The Fake Boyfriend!

This story is prewritten. I'm rewriting this because it was terrible in grammar and punction. All I want now is a better story so I hope you enjoy! This is based off the book "The fake boyfriend" but changed. I don't own Danny Phantom nor the ideal plot.

Summary:One summer can alterate every aspect of one person. Its comical how one minute your bestfriend turns into your enemy. Sam's exfriend is lieing about a fake boyfriend. So when Sam makes her own he comes to life, things only become more ludicrous for dear Goth by the way what is Fenton hiding?

A pale skinned girl sighed as she lied two attires on her queen-size bed. She reached out a hand to stroke her charcoal tresses out of her face. She clutched her robe as tighten the belt and bit her purple lip stain lips. She was going to an university in Amity Park; she has brought a dorm and everything she need for the institute. Her lilac eyes inspect at the two outfits. One was a dark tank-top with a violet oval with black and leaf green plaided skirt as the other was a black off the shoulder tanktop with faded dark jeans.

Where's Jessica when you need her? Jessica was Sam bestfriend and Sam missed her ridiculously. Jessica was a short, pale, short curly haired girl with innocent grey eyes, she always had natural beauty. Jessica's family got wealthy by her father's promotion and they move to Hawaii for the summer. Jess would send her long detailed emails about the residence, automobiles, airplanes, water jets, and her day on the island.

"Ugh, I worn this in freshman year!" Samantha or Sam sighed as picked up the clothing, "It's too snug anyway."

She slipped on a pair of jeans and the off the shoulder top, bounding on one leg, putting on her high-hill boots. She heard her phone ring and beamed. It was an online game on her phone called Doom, she was currently messaging a guy named, DFenton. Her user name was: Chaos and even though they never met nor seen each other face to face, she delevop a weeny infatuation of him.

DFenton.: hey dher.

Chaos: hey rite back cha.

DFenton: whatcha doing?

Chaos: getting ready 4 college cutie u

DFenton:Same beautiful

Chaos:beautiful? When did i bcum beautiful?

DFenton: when i became a cutie. :D

Chaos: lol... wht college ur going 2?

DFenton: Wouldn't u lyk 2 kno. i'm going to Casper Collegie

Chaos: I'ma meet cha there. That's my college!

DFenton:Then i can't w8 2 meet u.

Chaos:ur a real doll sugar... whats ur first name?

DFenton: Babe, its Daniel but call me Danny

Chaos: babe? You can call me that.

DFenton: And ur name?

Chaos: opps I'm abt 2 b l8 4 my plane catch u later Dan Dan.

Sam press the end button on her phone and scampered out the house. She need to get on the airplain to on time for her first class. At this college they place girls with guys because it's less drama then putting the same sex in one room. After a four hour flight and checking in with the inne keeper Sam walked to room 129. Sam enter her dorm, as though she thought, to see a tan girl sitting on a bed. Her long light brown hair smooth, highlighted and lowlighted was dancing around her forearm. Her grey eyes seemed to be glued to her nails as she filed them.

"JESSICA?"Sam gasped.

"Samantha!" She cried hugging her.

"Wow what happen to you?" Sam asked rubbing Jessica's shoulder, maybe the tan would come off. Nope, the tan was real. What happen to her pale friend Jessica with the untamable dark chestnut curls?

"Makeover!" Jess giggled.

"And your hair..."Sam voice trailed off. Why did her friend change?

"Fake and extensions." Jessica whispers into her ear, "Any way how was your summer?" She asked pulling Sam to her bed.

"It was fine. Fighting my parents, going to Gothicapolza, same old same old. How was yours? Did you have fun in Hawaii?" asked Sam, but she didn't care for that answer. What she wanted to know is why haven't Jessica answer any of her several emails.

"I had a blast! It was amazing there! There was many hula-dancers, guys-hot guys and many Hawaiian parties! I just wish you could have came, you would have loved it. Despise the fact you're gothic." Jessica said twirling her hair.

"Um, excuse me." A voice interupted their conversation, they both turn to see a jet black hair masculine wandered in. His intense robin's egg blue eyes were illuminate through his dark lashes. Under the plain white tee he wore, they saw a body of abs accompany pair of washed out jeans and grey sneakers. Sexy, hot, fine aren't even words to describe him. He is gorgeous.

"I'm looking for my roommate... Samantha Manson." He said in an after thought, his profound voice was making both girls flush.

"I'm her." Sam acknowledged composedly, she can't get all girly over a guy. Jessica sulked with her arms crossed, why could she not have the hottie?

"I'm Danny Fenton." Sam eyes widen as she met her, now amorousness appealed crush.

Life is good!

So after careful editing Chapter one is done


~Jaded Jimmie Productions