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This is a part of the third book Dear Pen Pal. This is what I thought shouldve happened. I am titled to my own opinion.


I still cant believe I just had my first kiss! You will never guess who! But let me start form the beginning.

It was in the barn and I was reaching for Pip the same time as...Darcy was and our hands intertwined.

He smiled that beautiful smile and I could have litterally melted through the floor boards.

He said to me "Jess you know I dont have a girlfriend right?" taking me out of my headspace. Darcy doesnt have a girlfriend? I couldve leaped in excitement but instead i said "Yeah." Smooth. that works. "Jess I've known you for a long time and for a long time you were just my sisters best friend but now I think I'm in love with you. But I get it if you dont feel the same way." I could've died in shock right then and there. "Darcy...I love you, too." I some how manage to whisper.

Then he smiles at me and he leans in and kisses me. My first kiss! With Darcy Hawthorne! I felt like all of my butterflies were emerging into one. When we finally break free i feel my face break into a goofy grin and I start to giggle.

Darcy whispers to me "You just made me the happiest man in the whole world.".

A/N: It may not be like a normal kiss but it is a book anyways. I dont have any experience in kissing either so please dont judge. R/R Please!