I do not own Natsume Yujin-Cho. This chapter is in Natsume's Point Of View.

Please Don't...

By Wonderlandisanillusion

"Natsume, I swear next time that brat does this to you. He will meet his fate and nothing you say will stop me." Sensei told me. I could tell he is being completely serious and I'm hoping Matoba will not do this again for next time...for it would certainly be the last thing Matoba ever does...

"I'm okay." I muttered quietly, my hands clinging to Sensei's warm fur, and having my face buried in his back.

"Your wrists are bleeding. Your hair and body are wet. You have no shirt or pants." Sensei said to me. "You are wearing a total of three towels and you have on your underwear. What did he do to you?"

I forgot I'm basically naked expect for the towels and my underwear. How am I going to get inside without being noticed? I do not want them to worry about me or anything.

"Dumped a bucket of water on me, cut off my shirt along with my pants, and put towels on me." I told him. "It was frightening, Sensei."

"I should just kill him. It would be easier and he would not be able to capture you again, Natsume." He growled.

"Please don't kill him, Sensei. I'm okay." I said softly to him. It would not be a good idea to tell Sensei that Matoba almost burned the Book Of Friends.

"What did he want from you?" He asked me.

"He said that I was interesting." I told him and my head acted as if Sensei's fur was a pillow. After all Sensei's fur is soft, warm, and fuzzy.

"Creep. Worse than Natori."

"Yeah." I commented in a tired voice, but I can't go to sleep for how on earth will I get inside the house if I'm sleeping. It is difficult trying to stay awake.

"Go to sleep. I'll take care of things, Natsume." At Sensei's words, my eyes closed, and I fell asleep on him.

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