, dead, his throat slashed open by snatchers.


Janelle awoke with a gasp, remembering the memory of the night she lost her Dad to Snatchers.

"Nelly? You ok? Is the baby okay?" Bart asked, sitting up at the sound of her gasp.

"Y-yeah. She's fine. I'm fine. I just had a dream, s'all. Go back to bed Bart." She reassured him.

It had been a week since they learned their baby was a girl, & they had already bought a crib, mattress, a dresser/changing table combo, and several clothes & diapers.

Being unable to sleep due to the combination of the memory of losing her Father and her Daughter moving around rapidly inside her, Janelle got up and walked straight to the crib they had set up in the corner. Laying on the floor next to it, was a can of pink paint and several small letters.

In just four short months, Charlotte Dawn Allen-West would join her Mother and Father in their small Central City apartment.

Janelle and Bart couldn't wait to meet their beautiful daughter.


It was Lisa's fifth birthday, and the birthday girl was ecstatic. Quietly, without waking her sleeping, soon-to-be six year old older brother, she climbed out of her bed and went straight from their shared bedroom to their parents and younger sister's room down the hallway.

At four in the morning.

The first thing she saw when she entered the room was her Mom's sleeping form, her stomach just starting to poke out, growing bigger as Lisa's unborn sibling grew.

Luckily the hallway light didn't reach M'gann's face, so she remained asleep.

Next to her, his back towards her, was Conner, softly snoring & blissfully unaware of the wake up call he was about to get from his oldest daughter.

Between the sleeping parents, was Abbie, who had abandoned her toddler bed in the middle of the night to snuggle with her parents.

'Abbie? Are you awake?' Lisa asked, starting a mental conversation with the toddler.

'… I am now.' Abbie groaned.

'Good! I'm gonna wake up Daddy!' Lisa beamed.

Instinctively, Abbie rolled over closer towards her Mother, as Lisa catapulted herself on to the bed.

"Daddy! Wake up!" Lisa hollered, jumping up and down on the queen sized bed.

"Ugh. Lisa Marie." Conner groaned, as his daughter leaned down to smack his shoulder, desperate to wake him up and get him out of bed.

"Lisa, baby, it's four in the morning." M'gann groaned, looking at the clock.

"So? It's my birthday. Waaaake up!" She groaned.

"Okay. Okay. We're up." Conner groaned, rolling out of bed & scooping up his two daughters.

"Where's your brother?" M'gann asked.

"Still asleep." Lisa told her, as Conner carried her & Abbie towards the kitchen.

"What do you want for breakfast, birthday girl?" Conner asked her.

"IHOP!" She hollered.

M'gann smiled, before entering her two oldest children's room. "Mark. Sweetie, wake up." M'gann cooed, gently shaking her step-son's shoulder.

"I don't wanna get up." Mark groaned, pulling the covers over his face.

"I know baby. I know. But you're sister is adamant about us spending the entire day celebrating her birthday." M'gann sighed.

"Where are we going?" Mark yawned, sitting up.

"IHOP. Let's get dressed, honey." M'gann smiled, kissing his forehead.

"Okay, M'gann." Mark said, climbing out of bed as M'gann walked out of his room, flipping on the light as she left.

Arri nuzzled the small boy as he walked towards the dresser, liking his cheek before she and Wolf followed after their owners.


An hour later, and the soon-to-be family of 6 were sitting at a booth in IHOP, all eating breakfast as four out of five members were desperately trying not to fall asleep from exhaustion.

'What time is Jai & Lian coming over, Momma?' Lisa asked.

'We're meeting them at the Cave in a few hours.' M'gann told her.

Lisa smiled, before digging into her syrup drenched pancakes.

"Mark? What do you want to do for your birthday?" Conner asked his son.

"For the new baby to be a girl." Mark told his Dad, swallowing a bite of his French toast.

His Dad and Step-Mom were surprised. They figured Mark would've wanted a baby brother, given the fact that he already had two little sisters.

Why would he want three?

"You don't want a brother?" M'gann asked. Mark shook his head no.

"You're weird Marcus. All boys want a brother, why don't you?" Lisa asked.

"Don't call me Marcus, Lisa Marie." Mark growled, before going back to eating his breakfast & ignoring the question.

"So me, Mark, Lisa, and Daddy want it to be a girl. Mommy wants it to be a boy." Abbie said, eating her omelet.

"What are you guys gonna name the baby?" Lisa asked.

"Depends on if it's a boy or a girl. Me & your Daddy talked about it. If it's a boy, I'm naming it. If it's a girl, Daddy's going to name it." M'gann cooed.

"First name or first and middle name?" Abbie asked.

"Both." Conner answered.

"What are you gonna name it?" Mark asked, repeating Lisa's question.

"I ain't telling." Conner smirked, drinking his coffee.

"Noah." M'gann responded, her hand on her stomach.

"Noah?" Lisa and Abbie chimmed.

"I like Noah." Mark said, drinking his milk.

'We might have a big brother named Marcus, and a little brother named Noah?' Abbie said, starting a mental conversation with her older sister.

'See what Daddy's gonna name it if it's a girl.' Lisa told her.

While Abbie attempted to read Conner's mind, M'gann stopped her.

'Abigail Nikkole Kent. What did me and your Father tell you about reading people's minds?' M'gann scolded.

'Not to do it…' Abbie pouted.

'So why did you?' M'gann asked.

'Lisa wanted to see what Daddy was gonna name the baby if it was a girl.'

'Lisa Marie Kent. Don't have your sister read people's minds. It's rude.' M'gann scolded.

'Sorry mommy.'

"Daddy, why won't you tell us what you're gonna name the baby if it's a girl?" Lisa begged.

"I'll tell you guys if the baby happens to be a girl." Conner told her.

All three children groaned unanimously.


Later that day, all the kids were showing up at the Cave to celebrate Lisa's birthday.

"Happy Birthday Lisa!" Jai hollered, handing Wally the giant bag that held Lisa's birthday present as he ran towards his best friend, throwing his arms around her.

Lisa happily hugged the already five year old boy.

"Wanna go play?" Lisa asked. Jaiyden nodded, before running towards the living room with Lisa, two year olds Melissa and Irey trying desperately to keep up with them.

"Jai! Jai!" "Wait up Jai!" The identical ginger wins hollered, hurrying after their brother, as Artemis quickly followed after them.

Wally laughed, before carrying the bag towards Conner.

"She's excited." Wally said, as he and Connee walked towards the Cave's living room and kitchen.

"Tell me about it. She's gets more and more excited every year." Conner sighed.

"What are you gonna do for Mark's birthday?" Wally asked.

"I have no idea." Conner sighed.

By the time they got to the common area, Artemis and M'gann were already chatting in the kitchen.

"So how's the baby?" Artemis asked.

"Good. I can feel it move around here and there. Four more weeks until we find out what it is." M'gann smiled.

"Let's hope you & Conner give me and Wally another Godson." Artemis cooed, not afraid to admit she was on Team Boy.

"Speaking of Godchildren, can me & Conner expect anymore from you & Wally?" M'gann asked.

"Not anytime soon! Maybe in five or ten plus years we'll think about having another. But as of right now? Three is plenty." Artemis said, as Conner & Wally walked towards their significant others.

"So how's my Goddaughter doing?" Wally grinned.

"We don't know that it's a girl, Wally." M'gann groaned.

"Well me and Supey say it is." Wally smirked.

"You know, I can't wait till Victoria is born so you guys will stop arguing." Older Jaiyden scoffed, grabbing a coke from the fridge.

"Jaiyden!" Older Mark & Abbie hollered, making the speedster realize what he had said.

"Oops!" He grimaced.

"Dude! We were right! It is a girl!" Wally cheered, high fiving Conner, earning an eye roll from M'gann.

'Victoria?' She questioned, starting a private link between her and Conner.

'I like the name. Besides, you were going to name the baby Noah.' He said.

"Way to go Jai." Mark growled, crossing his arms at his brother-in-law.

"What? They were gonna find out what it was by the end of the month anyway! Why does it matter? Not like I mentioned Noah or Hanna!Shit!" The speedster swore.

"Jaiyden Micah West! Will you shut the fuck up already!?" Abbie screamed.

"Both of you watch your mouths!" Artemis scolded.

"Noah and Hanna?" Wally questioned.

"We have six kids?" Conner yelped.

"Oops. Hehe, spoiler alert." Jai gulped.

The news that she was going to have two more children caused M'gann to lay in the fetal position on the kitchen floor. When Conner went to go comfort her, she snapped at him.

"Get your fucking hands off me, Conner!" She growled.

"So what's Victoria's middle name gonna be?" Wally asked, curious.

At that moment, Lisa & a younger Mark walked up to the group.

"The baby's gonna be a girl?" Mark asked, excited, earning a nod from his older self.

"THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" Lisa screamed, running around the room.

"I'm getting another sister! I'm getting another baby sister!" She cheered, racing around the Cave.

No one paid much attention as she ran down the hallway.

Until they heard her scream.


We should name her after your brother.

You want to give our daughter a boy name?

The feminine version of it. It's pretty.

Well then her middle name should be after your aunt. She was sweet.