From The Author Herself: So, I have been recently seeing these fanfics swarming around the internet called "Dear Fanfiction Writers". There is no Hetalia one that I know of, I could be wrong but I decided to make one anyway (Well there are letter fics around this archive, but those letter fics are for and from OCS and such, and it ends up being interactive and crap. I haven't seen one where characters from the Hetalia canon itself, send letters to fan fiction writers without replying to reviews, so this letter fanfic is going be pretty different from most letter fanfics here in this archive).

Inspired by: Dear Writers, Please Blank by The Great Mikey Weston on the Super Mario Fanfiction archive.

So here is the catch: A character writes to the fandom a letter. Usually about their feelings towards the cliches the fandom places in the stories of this archive and or towards the fandom itself. Some letters will contain: positive, negative, and or even both mixed feelings.

Please take note: This is his or her reaction to it, based on what I believe how would the characters would react. Don't get offended please, heck I am even guilty of some of things the characters will write about in his or her letters to the fandom. Yes, this might contain some mockery towards the fandom but some praise for it too. This is supposed to be humorous, mkay?

Now lets get started shall we? The first chapter is an example. Also, the author notes won't be long as seen here. This is only long because it's the introduction okay?

Review, alert, fave! If you want to! I also accept suggestions.


Hetalia: Axis Powers © Hidekaz Himaruya

Hetalia: Dear Fanfiction Writers

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I don't say 'pasta' or 'veh' all the time you know. Nor do I say 'Doitsu!' There is more to me than an idiotic pasta loving freak! Please keep that in mind!

Love, Italy

PS: White flags rock!