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/ Chapter 9 /

'Tomorrow is another day.'… how true that would be.

Maybe Mycroft was wearing a charming smile with polite gestures, but never think that he is harmless; he is a dangerous person.

There were loads to do for Mycroft in a day, the Queen and the country, plus he constantly worried about his younger brother Sherlock. But there would not be a problem to add one more person on his list, and after all, Harry was the matter.

Mycroft took out his pocket watch, Harry's smile was beautiful as always, and that made Mycroft smile too. He knew that he needed to talk with Miss Granger. She was Harry's friend and it seemed she knew something. He texted his assistant. In no time, he got the reply.


Hermione Jean Granger (19th September, 1979)

New PA to the Prime Minster, stated from 1st January 2003

Born in London

GCSE result 8A* and 2A

A-Levei result 3A

Graduated from Brown University, Providence (As a transfer student at Oxford University in her first year)

Studied in International Relations and Public Administrations

Lived with her parents (both are dentists, currently at Southgate)

Additional information about Mr. Potter, he will become the new chief of the Special Defence Unit of MI6, starts from 1st January.

Besides, we found that Mr. Potter, Miss Granger and the boy are now in the London Zoo.


Amazing. Mycroft was astonished. A witch and a wizard can have a faked record in the government system, and without any notice, the Prime Minister must do a great job on it.

Wasting no time, Mycroft got ready and left home, hopped onto his car and headed to the London Zoo.


It would a bit ridiculous to wear a three-piece suit to the zoo, therefore Mycroft dressed in a casual way – without his waistcoat and tie, and the shirt was left the top three buttons opened.

He looked fresh and casual when he hopped off the car. With the information from his assistant, Mycroft found that small company in five minutes.

Instead of walking towards them and asking "Would you mind me join?" Mycroft choose to follow them.

Mycroft kept the safety distance from Harry, so that they would not get notice of him. He saw Harry with a little boy who had the same jet-black and bright green eyes as Harry. The mysterious boy was so adorable, Mycroft really didn't care if Harry did have a son, as long as Harry could come back to him.

When he saw them stop at the giraffes, they fed the animals and the boy giggle a lot, with the smile on the boy's face, he just looked like a mini Harry. Mycroft couldn't help it; he took out his phone and started taking pictures.


Even today was a Wednesday, but it was New Year Day, luckily the zoo was not too crowned, therefore Teddy was held hand-in-hand with Harry and Hermione, and this time. Like their usual visited, they went to meet the giraffes first.

As Teddy loved giraffes so much, they stayed there over an hour, feeding them, taking a lot of pictures, Teddy even named each giraffes himself, he never given up and asked whether they can have one at home.

"Teddy, you already have loads of giraffes at home." Harry kissed Teddy's forehead.

"But I can't ride them daddy." Teddy blinked.

"Ride on a giraffe? Hmm… I think there will be much more fun riding on a broomstick." Harry suggested.

After that, they stopped by the Reptile House. The snakes were happy to see Harry again, since not much human can talk to them.

Normally they were complaining about how boring their life could be, they needed some new friends here, and they were losing their appetite because the food was awful. But today, one of them said, "Harry, I see there is a strange man at your back… never see him before… his eyes keep following you… but funny… I can smell care… did you know him?"

Harry tried to turn around, and the snake spoke again, "No… Harry… he seemed to notice… and now he is hiding behind the column…"

Harry bit his lower lip and tried whether if he could see the man in the glass panel's reflection. But to no use, he couldn't see anything. Who would be that man? Why was he following them? He lowered his voice and told Hermione what the snake told him.


When Mycroft saw Hermione walking towards him, he was shocked. Since he had found a good spot to hide himself and there should be no reason that he got to be noticed. However, he was dealing with people who know magic… that would be another story.

Mycroft stayed calm and greeting Hermione with a polite smile, "Good morning, Miss Granger. How nice to see you here."

"Same to you, Mr. Holmes." said Hermione, "What makes you come here? You seems not that kind of person who is interested in animals."

"The zoo is open to public, and I…"

"Hey, here you are Mycroft," a cheerful voice from behind, a man with dark curly hair who was a few inches shorter than Mycroft, was approaching.

"My brother, Sherlock. It is Miss Hermione Granger, the Prime Minster's new PA," said Mycroft.

"Nice to meet you Miss Granger." Sherlock smiled.

"Another Holmes… perhaps we need some special arrangement then." Hermione muttered, then turned back to Mycroft, without took out her wand; she cast a silencing charm over him and herself. She leaned forwards and said, "I don't know what you're up to, but don't give me a reason to hex you, Mr. Holmes."

She removed the spell and shook hands with Sherlock, "Nice you meet you too." and smiled at Mycroft. "Well, I better go now. Wish you two have fun today and will see you tomorrow at the office."

They both were watching Hermione retreating and Mycroft said, "What are you doing here Sherlock?"

"I'm trying to help." Sherlock shoved his shoulder, his eyes narrowed, "Interesting… She is different from us. It's hard to define, but she does not 'belong' to this world, our world. Where is she from? She did say something to you, but why I can't hear that?"

"You're better not to know." Mycroft said sulkily.


"Who are those guys?" Harry asked when Hermione came back.

"The Holmes brother." said Hermione. "Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes."

"They are brothers? Hang on, Hermione, you just said his name was Sherlock Holmes?" Harry asked.

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"I knew Sherlock Holmes."

"What are you saying Harry?" Oh no, there would be a big trouble. Hermione felt her feet were icy cold now. "How did you know about Sherlock Holmes?"

"From MI6 of course," said Harry, "Remember I was having training there, and that gave me a chance to get hold of some classified files. Sherlock Holmes has a file there."

"Is he an agent? Did you meet him before?" Hermione asked nervously.

"No. As I remembered, his file is under a category of 'Surveillance 2'. Of course I didn't go through every single file, there are over thousands there, I just read those are about us."

Hermione exhaled silently, she felt revealed. Lucky that Harry knew about Sherlock Holmes and never met him before. Otherwise, she needed to modify Harry's memory again. If not, Harry would notice that his memory had been modified.

After all, she was the only person that known Harry's secret.

"Hermione, do you know anything about Mycroft Holmes? Why he is following us? Honestly, I really don't know what he wants from me…" Harry hissed. "He would be a nightmare. I can imagine that I will have a tough time to work with him."

"He said he was visiting the zoo, apparently with his brother." Even Hermione never believed a word form Mycroft, but, she couldn't tell Harry the truth, "Well, the zoo is opened to public."

"That prat is so strange… said something strange to me last night, and now following me…"

"Why don't we go the Diagon Alley to join Ron for lunch?" Hermione suggested.


Next day at about noon, before Mycroft left his office, he received a phone call from an unknown number. He ignored it. And a second later, there was a text.

** Good morning, Mr. Holmes. It's Hermione Granger. Please stay, I am on my way. **

Mycroft was never expected that Hermione Granger would come to visit him. Therefore, he stayed in his office and waited for the knock.

However, no one was outside the door.

There was a strange noise came from his fireplace. Mycroft stared at it, suddenly, there was a green flame lighting the fireplace, then he saw Hermione Granger, dressed in an executive suit, with 2-inch heels and a handbag in her hand, walked out of the green flame.

"Good morning, Mr. Holmes." said Hermione, she dusted off her skirt. Mycroft saw she took out a wand from her handbag and muttered something.

"Sorry for the late notice." Hermione apologized, with a smile on her face, she put her wand back into her handbag.

"Good morning, Miss Granger. You just cast a spell, what is that for?" Mycroft pointed the fireplace, "And how is that work?"

"A protection charm, to keep our conservation in secret. And that is a Floo Network; a transportation system for witches and wizards. By the way, welcome to the Wizarding World. No worries, I will never pop-in without notice." She put down a wooden box on the office table, "Besides, the fireplace in your home is connected to the Network as well. Oh, call me Hermione, please."

Mycroft was looking at the box, and wonder how that handbag can manage to fit them. Before he reached out his hand, they were glowing. "That box is a…"


"A mailbox?" Mycroft asked.

"Yes, we are not dealing with technology, therefore we can't send you information thought an email. Of course we can Owl you but it would be very odd that an owl is flying in and out all day."

"Owl? So that is true that you are using owls to deliver letters." Mycroft did not surprise.

Hermione nodded, "So, that is the solution. We can communicate with each other by using it. Mr. Holmes, when you find the box is glowing like right now, that means you have a message. Since it was you who signed the Oath, then there will be no one can see the glowing or open the box except you; and we have another one for your home, just in case. If you are looking for us, you can call us or stop by at our office."

Mycroft opened the box and found that there was a pile of parchments. He took them out and had a look.

"These are the records of our kind who are active at the Muggle Britain. Most of them are under the MI6 Surveillances 1 or 2," Mycroft looked at Hermione, she said, "They may have a special talent, but they are all no harm to the public."

"I have a question." Mycroft crossed his arms over his chest.

"Just ask."

"Why you call us 'Muggles'?"

"That means non-magic people, just like you call us witch or wizard."

Mycroft nodded, "And where is your office, Miss Granger?"

"I share the office with Harry, at the Diogenes Club." Hermione handed Mycroft a name card.

"The club is…"

"For men's only." Hermione interrupted, "I know, but I don't need to get in there by using the front door."

"Ah, the Floo Network." Mycroft was wondering how powerful that magic would be.

"Yes. For the absolute-silent rule, that makes a perfect choice as our office. Also, you stay there quite often." Hermione rose from her seat and said, "Will you have time Mr. Holmes? I would like you can join me with lunch."


They ended up sitting in a teahouse, in the foyer. When the waiter finished their order, Hermione cast a non-verbal silencing charm.

"You cast a charm again, and you did it yesterday as well. That's the reason why Sherlock can't hear you." Mycroft raised his eyebrow.

"Mr. Holmes, there is one thing you should know, do not try to bug or set up any camera in our office, it never works." Hermione looked into Mycroft's eyes, with a mischief smile.

Mycroft smirked, "Don't be so sure."

"Well, the anti-Muggles spell can absolutely make ALL electronic devices malfunctioned. You can try, but it would turn out a record of white noise and a snow video recording."

"Should we recruit witches and wizards to become our agents and spies?" Mycroft said, still wearing a polite smile.

"After the Declaration, I think that is possible." Hermione added milk to her tea. "Let's don't talk about work. You do know why I ask you out, Mr. Holmes."

"Harry." His eyes stared at the bushy-haired woman.

Hermione nodded, "I told you to stay away from Harry, why you followed us at the zoo yesterday?"

"Miss Granger, you said that Harry no longer remembers me, there are only two circumstances that a person can lose his or her memories. Amnesia, one's memory lost because of a head injury or brain damage; or under a self-defence mechanism - a psychological reason - mentally deleted or hidden certain memories to ease the hurt and pain. Otherwise, the person is under hypnotism." Mycroft's sharp eyes were telling Hermione he would never give in.

"No." Hermione said softly.

Mycroft glanced at her face.

"You think Harry has amnesia, or is hypnotized, well, that's a very logical assumption. And under either condition, memories can be recovered. But, you need to know, we are witches and wizards, for what we can do, it's beyond your -Muggles'- imagination. And for your information, Mr. Holmes, there is nothing you, or me, can do to recover Harry's memories." Hermione sipped the tea.

"Nothing is impossible." Mycroft was not a person who would give up easily, "and nothing is too late."

"Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop." Hermione leaned back, turned her face and looked away, sighed, and looked at Mycroft again. "Just like Harry and you. Mr. Holmes, you barely know anything about Harry. You never know where he came from, and what he had been through. May be you like him, or love him with a passion, but I doubt it. Harry deserved anyone that loved him but you."

"For what that makes you think I did not deserve Harry?"

"You never treated him seriously. You lied to him, denied the relationship. For me, you just played with him, and you are the kind of person that never want a relationship. You just take what you want, you don't care about him, and was never in love with him. If you do, then, on that day, when he turned and walked away, you should chase him and caught him right there, without hesitation. But you didn't, that broke Harry's heart, and that made him to make a decision and ask for my help." Hermione never forget that face, which was full of tears and pain. She had never seen Harry had such face before, not on the day Cedric died, not the day he lost his godfather, and not even the day they lost Professor Dumbledore.

"Mr. Holmes, you told me that you searched for Harry for years. Why?"

Mycroft never known he needed to gain someone's trust, Hermione was full of doubts about his intention. It was so hard for Mycroft to confess that he was wrong, but he really wanted to know what Harry did to himself.

"I understand your concerns, Miss Granger. I am not a saint and I may made a mistake, but I want to know what Harry asked from you."

"Some mistakes can be fixed, but some of them cannot. I hope you understand, I will always be by his side so don't give me a reason to curse you. For all my wish is Harry's happiness. He deserved someone to care him and love him unconditionally."

"I am and I can." That was the reason Mycroft spent all those years to search Harry. "For all I want to know, is what happened to him, Miss Granger?"

Hermione shook her head and stood up, waved her hand casually to removing the charm.

"I know Harry since he was eleven, and for all Harry wants, is a family. Never promise anything that you can't give, Mr. Holmes. Don't bother Harry, he has a family that he never dream of." Before she left, she turned around, "You do know I'm not Harry's fiancée, so what's the point to ask?"

"To ensure there is nothing between Harry and me." Mycroft said firmly.