Chapter 6:

Calamity Crash's POV:

"I'll never join you!" I spat. I screamed as Korse turned the electric chair I was strapped too on. I panted. He'd been doing this all night.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and a Drac entered. He saluted to Korse and handed him a note. As soon as he handed over the letter the drac left.

Korse unfolded the note and a sickening grin spread across his face.

"change of plans Jenny-"

"Calamity Crash!" I interrupted.

"your father wants to see you" he carried on as if he hadn't heard me.

Fear trickled down my spine. Or maybe it was the electricity which he STILL hadn't turned off!

He laughed at me and switched off the electricity

I struggled as he came near me.

"get the fuck away from me!"

He laughed and started undoing the bonds on my wrists and ankles. Once he had undone them he cuffed me and dragged me from the room.

"your father was heartbroken when you and Johnny left you know"

"my father doesn't have a heart!"

He slapped me hard across the face.

"don't talk about your father like that!"

I glared at him. I felt my cheek throb from where I was hit. Damn that'll leave a mark. I looked around and saw that he was dragging me through some sort of prison.

There were cells upon cells of killjoys all staring at me through the bars, some with looks of utter horror on their faces.

Then I recognised one of the killjoys in the cell. Dj Hot Chimp stared at me, his face showing a look of pure terror.

He shook his head slowly back and forth as if he couldn't believe his eyes. I struggled against Korse but he only gripped me tighter.

"now now Jenny don't struggle"

"For the last fucking time my name is Calamity Crash!" I screamed at him.

I could feel everyone staring at me.

"your father will be so disappointed in you Jennifer!"

"I don't give a shit! He can rot in hell!" I shouted with venom.

He slammed me into a wall and pinned me there. There were whimpers from the cells around us.

"if I had it my way you would have been dead the moment we found you! But since you are the only one capable of killing the music makers you are here and you WILL cooperate!"

I heard gasps from the imprisoned killjoys.

"never!" I choked. He pulled me off the wall and continued dragging me to my fathers office.

"we'll see about that" he sneered.

He halted me outside some heavy wooden doors guarded by 2 Dracs. He knocked once.

"come in" came a muffled male voice from inside.

Korse pushed open the door and dragged me inside. He slammed me down into a chair but this time I wasn't tied down.

"Ah! Jennifer!" a man behind the desk in front of me said, he had a false grin plastered in his face.

"long time no see!" he mused. I glared at him. Then he looked me over, his brow furrowing.

"could someone get Jenny some clothes please?" he directed at nobody. I looked down and realised I was still only wearing underwear and Party's top.

"who's shirt is that Jenny?" he asked me. I didn't reply, no way was I telling him!

"I believe it's Party Poison's sir" Korse answered for me.


"yes sir, Party seems to be the most protective of Jenny."

"he is now is he?" my father said smirking at me. "and you and Party Poison, you... Ah... Love him?"

I froze. This could not be good.

He grinned. "wonderful! He shall be the first to die!"

"NEVER!" I shouted. His face turned stony.

"you will do as I say Jenny! Or there will be consequences! You can do it the easy way or the hard way!"

I spat at him.

"you WILL kill Party Poison wether you like it or not!"

"No! I won't!"

"so be it!" he sighed. "I hate to do this Jenny but you've left me with no choice... Korse you know what to do"

Korse grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up. He lead me from the office and back down the jail corridor.

"what are you going to do to me?" I asked trying to hide the fear in my voice.

"isn't it obvious Jenny?"

I stayed silent. He sighed. Then it hit me. He was going to brainwash me.

"NO!" I yelled and I struggled agains his vice like grip on my shoulder. It was no use.

He lead my down a different corridor and into an elevator. He took me down to the 4th floor and onto a corridor there were doors all along the corridor. He halted me in from of one and pushed me in.

I was strapped onto a chair. There were Dr like things in this room, but they weren't the good kind. I struggled and struggled but it was no use. I was trapped.

One of the Doctors approached me holding a big ass needle filled with opaque liquid, it glinted all different colours, purple, gold, blue, green.

"don't!" I tried to scream but it was too late, the Doctor pushed the needle into my neck and everything went numb.

Party Poisons POV:

"okay so, any questions?" I asked

"uh yeah, how exactly are we going to get out once we get Crash?" Ghoul said raising his hand like a school child.

I groaned. I hadn't thought about that.

"we'll go out the same way we got in!" pixie chimed in. "listen guys, it may not be the best plan but we don't have time, if we don't leave now it'll be too late!"

"Pixie's right, it's been a day already, we can't leave it any longer" Kobra piped up, smiling at Pixie.

"okay then! Are you ready Ray?" Poison asked.

"yeah!" Jet shouted slightly taken aback by Poisons sudden use of real names.

"how 'bout you Frank?"

"oh I'm there baby!"

"how 'bout you Mikey!"

"Fuckin' ready!" he said, they all looked at Poison.

"well I think I'm all right!" he muttered.

"well then! Let's go!" Ghoul said springing up from his seat, they all did the same apart from Pixie, she was staying to look after the diner.

We piled into the car, I was driving this time, Kobra was in shot gun. I started the engine and sped down the sandy 'road'.

-*time lapse*-

We could see the faint outline if Battery City in the distance, a strange wave of determination and adrenaline coursed through my veins.

I sped the car up, soon enough we were approaching the toll booth in the tunnel leading directly into the heart of the city, or BLi headquarters.

Kobra and Ghoul quickly shot the 2 Dracs guarding the gate and Ghoul hacked into the system. He opened the gate and put the Dracs into a sitting position on the 2 chairs.

He rushed back into the car and we sped off again.

"Kobra radio Pixie and tell her were almost at the headquarters" I instructed. Kobra wasted no time and did exactly as he was told.

There was a light up ahead in the tunnel and soon enough we were engulfed in the light. I drove into an alleyway and stopped the car.

"right now all we do is wait" i whispered. Not long after I had spoken those words some patrolling Dracs walked across the opening of the alley only to be knocked out by the Kobra and Jet.

We swapped our clothes for the drac's disgustingly plain uniform and mask. The uniform was slightly big for Ghoul but it wasn't too noticeable.

We left the alleyway dressed in our new attire and sauntered off into the building. It was almost funny how no one have us a second glance.

They split up, Ghoul and I went up to the prison cells which we knew was in the 12th floor. Kobra and Jet went to the questioning rooms in the 6th floor.

Once me and Ghoul arrived at the cells we couldn't believe our eyes, there were hundreds if Killjoys in the cells. There weren't many Dracs in here as all the Dracs were patrolling outside the doors of the corridor.

My heart skipped a beat when i saw a face i recognised. Dj Hot Chimp. He looked terrified, as if the world was going to end.

I tugged on Ghouls sleeve.

"Ghoul there's Dj" he whispered

"oh my fuck your right" Ghoul whispered back.

I approached him. He whimpered and backed away from the bars slightly.

"Dj?" I whispered. He squeaked. "Dj it's me Poison"

" P- Poison?"

"yeah, where's Crash?"

"the- they took her to the brainwashing rooms" he sobbed quietly.

"No.. No, Dj what floor is that in?"

"f- floor 4, I- I think"

"okay, hold on I'm going to let you all out. When I let you out run straight back to the zones, don't linger in the city just keep running okay?"

They all nodded. I looked at Ghoul and together we started opening the cell doors. The killjoys piled out muttering thankyou's. Some even crying.

Me and Ghoul ran out ahead and shot the 4 Dracs patrolling the doors. We ran straight to an elevator and pushed the '4' button.

I pulled out a radio.

"Kobra come in" I muttered into it. I was answered by empty static.

"Kobra do you read?" still nothing, I looked at Ghoul, something was terribly wrong.

2 minutes later the elevator slowed down and the doors opened with a 'ding'. Me and Ghoul ran out into the corridor and were met by about 50 guns pointed right at us.

"drop your weapons" one of the Draculoids said. Me and Ghoul did what we were told. Korse stepped forward out of the crowd and pulled off our masks.

"Party Poison! Fun Ghoul! How nice of you to join us! Your brother will be pleased we found you!"

"what have you done to my brother?"

"oh nothing... Yet" he smirked. "come along"

We were cuffed and forced forward down the corridor. We were shoved into the fourth door we came across, the walls were plain white and the floors were a gray carpet.

Kobra and Jet were both knelt in the floor restrained by a Draculoid. Me and Ghoul were forced into the same position.

I looked at Kobra but he was too busy staring at something in the corner. A look of pure defeat on his face. I turned my head to look at what he was staring at and felt my heart sink.

There she was, Crash was stood in the corner wearing a blank expression, her pretty blue eyes no longer blue instead they were fully black. She was wearing a plain white blouse and a black pencil skirt.

Korse stood next to her. She looked at him and smiled a fake emotionless smile. What had they done to her?

"Crash?" I gasped, my voice barely more than a whisper. "what did they do to you?"

"Silence!" Korse shouted. "Jenny, you know what to do" he handed her a gun. She looked at it for a second then looked back at Korse.

She nodded then looked at me. I heard Kobra gasp beside me.

"No." he whispered. I saw Ghoul tense up as Jenny approached me.

I felt a tear trickle down my face, this was it. I'm going to die.

"Crash! You don't want to do th- OW!" Kobra began but stopped when the drac pulled his hair.

She knelt down in front of me and smirked.

"Crashy?" I whispered.

She laughed a cold menacing laugh.

"my name is Jenny" she said. I felt my breath catch, they really had brainwashed her.

I looked right into her eyes but they weren't her eyes. Crash's eyes were blue not the horrible black they were now.

I felt the brim of the gun in my temple and heard the horrified screams of my friends.

My crash, my personal sunshine had gone black. My world felt cold.

"well now this could be the last of all the rides we take
So hold on tight and don't look back
We don't care about the message or the rules they make
I'll find you when the sun goes black" I sang my voice barely more than a whisper. She froze.

"and you only live forever in the lights you make
When we were young we used to say
That you zonly hear the music when your.."

"heart begins to break" she whispered. Her eyes were changing. They were no longer black, they were blue again.

"now we are the kids from yesterday" I finished. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Jenny's eyes were back to normal her cheeks seemed to have colour again and she wasn't smirking she looked angry. She had emotion.

"do it Jenny!" Korse urged.

She stood up but didn't remove the gun from my temple. Kobra gasped. Jet froze and Ghoul was slowly turning blue.

"I've told you Korse" Crash said politely still looking into my eyes.

"My name is Calamity Crash" she growled and shot the drac holding me. Before the other Dracs could come to terms with what was happening she had shot them down.

She turned to a shocked Korse.

"oh and... Tell my father 'adios!'" and with that she ran from the room, me and the others close behind her.

I pulled the chain on the cuffs apart, hah shitty little things. Ghoul saw and did the same.

"well aren't they great handcuffs!" he said rolling his eyes.

I laughed.

"this way, hurry!" Crash instructed.

She lead us into a room and we gasped for breath.

"okay what's the plan?" she asked

"Kill the boss" I answered.


"well we're here now" I said with a shrug.

"yeah but it's gonna be a lot harder than that." she said.

"Crash, you're the only one that can kill us remember."

"yeah but Party, that doesn't mean you can't be shot. You can die but you just regenerate."


"you come back to life... Unless of course I kill you. But that's not the point, what I'm saying is, you can still die but you only die for a certain amount of days, or hours. Your body physically dies but you come back"

"so they could capture us"


"it's a risk were gonna have to take!"

"your sure?" she asked.

"positive, you stay here okay?"

"no! Why?"

"because we don't want you being captured"


"GUYS! If we're gonna go we need to go now!" Kobra interjected.

"Just please stay here" I pleaded.

"fine. His office is on the 25th floor" she huffed.

I pulled her face up to mine and kissed her softly. "thank you" I whispered.

I turned to follow Ghoul, Jet and Kobra out the door.



"I love you"

I turned around to see her face stained with tears. "I love you too"

And I ran.

Fun Ghouls POV:

There were lights blaring and alarms going off. We ran into the nearest elevator surprised by the lack of guards.

"they must all be all downstairs" Kobra suggested.

"they probably think we're trying to escape" Poison said.

He punched the '25' button and the lift rambled upwards.

It took what seemed like a lifetime to get to the floor but eventually the doors dinged open. And what a surprise, Dracs were everywhere.

Lasers flew threw the air, I jumped and dived and saw the others doing the same. Soon enough half of the Dracs lay on the floor.

"Ghoul! Behi-" I felt a searing pain hit my back and everything went black.

Party Poisons POV:

"Ghoul!" I screamed running towards the small bloodied form on the floor. I shot the last drac and scooped Ghoul up into my arms.

I knew he wasn't dead, or permanently dead, but I had essentially just seen my best friend die.

"Party c'mon we need to keep moving!" Kobra whined.

"we can't just leave him here! They know he isn't dead!" I shrieked. I was still in shock, I never thought I'd see Ghoul like this. No longer smiling his cocky grin.

"party's right. They could take him and hold him hostage" Jet sighed.

"well we can't exactly take him with us!" Kobra yelled, looking around frantically for oncoming Dracs.

"there!" I shouted pointing to a nearby storage cupboard. I carried ghoul bridal style to the cupboard and laid his body carefully on the floor.

I got up and ran to the door. I took one last look at Ghoul and closed the door. I nodded to Kobra and Jet and we sprinted down the corridor.

The corridor was long but there wasn't anymore Dracs. I felt uneasy. This was just too easy! Then we neared the end of the corridor.

Dracs with huge guns stood guard of heavy wooden doors. There were at least 6 of them. They carried different guns to the other Dracs, guns somewhat resembling machine guns.

I looked at Kobra who nodded and aimed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jet do the same. I took a deep breath aimed at the Dracs and fired.

Calamity Crash's POV:

I sighed to myself. There was no way I was staying here while I could be doing something useful. I pulled open the door and jogged down the corridor.

If I was right at the end of this corridor there should be a metal door leading to the control room. The drac control room.

I held the white laser gun firmly in both ands as I jogged down the corridor.

I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding in when a large silver door came into view. It was totally un-guarded.

I approached the door and tugged on the handle. It didn't budge. Damn you needed a pass card. Or...


The sound reverberated down the empty corridor and the electrical scanner buzzed and faltered. The door swung open.

I had to hold back my 'whoops' of joy as I stalked into the room. It was small but it was lines with machinery. There was no one else there. I smirked to myself. This should be fun.

I shot multiple times at the closest machine. I jumped around shooting the whole time sending brightly colours lasers all over the room.

Machines exploded in a mass of sparks and the slow rumble of the machines faltered and eventually stopped. I had done it. I had disabled the Dracs.

I sunk to the ground and admired my handiwork. A smirk etched into my face.

Party Poisons POV:

2 Dracs dropped immediately, the remaining Dracs spun around and immediately started shooting. We dived for cover. Fuck those guns were fast!

Suddenly there was a loud 'SNAP' and the Dracs froze. I looked at Kobra and jet, they were wearing the same confused expression I had on my face.

I motioned for them to stay put and I cautiously stepped forward. It could be a trap.

I stepped up to one of the immobile Dracs and prodded it with my gun. It wobbled but otherwise didn't move.

I motioned for the guys to follow and we barged through the wooden doors.

Kobra Kids POV:

The office was large and the first thing we noticed were about 20 more immobile Dracs. The next thing was a dark figure leaning by the desk in the right hand corner.

He was looking away from us. Out of the window which completely covered the far wall.

"I know you've come to kill me" he drawled still looking out of the window.

We pushed last the Dracs and stood in the middle of the floor. Our guns aimed right at him.

"but I'd like to say this" he drones in a bored voice. He turned and I gasped he looked almost exactly like Jenny and Johnny when they were younger. Light brown curly hair. Full lips, the only difference was the eyes. His we're grey.

Also his hair was curler than Jenny's, Jenny had slightly straighter hair which only curled at the tips, Johnny had his hair though.

"you'll never win Killjoys"

"I think we already have!" Poison spat.

"oh I wouldn't be so sure!" the boss sneered. I felt a gun jab me in the back of the skull and saw the same happen to Jet and Party in both my sides.

I placed my gun in m holster and raised my arms.

"you see ki-" BANG

The doors flew open and the gun on the back of my skill disappeared there were 3 loud 'thuds' as the BLi officials fell to the floor. I recognised the one by Party as Korse.

Ghoul stood in the entrance with Show Pony, Agent Cherri Cola and Dj Hot Chimp.

"N- no!" the boss stammered backing up against the window. "p- please don't h- hurt me!"

"Shut up!" I spat shooting the glass behind him. He flinched as it shattered. The room went cold.

Party approached him, his gun aimed right in between his eyes.

"you are a coward" he sneered.

The boss whimpered. He looked down at the pavement bellow and a bead of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Then he froze, relief flooded over his face and he smirked back at the killjoys.

Then he fell.

We ran to the window but instead of the falling boss we saw a hover craft. The boss smirked up at us. He had a large controller in his hands. As we watched he pressed a large red button and waved.

Not good.

Red lights swirled and sirens echoed into the rooms. A drawling mechanical voice was slowly counting down.

"emergency incineration downtime 10 minutes" it droned.

"SHIT!" we moaned in unison.

Calamity Crash's POV:

No one came but about 20 minutes after I disabled the Dracs a mechanical voice was telling me the building was going to explode.

Great. So obviously I ran.

I ran towards the nearest exit. I wrenched open the door and ran full belt down the fire escape. There wasn't anyone out there.

I ran away from the building.


I turned in time to see sparks fly and flames shoot up. I reached to remove my mask from my face and with a jolt I realised I'd left it in the building.

I knew what I had to do. I turned and ran. I didn't look back.

Party Poisons POV:

"Crash" I whispered, but only I heard over the sirens. I sprinted from the room and back down to the floor we left her on. The guys keeping pace behind me.

"Crash!" I yelled wrenching open the door. It was empty.

"C'mon Party she must have gotten out" Jet said. I nodded.

Outside there was a mass of Killjoys and BLi workers.

"Crash!" I yelled searching for her. I ran through the crowd. She wasn't there.


I felt my heart sink. No. She must have escaped. She must have!

I ran towards the smoking building but I was restrained by arms grabbing my waist. I kicked and swung my fists.

"Poison! Poison calm down!" Kobra said to me.

"I will not! I need to find Crash!"

"Party Poison you listen to me! If you go in there now you will die!"

I felt tears run down my face. I didn't care. Kobra dragged me to the Trans AM

-*time lapse*-

Crash wasn't anywhere. We searched for days once the fires stopped. The only thing I found was a charred and bloodstained mask.

Crash's mask.

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