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Chapter 22


Six months later…

A lot has happened since we came home from Colombia. Once the plane landed Carlos, Miguel and I immediately stopped by the hospital. We knew that my parents would want to see that Miguel was okay and I wanted to check on my mom. We didn't stay long, but my family was thrilled to see that Miguel was still a happy and loving baby boy. Grandma Mazur insisted on inspecting every inch of Miguel to make sure that he was really okay. Once Grandma was convinced that Miguel still had all of his fingers and his toes, she handed him to my dad who insisted on introducing him to all of the nurses at the nurse's station that was just outside of mom's door. I thought that I was going to have to pry my son from my father's hands when it was time for us to go home.

Mom had to spend a few weeks in the hospital to begin rehabilitation. When the doctor finally released her, Bobby offered to take over working with her. While my mom worked with Bobby in the gym, my dad would spend time with Miguel, usually taking him to the park to feed the ducks. This gave Carlos and I plenty of quality time in the afternoons.

Carlos even hired someone to help mom with the housework. Mom was reluctant at first, but eventually agreed on the condition that it was on a temporary basis. As far as the 'Burg is concerned, my mom is a celebrity. Mom currently outranks Angie Morelli, who was the most revered woman in the 'Burg. Mom is pretty please with her newfound celebrity. She constantly is invited to over to "Burg homes because they want to hear about mom taking a bullet to protect Miguel and Addison Rose. I'm just glad that mom is the talk of the 'Burg instead of me.

Javier was sentenced to ten years for rape that he record onto a DVD. Unfortunately, Javier will never fulfill his sentencing. Javier spent the first month in a Colombian prison living through the same hell the he pot each of his victims through. Apparently, prison guards are less likely to protect you if one of your victims is the little sister of one of the guards. Javier was found dead one morning in his cell. It's still unclear if Javier was murdered or if he committed suicide. I don't think that the prison guards felt that Javier's death was worth investigating.

The Rivera family compound was sold at auction. The property was then donated to the charitable foundation that the Sanderson family runs. It was donated to their foundation on the condition that the compound would turn in a center to help victims of rape in Colombia. That's how the Maria Perez Center Rape Crisis Center was born. The compound was turned into a residential facility to help victims of rape in Colombia. The center offers counseling, medical care, job placement, and in some cases will help with adoption for those who become pregnant from rape. All of the services are offered at no charge to the clients. When Reyna learned that the compound was going to be used to help victims, she decided that she wanted to move back to Colombia to help. Carlos made a phone call to Mrs. Sanderson to let her know about Reyna desire to help. Mrs. Sanderson immediately called Reyna and offered her a job as the house mother for women that choose to stay at the center.

My little boy is growing up so fast. He's already crawling and standing. He's also started speaking. Just as I feared, Miguel's first word was 'Boom'. I blame Demo for teaching him that. I quickly forgave him since his second word was 'Mama'. The Merry Men decide it would be funny to teach him to put both words together, so Miguel learned to say 'Mama Boom' pretty fast. Every time Miguel would say 'Mama Boom' the Merry Men would cheer which would encourage him to say it even more. Carlos wouldn't admit it, but I think that he was a little jealous that Miguel's first and second words weren't 'Dada'. When Miguel finally began saying it, Carlos would carry Miguel around to all the Merry Men's desk asking Miguel, 'Who Am I?' I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair one day when Miguel answered 'Mama' instead of 'Dada'.

Miguel's first birthday is just around the corner. Since Javier and his father are no longer a problem, Carlos and I decided to send Maria's parents plane tickets, so they can be with their grandson for Miguel's first birthday. Allie Jo and Ella are helping me plan a huge party to celebrate. My entire family and all of Carlos family are coming from Newark and Miami for the party. I am really excited that Julie is coming up for the party. I also can't wait for Miguel to try his first piece of birthday cake. I hope that Miguel takes after me and loves cake as much as I do.

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