"Wait a minute! Who kill mom?" A voice asked. Lilan Fenton, daughter of Danny Fenton and Sam Manson, turn her head to her older brother. His amethyst eyes widen in shock and his jaw slightly open. A clueless air was around him, yeah Andrew was every bit of his father.

"Yeah; who kill your mother?" Danny Fenton asked as he walk into the living room. His midnight tresses was over grown meaning he's been to busy to go to his barber. His blazing aquamarine eyes observed questionably in his daughter. Lilan's aquamarine eyes flared amethyst in anger.

"Everyone at the school wants mom dead because you didn't chose Tori! So I'm writing a short story about how bad it'll be if you did get with Tori." Lilan said as her mother walk through the door.

"Hey what are you all- Omph!" Sam gasped as Lilan slammed into her chest and hug her tensely.

"Mommy?" Lilan asked. That caught Sam's attention; only period Lilan called her 'mommy', she was frightened.

"It's okay baby girl. It's alright." Sam sooth her daughter by running fingers in her hair, "Look at mommy."

Lilan lift her head to stare at the beautiful color of amethyst in her mother's eyes. Sam place a gentle kiss on Lilan's forehead and rocked her side to side. Danny walked up to them and hug two of the women important to him. Danny picked up his fifteen year old daughter and place her gently on the couch. Danny begin to explain what happen to Sam.

"Lily," Sam said lightly giggling, "Tori is part of a story. She isn't real."

"What?" Lilan asked. Did she hear that right?

"Honey, Tori is a character in the book 'The Fake boyfriend'. You know by Jimmie Foley?" Sam explained.

"Yeah she writes about you two all the time. She's most weirdest writer I've ever read." Andrew said holding up a book written by Jimmie.

"So some weird teenager writing stories about you guys. So what?" Lilan asked, confused. Why were they about her for?

"She wrote that story and it isn't true. Tori isn't real she's a fictional character. In her story I'm dead; do I look dead to you?" Sam asked looking at the daughter. Lilan eyes glaze over her mother, the slightly tan skin of her mother screamed warmth and life.

"No, but how do the story ends?" Lilan asked.

"That's unknown darling. It's for the readers mind to image." Sam said before snapping her fingers, "How about you write to two different endings? You'll get more extra credit points."

"Cool; I'll be done before dinner!" Lilan said before running upstairs to her room.


Daniel held up Sam; tears steaming as he cradle her to his chest. He cried out her name until he fell on the ground. His heart was broken, his life was broken HE was broken. He pleaded and begged for her to awake but that never happen. He lied there, with her hoping she's return to him.

He was loosing energy slowly turning him into Phantom. Phantom turn to his head to see Fenton on the ground with a hand over his heart. Fenton looked so abandoned, he's rapidly dying, eyes wide open, tears still trailing with his mouth in an 'o' of horror. Phantom bit his lip; Daniel Fenton is dying from a broken heart of the only life he had, Sam.

"Sam please." Phantom begin to embrace her tighter, "Wake up. If not for me then for Danny. He's dying he needs you."


"Sam please, I need you."


"We need you." Phantom reached over and tugged Danny's wrist.

No pulse.

"He's-he's he's dead." Phantom said laying Fenton's hand on his head and Sam's cold wrist on his heart. Phantom closed his eyes and awaited for his sweet appeasement of extinction. Let God take him to his soul mate and he's other half.

(JJP- HAPPY Ending-)

Danny shoved Tori off him in disgust. He picked out Sam's fragile body and carry her into the ball. Tear swimming in his green eyes. He cuddled her into him, he felt the knife handle dance against his chest. It was chanting at him, 'Lookie here.' He flew into the ball to find Jimmie and Gabby. Once he did; he found them dancing to Whitney Huston. He blinked, he'll asked questions later; his main concern was to save Sam.

"Jay, G HELP!" He screamed. The whole ball went into silent before the sound of running heel reached him.

"Ok we gotta get this knife out." Gabby said pulling out the knife after Jimmie lied Sam body on the floor.

"Put your hand over the wound, NOW!" Jimmie instructed as Danny place his head over the blood. Jimmie snapped her fingers and the wound slowly closed.

"Uhhh Danny?" Sam asked as her eyes open to Danny's and Phantom's eyes. One side blue the other green along with on half of his hair black and the other half white.

"Sam." Phantom groan into her hair in pure happiness. She was okay; she'll live and is able to be with him!

"NO NO NO!" A voice scream ruining the moment. All eyes turn to Tori in her short grey cocktail dress, "You're supposed to be dead. Dead!"

"Girl got some nerve!" Jimmie said, preparing to run up to Tori. ClockWork held her gently around her hips. Petting her hair to calm her like Phantom had done when she was in Cujo form.

"YOU! DIE! Die die die die die! Don't live; you need to die. Not living with the ghostboy all my years of plotting on that stupid beach was for nothing! I swear I'll kill you Samantha Candace. I promise!" Tori said before she fainted. Two ghost guards carried her to a human jail.

"Okay," Dan Phantom said stepping out of the crowed, "she's a bit too insane for even my taste."

"Why are your hands so bloody?" Sam asked looking at Phantom's hand.

"I had to put it over you wound. Jimmie told me to." Phantom said putting his face into her neck.

"And the point of that?" Sam asked Jimmie.

"Just a little pay back from kissing Paullina, bestie." Jimmie said laughing as Phantom and Danny glared at her.

(One year later)

"Sam?" Phantom as held her up off the ground. They were current stargazing and chatting off Destruction. The way the met in the first place. Phantom was nerves about doing this to her. But she had to this was coming up, right? Dating doesn't last forever.

"Yeah?" Sam said smiling at him.

"Sam I love you. No I'm inlove with you, and I want you to know, dating doesn't last." Phantom said rubbing his hand down his neck. That was the Danny part him.

"Are- Are you breaking up with me!" Sam asked angrily snatching her hand free from his.

"Now Sam listen-"

"No! I mean after EVERYTHING, that happen you're breaking up with me?!" Sam asked pacing.

"Sam I-"

"You're not inlove with me. You basically wasted my time and I almost gave my-"

"LISTEN TO ME!" Phantom said grabbing her upper arms, making her eyes met his.

"What?" Sam spat out.

"I want to stop dating to," He dropped onto his knee and pullout a ring box, "to ask you to marry me." Sam stood there mouth wide open as she stare at the golden ring with purple jewels on the sides and a bright diamond in the center.

"Oh my-" Sam said, she didn't know what to say.

"So?" Phantom asked with a loving smile.

"No way." Sam said crossing her arms. Causing him to jump into an anger stance.

"What why?"

"No way I can say no. Let a girl finish." Sam said jumping on him and sloppy kiss his lip in a heated passion.

Lilian looked into the carmea as she finish reading out both verisons.

"Which verison did you chose?"

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