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How did Sakura end up here? Our pink headed little friend had pulled on a wondrous chase but had finally been surrounded.

The cold humid air hung in the atmosphere and her rain soaked clothes stuck to her skin. She had never, so badly, wanted to shed her dark hoodie and jeans she had been sporting for the past six months, wanting to warm herself up against anything. But in a moment like this she needed to run. Pick pocketing could only help you survive for so long and she was pretty good at it, but someone finally noticed. Why did these people care? They weren't law enforcers. They were nothing more than strangers who happened to noticed. No stranger cared. Not ever. So why where these people making a big deal of her stealing? Its not like she stole from them. She never would have stolen from them. They were men, and they were the last creatures she would ever steal from. She only vowed to steal from two men to survive and that was two too many.

She made another dash to the other end of the alleyway that, thank god, lead to an opening to one of the busiest streets in this entire city. If she could just make it to the end she could hide amongst the crowd and go back to the way things were.

But just how did she get into this situation?

Six Months Ago 5:14 pm

"You bitch! It's all your damn fault! Get over here so I can deliver your punishment!" screamed a man wearing a black, three piece suit. He was tall and thin, with short, jet black hair and soulless black eyes. He was quite handsome and well refined when he wasn't home and apparently everyone loved him, except for Sakura. He was a monster, but she couldn't get away. She never disobeyed the man who she referred to as 'father'. If it meant living, then she would gladly withstand any pain or punishment he threw her way.

Today's weapon of choice was hot coffee she had just poured for his arrival. He didn't like the flavor, though he spiked it with alcohol, and decided to let her know it was horrible. He poured the searing hot liquid upon her hands and slapped her across the face for even daring to have a tear form in her eye.

"Now get out of my sight! Don't come down here until I tell you to!" he shouted.

Sakura made her way upstairs quietly and closed the door to what she called a room. It was really just a storage room with a single sized bed, a few clothes in a miniature makeshift closet, and a dresser which held more clothes, though none were all too flattering and old. But who was she to complain? She was alive, able to eat, bathe, and have a roof over her head. She had just enough to keep warm for the harsh elements during the rainy or chilling fall season and just enough to keep her cool during the odd heat spells of summer.

Sitting against the door she inhaled slowly and concentrated her thoughts to the hot, stinging pain that fell upon her hands. She was glad this wound was someplace she could see and reach. Her hands began to glow a pale, greenish white color and soon her hands were feeling better.

She crawled over to the foot of her bed and pulled out a small box from underneath. A few mementos covered in a zip-lock bag, that just kept her going, resided within the box. Inside that bag was a photograph of a beautiful woman with long brown hair and beautiful, green eyes, who smiled brightly with a pink haired child in her arms. It was one of the happiest and best mementos she possessed in that entire box. She looked through the zip-lock bag, and over the other pieces of mementos she had; a birth certificate and a social security card. These were the other two most important mementos that kept her alive and knowing her name was Sakura, not monster, not freak, not bitch, or any other name of the sort.

Thumbing over them carefully, our young friend nodded to herself and bit her lower lip.

6:30 pm

This was it. Tonight was going to be the night she got away from all of this. She knew her 'father' had planned to dine out for the evening and Sakura took this opportunity to steal one of his small back packs he used for mountain biking and placed her important mementos inside, along with the cash she would subtly steal away for safe keeps. She never stole more than one dollar a day and mainly held onto 'chump change' her 'father' tossed around left and right. The first thing she was going to do was exchange all of the coins she had accumulated for a lighter load of currency.

Later that evening, things had gone just as she hoped. He never called for her. She heard him shower, get dressed, make a few phone calls, and head out. She heard the purr of a familiar engine start up and leave the driveway and exhaled in relief. She packed a few pieces of extra clothing in her bag, some snacks that were sealed well, a watch she knew her father would never miss, and she was more than ready to leave. She looked towards the clock that read 6:45 pm and then looked outside the windows. The sky had finally just turned dark and her 'father' wouldn't be home until 9:00pm. She didn't want to risk anything by staying longer and left in a plain t-shirt, jeans, her tattered converse, and black hoodie which was too large for her.

With one final sweep through her house, making sure she didn't leave anything important behind, not like she could have since she didn't have much, and left.

Three Months Ago

Sakura had been within the lively, busting city of Konoha and had found a place to stay with a man who claimed he loved her through his stoic and aggravated personality. He was a possessive, aggressive, abusive, yet handsome young man who lived alone. Much like a simmered down version of her father. His dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin were his best features and seemed elite for being twenty-two. Spoiled much. But she didn't complain. She knew she wasn't going to stay long with him. She just needed the necessities to survive before she was tossed to the curb by some red headed woman with glasses and a mouth that could put any sailor to shame.

So Sakura did the same thing as she did at home. She stole small pocket change and no more than one dollar a day. After her two month trial of being a submissive, house maid and girlfriend, she left without a word and began living her life down the alleyways of the city.

For the rest of that time she survived picking pockets and stealing things she could pawn off for extra cash so she could afford food. She didn't care where she lived. She was used to poor living conditions by now. She just needed to live, steal, eat, and sleep.

Today at 11:40 am

Sakura had ventured into a diner and sat upon the counter only ordering a small, hot chocolate, and a glass of water as the rain poured down outside. Her clothes were wet and she was soaked to the bone but the waitress said nothing to her. She only took her order and gave her a look of pity. Yes, if it wasn't the look of scorn or suspicion, it was the look of pity she received on a daily basis, but she learned to not let that bother her. She wasn't normal from the start so why should she expect someone to look at her any differently? She was just the wet, cold girl, sitting at the counter of a diner. She never removed the hood from her head to keep her features as hidden as possible in case of recognition from her exploits.

In alone moments like these, Sakura used it to scan the diners or restaurants, order something really cheap, use the restroom, and on her way back, swipe things from unsuspecting people. She even swiped tips that were left by courteous customers towards the wait staff. She was too pro at this now. But apparently a group of people had been watching her since she first entered.

The group of people at a table consisted of four handsome looking men who she suspected were going to harass her or bully her as she exited. She needed to steal something and get out of there fast.

Today at the table of 4 men at 11:40 am

They had been joking around about a lot of things as friends normally would when one of them stopped the blissful moment. His glance leaving his orange book to look around the table and out the windows caught the attention of his friends and they turned to look in the direction he seemed interested in. Kakashi was always the first to notice presences of chakra but this was an absolutely ridiculous amount of chakra that flooded the entire area. It was heavy, but light, warm, but cold, fulfilling but empty, and there was so much of it oozing from a mysterious hooded person who entered the diner and sat at the counter. Instantaneously the group's attention made its way to the hooded bystander who sipped away at a warm, steaming cup of something.

"Hey, that's pretty creepy. There's just too much chakra flowing from that person…" whispered Genma as he twisted a senbon in his lips.

"But what's with the feeling of it? I don't dislike it at all, but there's too much that it makes my skin crawl." spoke a calm Yamato.

Kakashi only nodded and continued to observe the mysterious person, who subtly glanced around the room. This person definitely looked suspicious.

"Hey, why don't we check him out? Ask him what's his deal and his status?" suggested a too eager Naruto.

"Idiot, he's got no status if he's oozing it out. Anyone can control and balance their chakra but this is just beyond control. I wouldn't be surprised if he started a rampage." added Genma.

"Indeed. The mind would be drawn to insanity and spontaneous enhancement. We need to watch carefully." spoke a cool, level headed Yamato.

Kakashi didn't say a word, but continued to observer this suspicious person. His friends joined in, and watched as the person made his way towards the restroom and back. If you blinked, you would have missed it, but they noticed some theft playing into action. It was very smooth too. No one would have noticed but the person left chakra traces everywhere along the spots he stole from. To the trained eye you could tell very easily that most of the traces were focused into the palms and left pools of it over the areas of theft.

Just as the mystery man paid for his beverage, he left with a normal pace. And thus the chase was on.

'Ugh, their following me. Act natural. The most they'll do is make fun of you and push you around a little.' she thought.

Sakura hadn't realized until the last moment that they had been within arms reach of her and she panicked. She quickened her pace tugging onto her hood even more. She didn't like how close they were and fear began to plague her veins.

"Hey guy why did you steal that stuff?" perked an energetic Naruto.

Sakura tried to lower her voice and muttered, hoping not to sound like a girl. At best, she often got away as some young boy due to the pitch of her voice when she tried to lower her tone.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Please leave me alone." she said.

"But we all saw you." sneered an interested Genma.

"I'm sorry you have me mixed with someone else." she said, as she pushed her feet further. Her fast walking had turned into strides and soon she was on a sprint; as were the men.

"This guy is pretty fast. This will be fun!" shouted an overly eager Genma

Things suddenly turned into an elaborate chase through the city. Sakura weaved her way though people and alleyways like it was the back of her hand. Something as simple as this wasn't enough to have her falter. When she first started to pick pockets she was chased a few times before she could really perfect her style of stealing.

'These guys are good. But why are they chasing me? They're obviously not law enforcers. Time to lose them.'

She made a dash through the left side of an alleyway and started jumping over some obstacles she figured would be a good start to weeding them off. But surprisingly they were just as agile as she was. She had no choice but to use 'that' and concentrated on her feet which gave her extra speed and durability jumping over higher obstacles. She glanced back to see that Naruto and Genma were missing and continued dashing forward with a smile on her face until she was cut off. She made a dodge as the Naruto swung his fist and she focused on her forearms to block with a little bit of reinforcement. The punch still hurt but with her strange abilities she knew she was going to be fine if she could make it to her next destination.

She swung back a heavy, sloppy fist which Naruto caught, but was soon being flipped over by the amount of forced she added to lift him. Naruto was absolutely stunned he was bested by some street creeper and staggered to his feet when Genma began to chase after her. He thought about going around when he saw his chance to get her pinned. He ran up a ramp while increasing his speed and made a dive for her in which he failed miserably as he scraped rolled along the cold, hard, asphalt of the alley.

Sakura continued to push her feet harder, subconsciously leaving cracks in the ground, until she was cut off by Kakashi and Yamato. Sakura was now surrounded with only one alleyway left. This was it. She made another dash down the final alleyway that, thank god, lead to an opening to one of the busiest streets in this entire city. If she could just make it to the end she could hide amongst the crowd and go back to the way things were.

As she made the final stretch, she found herself slowing down and feeling extremely winded. What happened to her incredible stamina? Her freak like abilities that kept her alive? She was done for if things didn't kick in. Just as she almost made it out of the alleyway, she had been jerked backwards from the pull of her back pack and pinned against the wall.

Her body was on fire. Her heart pounded against her chest and she knew she was done for. Who were these men, that could easily keep up with her, and still not be as winded as she was? Her chest heaved up and down in a desperate attempt to pull air into her lungs and she stared into the deepest onyx colored eye she saw. The man's silver hair was wet and drooped over his left eye and his face mask was so wet it started to leave a light, red line over the hem on his skin. Obviously it had been rubbing against his face causing it to chafe.

"Looks like someone ran out of gas." stated Genma.

"Let me go!" she growled.

"No can do. You were stealing." Kakashi said with an eye crinkle.

Sakura didn't like that look in his eye, mainly because she couldn't tell what his overall expression was. His face was hidden by a mask for god's sake. She gave him the most dangerous glare she could give him from under her hood which caught him off guard a little.

The eyes of this stranger were a brilliant emerald filled with anger and rage. Such an interesting color to have for eyes. They weren't normal that's for sure. After a good long stare he leaned in closer for a better look when the anger and rage disappeared from her eyes and were immediately filled with fear and acceptance while the color had fallen to a dull, pale green.

'What is with this guy's eyes?' Kakashi thought.

Sakura began to tremble under the strong hold of this man's grip and tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. She was scared. She never came across any man who could catch her after being alone this long. After being torture free for about three months, the sudden fear of going back to the pain and suffering plagued her mind and she panicked. She did the first thing her instinct told her to, to survive. Scream. But she couldn't. She didn't know how. She never shouted or screamed in her life and it obviously was too late to try. The only thing she could do was cry.

"Hey, man up. If you had the balls to steal and give us one hell of a chase, then don't ruin your manly defeat." called Naruto.

She kept crying as she stared into the onyx eye that never left her gaze. It was all over. She was going to be put back into pain. They were going to turn her into the police, return her to the hellhole, and she was going to receive even more pain and suffering than she ever did before.

Staring a little longer into the desperate green eyes of this stranger, something finally dawned on Kakashi. These wrists were too thin. These hands were too delicate and slender. And the silent hics and tears only said one thing, woman. He released her wrists and let her fall to the ground shaking in fear and tears and watched as she tried to wipe away tears with the back of her hands.

"Oi, Kakashi, don't let him go. He's going to run." grumbled Genma.

"I don't bully women Genma." he said flatly.

Women? Just what did Kakashi mean by women?

Kakashi squatted before the girl and placed a hand on her hood and slowly pulled it back, revealing her long pink locks of hair. The men stared in awe and how beautiful she was and suddenly felt extremely guilty. Here they were, trying to catch some punk using his chakra for wrong reasons when it was a slightly emaciated woman probably trying to survive.

The more the men observed her, the more they felt worse about trying to chase her. Her hair was messy and dirty, her complexion was ghostly, her clothes were soaking wet, her shoes were completely worn out and held together with duct tape, and her jeans were torn in various places. The only thing that was well kept was the bag that was strapped to her back.

"P-P-Please…I-I can't go back. How about a trade…?" she said through her tears.

"A trade?" said Yamato, with a questionable tone and expression.

She sniffed a few times and made eye contact with Genma and Naruto. "You two are injured. I'll fix it…just please let me go…" she continued to cry.

Kakashi looked to Naruto and Genma with suspicion. Except for the few scrapes and scratches they looked completely fine.

"Do you have some sort of first aid kit in that bag of yours little miss?" asked Genma. He was a notorious flirt but in a moment like this, he somehow desperately felt like he needed to be really nice to her.

"N-No…" she stammered. "B-But…I'll show you… just, please d-don't return me…"

Return me? What did she mean by return me?

Sakura stood to her feet feeling her sore muscles scream at her from over exhaustion. She made Naruto remove his now, wet, orange and black jacket and pulled at his arms. He had a slight bruise on his wrist from when Sakura flipped him over in the alleyway. She rolled up the sleeves to her hoodie and winced as she grazed the heavy bruises on her arms. And with a hesitant, light grasp, she did what she had always done when she needed to heal an injury. Her palms let off an eerily shade of green as she massaged his wrist to ease the pain away.

As she finished, she turned to Genma, who stared with his mouth agape, and asked to see his lower back and palms. There were scrapes along his lower back and she was terrified to even touch him. The last time she touched the lower back of a man earned her two firm hands around her neck. As her hesitant, icy fingers touched his skin, he shivered a bit but immediately began to feel a warm, soothing sensation that sent chills up his spine. It was, a very interesting feeling to say the least and in a way, very comforting.

Sakura didn't get a chance to work at his palms. She felt too tired. Her vision grew blurry and with a blow from the wind, she fell over.

Sakura awoke to the light nudges and bumps against the warm, broad feeling of what seemed like a shoulder. Her eyes lazily searched her surroundings and she sighed as she was grateful it wasn't a cop car. But then the sudden realization dawned on her. Why was she in a car? Where was she going? She sat up, startled, scared, and glanced to see an all too familiar eye crinkle to her left. She looked to her right and saw a quiet, short brown haired man who looked out of the window. The blond man sat in front passenger's seat and the long, brown haired man drove.

Her breathing began to pick up and her mind was racing. These men were probably going to rape her and kill her. But what scared her the most was her missing backpack. The only thing she truly treasured in this world, the only thing that kept her alive, was in that backpack.

"W-Where's m-my backpack?…" she stammered.

"Ah you're awake Sakura -chan!" shouted the blond man in the front seat.

"Sakura-chan…?" she asked. She knew her name was Sakura, but hearing it being called too familiarly left a bad taste in her mouth. For almost her whole life she was never referred to as Sakura. Monster, freak, and bitch, were the most familiar terms she received. When she went out with that man for about two months she was only referred to as woman. So she definitely didn't like the way her name was being called so affectionately.

Naruto noticed the grimace on her face and eyed her questionably. Was he being to familiar with her? He was just trying to be nice. So instead he change the topic.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki! The guy driving, his name is Genma Shiranui. To your left is Kakashi Hatake and to your right is Tenzo Yamato." he said with glee.

"M-My bag. Please tell me where it is." she said with a shaking voice.

"Ah you mean this?" Naruto said, as he picked the bag up from the floor by his feet.

Sakura lunged forward and grabbed tightly onto her bag and pulled it into her with a satisfied smile. At this moment, she didn't care what was going to happen. As long as her three treasures were in it then she could die happily. She unzipped the bag and dug around to find her most valuable items were missing and she started to panic again as tears began to sting in her eyes.

"Where are they!?" she gasped.

Everyone had glanced at the panicking woman as she hyperventilated and dug through her bag.

"What are you looking for?" asked a calm Tenzo.

"My treasures. They were in a zip-lock bag! Where are they?"

"Ah you mean this?" Naruto called again curiously, as he held the clear zip-lock bag between his fingers.

She made another lunge forward only to have Naruto pull it away. She tried again and this time managed a grasp but the contents inside began to bend. She immediately let go with a gasp and tears rolled down her cheeks. This got the men in the car to feel even guiltier that she was desperate for the few pieces of worn paper that resided in the baggie. What was her attachment to the items?

Naruto didn't want to make her cry anymore than she already did and gave it back to her carefully. She quickly snatched it from his fingers and began smoothing the papers inside the bag from when she had bent them. Now that she had felt calm Naruto decided to speak.

"I'm sorry. I took a look at your name without asking but I didn't see much. How old are you?"

"…" Sakura was hesitant to respond. She didn't know these people and worst of all they were men. She was still pretty terrified but she had sense of security holding onto her precious items.

"Where are you from?"

"…" another bit of silence from Sakura.

"Can you please say something?" asked Kakashi.

Sakura really didn't trust the man on her left, seeing as he hid his face. It clearly said bad news regardless of the eye crinkles he gave her.

"…nowhere…" she said.

Genma raised an eyebrow and spoke in a soft tone as he turned a corner. "What do you mean nowhere? Everyone is from somewhere. Are you lost?"

Sakura shook her head in response, indicating a 'no'.

He continued again, "Are you a runaway?"

Sakura stiffened at his question which gave everyone the clear answer that he was indeed a runaway. But she said something that made them wonder about her even more.

"You can't call someone a runaway unless they had a home."

"Don't you have one?" asked Tenzo.

Sakura didn't answer that. Home is where your family is. Home is where you feel safe. Home is where you can live and be happy. She had no home. Only a hellhole.


To Be Continued!

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