I do not own Natsume Yujin-Cho. This chapter is in Matoba's Point Of View.

Please Don't...

By Wonderlandisanillusion

"This time you will not escape, Takashi Natsume." I said to him. His wrists are chained up above his head, heavy chains on his ankles, and he is sitting on the floor.

"Why won't you leave me alone, Matoba?" He asked me. His eyes were covered why a black blind-fold and I smiled at him.

"Because I find you interesting." I replied calmly. "Why must you be difficult, Takashi Natsume?"

"I'm not interesting." He told me. I turned his bag upside down and the only interesting thing I found was a book full of scribbling.

"What are you doing?" His voice sounded panicked.

"Looking through your bag and I found something quite interesting." I said to him while walking towards him and undid his blind-fold. "See? Is it something you treasure?"

His eyes went wide, he stared at me, and I merely smiled. He struggled against the chains, but it was useless for he is unable to break them.

"I was thinking of burning it." I commented carelessly while watching his reaction.

"Please Matoba don't burn it."

"Is it connected to yokai?" I asked smoothly, he shook his head, and it is easy to tell he is lying to me. "I'll light a match and this book will be nothing, but ash."

"It belonged to my grandmother! Please don't burn it!" He cried out.

"Interesting. I suppose I won't burn it after all it belonged to your grandmother, but I'll hold onto this book for you." I informed him. "I wonder what is inside of this book…Do you know Takashi Natsume?"

"No." He said to me in a quiet voice. I frowned and sighed heavily.

"Stop lying to me." I stated firmly. "Now tell me."

He shook his head. I took out a match and looked at him.

"If you do not tell me then this book will be burned even though it belonged to your grandmother. I will do it, Takashi Natsume." I said coldly, his eyes were wide in horror, and he was shaking.

"Please don't do that Matoba."

"Then tell me what this book contains." I stated firmly.

"I can't."

"Can't or won't?" I asked calmly, walking forward, and grabbed him by the chin. His eyes were wide and frightened. "Are you unable to say what it contains?"

"I'm unable to say." He told me and I released his chin. I noticed his wrists were bruised, a bit bloody, and I decided to dump a bucket of cold water on him. That should clean up the small amount of blood, but now he is completely soaked.

"What a pain." I commented flatly and ordered one of my yokai to get some towels. It was not long before the yokai returned with the towels. I cut Takashi Natsume's cut off, he is trembling, eyes looking frightened, and it is a bit amusing to me. I placed a towel around his shoulders and then wrapped a towel around his chest.

"Are you able to write what this book contains?" I asked him. His eyes glanced away, he bit down on his lip, and shook his head 'No'. He is lying. Whatever is inside this book must be important. "Stop lying or I will not show you mercy, Takashi Natsume. I really do not want to harm you, but I will if you keep on lying to me."

I cut off his pants, placed a towel around his hips, and he is trembling. He shouldn't be shaking anymore since he is out of his wet clothing and covered in towels.

"If you do not stop trembling, Takashi Natsume. I will have my yokai's give you a reason to tremble." I coldly informed him. He stopped trembling, his mouth opened in surprise, and I turned around to saw his cat in its true form. I was briefly returned of the time in that cave, but this time Takashi Natsume's cat appears to be more bloodthirsty and more furious. His cat wants to kill me.

"Please don't kill him, Sensei!" Takashi Natsume yelled out. I blacked out and when I woke up Takashi Natsume was gone along with that book. My head is throbbing, a big scratch mark on each arm, and I thought for a moment. Perhaps blackmailing Takashi Natsume is a smarter and better idea.

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