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Sam finally came out of the bubble Gabby put her in. She noticed the crying Phantom switch to ghost and human every five seconds before turning to Jimmie and Gabby.

"What happen?" Sam asked walking around the bubble.

"Sam, he's heartbroken." Jimmie answer. Phantom eyes were closed as he switch to Fenton who covered his face.

"He thinks you hate him." Gabby explained, her voice soft, "Are you ready to talk to him?"

"Yeah break the bubble and leave." Sam asked looking at Danny. Gabby and Jimmie shot purple blast to the bubble, it burst and Phantom swayed in the air to the ground.

"...Sam... Sam... Sam..." The two whimpers not realizing they were free. The body curls into a ball; Sam walked over and wrap her arms around him. He lift his eyes to meet Sam's jewel purples. "Sam... Sam... Sam."

"Hey what's with the tears?" Sam asked sweetly and softly, stroking a thumb against his cheek.

"You hate me... and I'm inlove you." Phantom said cuddling into her arms, "I want you to love me. Why can't you love me?"

"I do love you but I also love Danny. You weren't supposed to be in my life book. You were my fake boyfriend I used you to impress people." Sam said sighing.

"I like being with Fenton, he's like" Phantom started when Danny flashed in.

"The side" Danny flashed into Phantom.

"I never" Danny said

"knew I" Phantom said

"Had. But I want" Danny said

"To stay like" Phantom said

"This and be" Danny said

"with you" Phantom said

"Forever."Danny said.

"I love you." Sam said tears in her eyes. They really wanted to be with her then Jessica jumped out of the bushes.

" No the story shouldn't end like this!" Jessica screamed, "you should be miserable like I was miserable. You shouldn't happy!"

"What happen you Jessy?" Sam asked.

"You. You're so perfect yet you don't complain. It's my time to be perfect and you actually GET the guy! That's not fair."

"Jessica we're bestfriends,-" Sam was interrupted but Jessica.

"I don't want to be your friend I want you boyfriend. Didn't you know I set all this up to embarrassed you? To destroy you? Remember how I kissed Elliot first? Remember how half the students asked me out last year? You should be beneath me!"

"Why are you doing this!" Sam asked glaring at her.

"You embarrassed me and made me feel horrible after you took the blame..."

~Flash Back~

"Hi Sam; hi Jess." Carly smiled. Carly had long dark red hair and bright blue eyes. She had the new Barbie doll tightly in her hand. The hair was long and black, bright purple eyes and wore a green sweater with dark blue jean skirt.

"Hey,your doll looks a bit like me." Sam observed. That was a little creepy.

"Yeah because you're my favorite person. You strong, sweet, nice, big hearted and a lot more. I wanted something that represents you, and your nice-ness." Carly explained as Sam blush and smiled.

"Thanks. I never saw myself as that." Sam smiled.

"I have one named Tori." Jess said tugging gently on her left ear lobe. Sam knew it was a lie, she went to Jessica's house everyday until that is when Sam's butler comes and gets her. She never told Jess she was rich because of Jessica complaint of the wealthy. She never seen the doll nor heard Jessica call any of her dolls Tori.

"Awesome!" Carly smiled, "You should bring her tomorrow and we could play together."

"I can't because... uh... because..." Jessica glance sorry eyes to Sam before screaming, "SAM LOST IT!"

"Well I knew how upset she was so I," Sam started and dug in her backpack, "brought her a new one but Tori is still greatly missed." The doll was still packaged that looked a lots like Jessica. Sam had her dress in a red tank-top and a shine grey pencil skirt with a pair of black sandals with a shine 6-petal flower on each.

"Sam?" Jessica asked, Sam has gotten her something and took the blame? It didn't feel right.

"My dearest sorries and Happy Birthday." Sam said as she walked to Valerie Grey another minor friend of them.

"You lied on Samantha!" Carly gasped which some people heard.

"How can you do that to your friend?"

"You're a meanie!" a third grader aid pointing at her.

"No please let me explain!" Jessica said looking at the crowd of people agreeing she don't need a friend like Sam. They threw stuff at Jessica, giving her small cuts and the school bully came. Jessica glance around to protection as the first blow was hit in her face. And this time Sam wasn't there to save her.

~End of Flash back~

"Jess that was eight years ago! Why didn't you tell me? I could've help you!" Sam said frowning tears in her eyes.

"You can help me now," Jessica said holding her arms out to hug her. Sam felt a tug on her arm, Danny Phantom, the new nickname she made for them, shook his head. She got up hug Jessica before she fell to the ground, a silver blade in her heart.

"Jessy why?" Sam asked as one tear fell down her face. Her eyes closed before a glow surrounded her confirming her death. Danny Phantom raced up to see her, hair black, in the tux, one eyes blue and one green. They cried over the dead body of his lover before Jessica kiss his lips...

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