Emerald Dawn
Summary: Holy accurate arrows...

YAHF: Xander as Green Arrow... Xander dresses as Green Arrow, one of his favorite characters due to the fact that Green Arrow is one of the few non-superpowered heroes in comics who continually save the world and play in the big leagues.

Keeping the skills from Halloween afterwards, he decides to hone his skills as an archer and use his new aptitude to his advantage... namely taking on as many vamps as possible... Could also be a pairing with someone, maybe Cordelia, who went as Black Canary and kept the memories / skillset...

Disclaimer: None of the original photos belong to me, all I own is the time used to make the pics :)

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M (Methos)

Emerald Dawn

By Oxnate

Thanks to Methos for the prompt that prompted this fic. And the cool artwork. (on TTH) And for saving me from trying to think up a music related title. :-)

And a special thank you to souldriven for all their help with this story.

Disclaimer. I don't own Buffy or Green Arrow.

I'm not a big comic book fan and don't know much about Green Arrow so don't worry about not knowing much about him yourself. I read the backstories on Wikipedia and will be using some of the darker ideas but altered. It will be completely AU as far as the Green Arrow comics are concerned. This fic is about Xander and what he would do with the skills and memories of Oliver Queen. Specifically, the archery skills.

I never understood why the Slayer – and especially everyone else – mainly used stakes and crossbows. Crossbows are ok, but good poundage ones take forever to reload and light ones have very limited range. Bows are faster to reload than the lightest crossbow, more accurate, and have greater range. The downside is that it takes years to become good whereas crossbows are easier to learn. And the advantages of spears over stakes will become obvious to you when Xander teaches the others.

Ok, enough preaching. On with the show.

Chapter 1.

Oliver Queen was very confused. He found himself not in Star City, where he had gone to bed, but in some unnamed suburbia. There were monsters everywhere chasing the human residents. He realized he was dreaming and that the monsters were probably representations of the ills of society tearing suburbia apart. Drugs, crime, poverty, and (shudder) homeowners' associations. He had his bow and he had a quiver of arrows. They were deadly broadheads rather than his normal trick arrows. He supposed this meant he was supposed to kill these monsters instead of trying to capture them.

He began shooting as he walked. He had shot five monsters and was lining up a shot on a smallish one when someone jumped through him. There was no force to the blow but having someone jump through him made him twitch and miss the monster entirely.

"No! Xander, some of those monsters are children." the incorporeal being begged from the ground.

Oliver sighed. This was a very strange dream. He well knew that poverty, drugs, and crime warped the youth and created a cycle of violence and poverty than homeowners' associations could then take advantage of. And now this incorporeal being, that he guessed was his conscience, was telling him... what? That he couldn't kill evildoers because they were a product of their environment? This was a very strange dream. "Well, if you're my conscience in this dream, how am I supposed to deal with these monsters?"

The woman picked herself up off the ground. How she could go through him but not the ground was certainly one of the great mysteries of the dreamworld. "I'm not your conscience Xan-" she stopped talking as she turned around. She looked very confused. "you're... not Xander."

It was Oliver's turn to be confused. Why wouldn't his dream conscience recognize him? "No, I'm Oliver." he held out his hand before realizing that she wouldn't be able to shake it. "Why did you call me Xander? Did I wander into someone else's dream?"

That shook the redhead from her stupor. "This isn't a dream, Xander. Er... Oliver. I dressed as a ghost for Halloween and now..." she waved her hand through him. "My friend, Xander, dressed as Oliver Queen – the Green Arrow and now..." she motioned to him.

"You mean, I'm possessing the body of your friend?" he asked.

"Well, a bit more than possessing. You look just like the Green Arrow. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Other people transformed more than you." she motioned to the monsters he had shot.

He swallowed. Hard. "Those were real people?"


After a couple of deep breaths a thought occurred to him. "Who are you and how is it that you know what's going on?"

She shrugged. "Oh, my name's Willow and I went as a ghost. I guess I'm just a ghost of me. Which is good. Because Buffy... Buffy! We have to find Buffy!" the Willow-ghost ran off.

Queen had no idea who or what a Buffy was but was was willing to follow the redheaded ghost in this maybe-dream for now. A scream came from up ahead and he ran past Willow.

"Remember to try not to kill them!" she shouted at his back.

Oliver sighed and adjusted his aim from the heart to the shoulder. The arrow struck home with a meaty 'thwack' and the beast cried out in pain. Oliver placed himself between the monster and the girl who might be Buffy. They closed for hand to claw combat; he ducked and dodged a few weak blows while batting at the arrow still in its shoulder. Every blow caused the monster to cry out in pain. It quickly hightailed it to lick its wounds and perhaps find easier prey.

"Oh my. That was very brave of you, good sir. Like the tales of Robin Hood come to life."

Oliver smiled at the reference and bowed. "My lady."

"Great. Glad you two are friends. Now could we please get moving? We need to get her inside before more monsters find us." Willow suggested.

"Do you know a place?"

Willow thought for a moment, "Buffy's is closest. Follow me."

Oliver got a bit of a thrill beating up the pirate and saving the... princess? Or lady. She wasn't exactly his type but her gratitude seemed to grate on the man who claimed to be her boyfriend. And he was happy for that. The guy had scared her away in the first place. Plus, he got the pirate's sword out of the deal, so a nice bonus there.

Then the ghost known as Willow came around the corner and warned them that monsters were on the way. Just seconds before said monsters showed up.

"Those are all kids?" Oliver asked as they started to retreat.

"The leader is a real vampire. Don't know about the rest, but I'd assume so." she answered, slightly out of breath. How a ghost got out of breath was hard to say.

"Well in that case..." Queen stopped, spun, and loosed an arrow straight into the vampire's heart.

The monster grunted in pain and stopped running which stopped the monsters behind him too. "Stupid ponce. Metal won't kill me." he said as he started to remove the arrow. Another arrow lodged itself in his skull. He collapsed, quivering, with arrows in his heart and brain.

Oliver knocked another arrow and drew a bead on the next biggest monster. "Are any of the rest of you immune to arrows?"

The monsters looked at each other then turned and fled. Oliver released the tension in the bow and put the arrow away. Then he walked over to the still seizing vampire. "This is a real monster? How do we kill it?"

"Wood through the heart." Willow answered.

Oliver found a piece of broken pallet and went up to the blonde vampire. He swung for the man's heart but a strong hand stopped him. Angel, the one who'd scared the Lady Buffy.

"I'll do it." he whispered. "It should be me."

Ollie didn't argue. He handed over the wood then stepped back to watch either entrance to the alley they were still in.

Angel whispered something in the monster's ear. Then a quick thrust, a poof of dust, and it was all over. Angel walked back and returned Oliver's arrows to him. "Thanks." he whispered. Ollie nodded back. One warrior to another.