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The true lives of Jenny and Johnny

Chapter 1:

Calamity Crash (Jenny)'s POV:

"Poison! Behind you!" I screamed, the red head ducked narrowly missing a shot. He spun on his heal ghosting the drac with one swift shot directly between the eyes.

He turned and smiled his dazzling smile at me, I was momentarily stunned. Party Poison was my best friend. We had been friends ever since Dr. Death Defying had found me and my twin Johnny abandoned in the desert. It was the year 2013. I was 12.

He brought us back to the diner and introduced us to the 4 kids already there. Party was 14. Jet Star the same age. Kobra Kid, poisons younger brother was the same age as me and Fun Ghoul was 11.

We immediately became friends and fell right into the family. I got my aliases that year. My killjoy name.

Calamity Crash.

It fit me perfectly as I have to be the most clumsy person to ever walk the face of the earth.

And here I am 2019, 18 years of age and already I've shot down more Dracs than you can count.

"thanks crash" he said giving me a high five.

"no problemo party" I giggled. Okay maybe I had a tiny, weeeny little crush on him. This did not however improve my already non-existent stealth.

I turned to walk past party towards the car and somehow managed to trip on nothing. How clever am I?

"whoa there!" party laughed catching me. "where ya' goin'?" he helped steady me and I felt my face turn the same shade as his hair.

"oh, y'know here and there" I mumbled.

He laughed at my sarcasm.

"y'know I don't understand how one person can be so clumsy! You definitely suit your name, Calamity Crash"

"oh har har! Never heard that one!" I scoffed. It's true the amount of times the guys have used that on me!

"hey guys! C'mon before they send another horde of Dracs after us!" my brother, bullet revenge, called.

"we're coming!" poison yelled. Then he turned to me. "race ya!" and with that he turned on his heel and ran off in the direction of the car.

"oh sure! Race the klutz!" I shouted after him. "you'll never win" I made sure my sarcasm was heavy with that last part.

I faintly heard him laugh. I sighed and made my (careful) way back to the Trans AM.

The drive back to the diner was short and rather stuffy, Jet drove while Ghoul sat in shotgun. Kobra, Bullet, poison and me had to squish into the back seat. I was practically sitting on Poisons lap.

"so poison, what were you and Crash talking about back there?" Ghoul piped up raising his eyebrows and smirking. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bullet tense. Don't get me wrong I love him, but he's WAY to protective.

"I was telling her how her name fits her" poison told Ghoul. A slight scold in his tone for what he was suggesting.

"yeah, it was a great way to thank me for saving your sorry ass!" I shot at Poison

"hey YOU were the one that fell when you went to walk, not me. But thanks" he said. I pouted. Earning a few giggles.

"I can't help it if I'm a klutz!" okay that sounded REALLY childish.

"true that!" Kobra piped up.

"humph!" I scoffed crossing my arms across my chest and looking pointedly out of the window.

The group erupted into laughter. Ghoul even wiped a few tears from his face.

"aww! C'mon now! You're being more childish than Ghoul!" Poison said once they were done laughing.

"Hey!" Ghoul said, mocking hurt. His hand on his chest as if he were offended. Okay that got me. I cracked up with laughter.

God I love these guys!

Party Poisons POV:

We made it back to the diner before sun down. The sign that once read 'DINER' now reading 'DIE'. That was Fun Ghoul's idea. He thought it would be comical and that if Dracs ever came they would take the hint. But no Dracs ever came here. No one knew we were here.

I looked over at Crash. She was sat at a booth having a conversation with Show Pony, Dr. D's accomplice, I decided to not interrupt their conversation. It's probably about something girly. See even though Pony was a man, he was a very girlish man. He wore white leggings with blue polka dots and a white belly top reading 'NOISE'. Over his leggings he wore a black thong.

All Poison could think about lately was Crash. The way her bright blue eyes shined all the time, the way her black hair framed her perfect face. She was wearing purple fishnet tights, denim shorts with braces. The braces were covered with pins and badges. She had a blue short sleeved top on with 'Art is the weapon' printed across the back. Her purple gun was in a holster around her waist. She had a knife belt tightly wrapped around her left thigh. And black knee length converse.

She was beautiful in Poisons eyes. But they were best friends. She didn't like him back. And he definitely didn't want to ruin his friendship with her.

"Yo! Poison! Come help me with this!" poison heard Kobra shout from outside. Poison walked out to find his younger brother crouched down beside an old motorcycle, which he'd been repairing for the last 3 weeks. His face was covered in oil.

"can you hold this for me?" he asked holding out a wrench. I took it and sat down in the sand next to him.

"so how's it going with 'you know what'?" Kobra asked. He was referring to my 'Crash crush'. I sighed.

"not so well. She doesn't like me back."

"I think she does" he replied

"and how would you know that?"

"she looks at you different. I've seen how she looks at me and Ghoul, and then how she looks at her brother. Then there's you and it's just... Argh I dunno. Different"

"huh" was all I managed.

"so are you gonna make a move?" he asked, I could practically hear the grin in his voice.

"no" I said flatly

"what? Dude c'mon!"

"I don't want to ruin my friendship with her..." I mumbled. This was true, but it wasn't the whole story. Her brother is like SUPER protective and I don't want to get on his bad side.

"fine, whatever man" Kobra sighed, clearly he was disappointed.

It was awkward after that. I handed him the wrench a few times and held on to whatever else he threw at me until it started to get dark and we were forced inside.

My brain was buzzing with thoughts. I could tell it was going to be a long night.

Kobra Kids POV:

Poison went straight to bed once we got into the diner. Which was crazy since it was only 8:30. But I didn't argue. I wanted to talk to Ghoul.

Something's up with my brother and I want to know what. I stalked down to the underground bedrooms, which was once a 'panic room' and walked down the corridor. I walked past Dr. D and Pony's room, past Bullets room. And stopped at the second door on the left. Ghoul and Jets room. Directly opposite was mine and Poisons room and next to it was Crash's room. She gets her own room because she's a girl.

I knocked on the door and waited. 5 seconds later Ghoul answered and let me in.

"hey Kid" Jet said seeing who it was.

"hey" I muttered in reply

"what's up?" Ghoul asked

"its Poison" I said monotonously. "has he um, been acting... Strange to you?"

Ghoul glanced at Jet who nodded.

"um yeah I guess. He seems a bit... Uh..." Ghoul started

"Distant?" I finished for him


I sighed. "well you guys should know he's totally in love with crash" I said, quickly adding "do not tell him I told you!"

Ghoul scoffed and Jet rolled his eyes.

"Duh!" jet said.

"he told you?"

"nah" Ghoul said offhandedly. "it was easy to guess though" he smirked

"I've told him loads of times to make a move but he won't. He says it's because she probably won't like him back a-"

"is he fucking blind?" Ghoul interrupted. "of course she does!"

"let me finish! Anyway. He thinks she won't like him back and he doesn't want to ruin his friendship with her. But I think there's more. I've told him countless times that she likes him but he won't listen to my evidence"

Ghoul bit his lip and Jet scratched his Afro.

"well?" I said after a moment of silence.

"I dunno Kid, we'll keep an eye out" jet said sighing.

"Kay, well I'm gonna hit the hay guys g'night" I said stifling a yawn.

"night" Ghoul and Jet said at the same time.

I left the room and walked into my room. Poison was in his bed pretending to be asleep but I knew him too well. I decided to leave him though and change into my pj's.

Once changed I crawled into bed and lay there. Worrying about my brother. Then it struck me. Bullet. Crash's older brother. Maybe he had something to do with it.

I decided that in the morning I would tell Jet and Ghoul then confront Bullet. I mused over what I would say and how he would react and gently drifted off to sleep.

Calamity Crash's POV:

I awoke to the sound of laughter coming from upstairs. I hopped up and managed to not fall flat in my face. I scavenged around for my clothes and quickly pulled them on.

I pulled an old brush through my greasy hair. Thank god with it being black. No one will notice. I pushed open my door and made my way upstairs.

"She's alive!" Ghoul announced, holding his hands in the air and sounding like a mad scientist.

I giggled. "hey, uh what time is it?" I asked.

"some time around 10" poison answered

"holy shit. Why didn't you guys wake me?"

"we aren't doing anything today, so we thought we'd let you rest" Bullet muttered

"although I'm surprised Ghoul didn't wake you up. The noise he was making" Kobra laughed

Ghoul glared at him and mumbled. "Bitch ate my last pack of haribos"

"So how come we aren't doing anything today?" I asked

"nothing to do really" Kobra said with a bored expression.

"well actually we ran out of haribos" Ghoul said sticking his tongue out at Kobra.

"yeh when I think about it guys we are low on gun batteries too" poison pointed out before Kobra could respond.

"yeah and I need shampoo" I added.

Everyone except Kobra rolled their eyes and muttered. "Girls".

Kobra looked at them and mumbled "well actually guys I need some too"

Ghoul rolled his eyes and sighed. "like I said girls!"

Kobra leaned over and punched Ghoul in the arm causing Ghoul to yelp.

"well then it's settled. Me and Crash will go get supplies from the vending machines, Kobra and Ghoul you guys can get supplies from the store" poison said.

"and what are we going to do?" Jet asked.

"whatever the fuck you want man, as long as you stay here. We need someone to keep a look out" answered Poison

So it was settled, me, poison, Kobra and Ghoul hopped into the car. Me and poison were to drop Ghoul and Kobra off at the market then once we had our stuff loop back round and pick them up. It was an 'Easy peasy pumpkin peasy pumpkin pie' mission, as Poison said it.

20 minutes later poison and I were speeding off in the direction of the vending machine having just dropped off Kobra and Ghoul.

We arrived at the vending machine and he slipped in a device called a Venda-hack as I covered him. He punched in a few codes and out flew around 10 batteries. It's a pretty genius invention.

He smiled up at me. Suddenly a loud screech filled the air. It sounded like tires skidding to a stop. And sure enough when I turned around a black BLi car was halted right I front of ours. 5 Dracs hopped out of the car and shot blasts in our direction.

"shit!" I screamed ducking for cover as 2 blasts flew by where my shoulder was a second before.

"fucking fucky fuck!" Poison exclaimed. I resisted the urge to laugh.

I pulled out my gun and blasted a drac. I was jumping and dodging and spiralling out of the way of the blasts. How I had managed to stay on my feet that long, I have no idea.

But my luck didn't hold out long because as Party shot the final drac I jumped out of the way of its blast and landed on my back in the sand.

I groaned. A laughing party poison was leaning over me.

"are- you- alive?" he gasped between laughter.

"no" I moaned. He just laughed even more and offered me his hand. I took it and he pulled me up. He's so strong!

"you need to be more careful crash" poison whispered. He hadn't let go of my hand and we were really close. I found myself staring directly into his big brown eyes.

Slowly he started to lean in. We were inches apart. The next thing I know his hand is out of mine and he's about a mile away from me. Okay maybe a bit less than a mile...

"um uh I uh" he stuttered scratching his head.

I felt tears threaten to spill over my eyes but I held them back. I was NOT going to cry.

"we should, um, y'know Kobra and Ghoul need us to um" he mumbled.

I nodded and pushed past him to the car. I sat in the back. For a moment he looked hurt but I think it was just a trick of the light. He shook his head and got into the car.

The car ride was the most awkward thing, we didn't talk. I didn't want to talk. My voice would surely betray me. We only had to wait 2 minutes before Ghoul and Kobra hopped into the car. Kobra claiming shot gun.

"hey! How was your trip?" Kobra asked.

"we ran into a couple Dracs, nothing much" party answered not taking his eyes from the road.

I think they got the hint because none of them spoke for the rest of the ride. Ghoul kept looking from me to poison.

Once we got back to the diner I jumped from the car as fast as I could manage. Poison jumped out after me.


"go away poison!"

"crash I'm sorry! I should never have tried to kiss you!"

"wha- you think- UGH! Your so stupid Poison!" I couldn't believe my ears. He thinks I'm sad because he tried to kiss me! Ugh! I stormed into the diner making sure to slam as many doors as possible.

Party Poisons POV:

"okay poison. What was that!" Kobra asked, shocked at what had just happened.

"after the Dracs attacked us I tried to kiss her" I muttered

"go you man!" Ghoul said slapping him on the back.

"but I pulled away. I didn't want to rui-"

"you always say that Poison! She likes you back! Why can't you see it!" Kobra yelled suddenly angry

"I- I"

"you are so stupid Poison! But guess what? Your friendship was ruined when you pulled away!"

"Kobra I-"

"you saw the way she reacted when you apologised for TRYING to kiss her. It wasn't that! She's upset because YOU pulled away!" And with that he stalked off into the diner.

"Well" Ghoul said.

Ghoul gave me a worried glance then followed after Kobra, I felt my knees hit the sandy floor. I didn't have the heart to move. Kobra's right. I ruined my only chance.