Growing up, Maggie, Stiles and Scott were always sort of oddball kids. Maggie was a tomboy nerd who was too tall for her age, Scott was always the quiet one and Stiles…well Stiles just wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. Despite how different they all were, they were pretty much inseparable. Scott knew that Maggie had crushed on Stiles even as kids but Stiles only ever seemed to have eyes for Lydia Martin. Maggie would never admit her feelings out loud but she often shared looks of disappointment with Scott while Stiles fawned blindly over Lydia.

Maggie and Scott had a special bond. After Scott's parents got divorced, his father just sort of disappeared and Maggie's father left so early on that she barely remembered him. They understood what it was like to wonder why they weren't worth sticking around for. When Maggie and her mom suddenly disappeared at 10 years old, both boys took it pretty hard. Scott knew she wouldn't have left like that by choice but Stiles felt betrayed. His pain only amplified when his mother died shortly after and his best friend wasn't there to comfort him when he needed her most. He swore to himself that he'd never speak to her again if she ever showed her face in Beacon Hills and as fate would have it, she would return. Stiles tried never to let his mind drift back to the past because it held so much pain for him as far as Maggie and his mother were concerned but somehow it's managed to weasel it's way right back into his life at this very moment.

Stiles and his dad sat in his squad car eating another fast food dinner and getting in some father/son bonding which was mostly small talk as Stiles itched for a call to come in over the radio.

"Did they forget my curly fries?" Sheriff Stiles asked looking over at his son as he rooted through the bag of food.

"You're not supposed to eat fries, especially the curly kind." Stiles said babying his father. The doctor told him he needed to watch his cholesterol and Stiles seemed to be the only one doing that for him.

"Hey I'm the one carrying the lethal weapon here. If I want the curly fries, I will have the curly fries." The Sheriff said making Stiles roll his eyes.

"If you think getting rid of contractions in all your sentences makes your argument anymore legitimate, you are wrong!" Stiles teased. His father looked over at his remark and saw that he was proud of himself for burning his father. He let the silence fill the car before breaching a sensitive subject.

"So I got a call last night from one of your mom's old friends. She's moving back with her niece and is going to be starting at Beacon Hills High soon." He said making Stiles snort.

"I hope you didn't say I'd show her around because I have way too many-" Stiles started to say when his father interrupted.

"It's Maggie." Stiles froze as he stuffed food into his mouth. He hadn't heard that name in so long he secretly hoped he was mistaken.

"Maggie Stevens?" Stiles asked to be sure but his father nodded.

"She goes by Maggie Carter now. Took her aunt's name after they took her in." His father explained and Stiles sighed.

"Why are you telling me this? You know I don't care. It doesn't change anything." Stiles said taking a drink of his soda.

"Come on Stiles. She's been through a lot too and she's going to need a-" Stiles was the one to cut his father off this time.

"A what? A friend? She doesn't know the meaning of the word. I don't care what she's been through, I'm not going to act like she didn't up and run away without even bothering to tell me." Stiles felt his bitterness showing.

"Maybe she's got a good reason?" Stiles looked over at his father incredulously.

"Maybe she does but what's the good reason for not calling or sending a letter, anything? No she wasn't here when I needed her the most. She wasn't here when…just forget about it. She can find some other suckers to befriend. Plenty of freaks at Beacon Hills High." Stiles looked out of the window and heard his father sigh.

"You know how much your mom loved her. She always thought you two-" Stiles slammed his drink down on the dash.

"DAD! Please…just stop alright. I'd rather eat in an awkward silence then have to take a trip down memory lane to hell. Can we please just change the subject?" Stiles asked firmly and the Sheriff put his hands up.

"Fine. Sorry I brought it up but whether you like it or not, Maggie is coming back to Beacon Hills and you'll have to face her sometime." The Sheriff looked at his son who couldn't wrap his head around forgiving his childhood best friend. Just as he was starting to over think the situation a call came in over the radio snapping them both out of the intense conversation prior.